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Downloads Home » Best Files » Silent Evil - The Revenant Plague

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Silent Evil - The Revenant Plague

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of players: 2-4

A Popey-Tanks collaboration.
Voted "Multiplayer Scenario of the Year" 2009

Zombies are rampaging across London. Four men have gathered in a futile attempt to ride out the storm: the question is when, not if they will succumb to death. Can you find a way to live out your existance?

Now includes both the original Silent Evil RPG and the Winter Edition version.

RPG systems by Tanks FST.
Map design by Popeychops and Tanks FST.
Triggers by Popeychops and Tanks FST.
Balanced and updated by Popeychops.

Playtested by:

Thanks to all who helped make this possible.
A BlackForest Studios Production.
Update: 4/7/09 Manual made read only.
Update: 12/8/09 Version Update. Silent tributes and Map revealers placed.
Update: 18/8/09 Version Update. Fixed bug with EXP being sent to the wrong player.
Update: 2/12/09
Winter Edition
The expansion to Silent Evil, Winter Edition comprises of balance updates, extended map area, and a total re-texturing of the entire map in a winter landscape, more fitting with the storyline.
9/12/09 Small update, fixing terrain errors in Winter Edit. Filename made shorter.

Update: 1/7/14
The Revenant Plague
The second expansion to Silent Evil, the Revenant Plague rebalances the entire map with an extended map area to contain the most challenging enemies. With the ability to escape the city, the players now have a final objective, which will pit them against unimaginable horrors that will require four skilled players to defeat. Can you survive the plague?
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Espadachim I know that my review wont worth much, as I'm one of the playtesters, but I don't playtested the full version, so...

Playability: 5

Silent Evil, a RPG-like scenario is unwinnable. The game only ends when you character(s) die. Each character has its special abilities, so without teamwork, it's impossible to win. The game starts easy and the challenge increases at time. Your character gains experience by killing enemies and can level-up.

Balance: 4

A not so good part is the balance. As some players can start very easily and alone, others need teamwork to stay alive at the entire game. Althought the very idea of the game is the teamwork, blue can play the entire game alone, since he/she has the strongest character.

Creativity: 5

Like most people talked before, 'two heads work better then one'so teaming up with someone is a great idea. Two person working can make a job at half of the time,plus adding some of their own tricks.
The game had good ideas such as several easter eggs, bosses, prizes for defeating bosses and a seek food for survival system.

Map Design: 5

Silent Evil map represents medieval London, with the walls, slums, security posts and... secret places. The scenario has some demolished buidings, enemy hidden spawn sites and some other things.

Story/Instructions: 4

Probably the weakest part of the game is the Story. While scary and 'evil', it doesn't make any sense in the game.
The Instructions, however were very well written and will help stuck players.

Additional Comments:

Silent Evil can guarantee your fun with your friends in a AoK: TC party.

Recomended for download: Yes

[Edited on 07/28/15 @ 02:56 PM]

Aurun Good job :D

but...I download this scenario thinging in zombies been killed by janissary or gun cannoner etc

for me is better that least when we talk about zombies.

i like the map desing, its a scary desing of town :D
you should put sounds and music..or just ambience wind and other stuff

anyway, great work...i will wait for the next update :)
Official Reviewer
File Author
Music on Multiplayer will not work, as only the .scx is transferred in game, which will be the main distribution of the game.

Did you read the manual? if you are player one then you get a hand cannoneer who has excellent attack early on versus infantry zombies, however there are sever skirmishers around who will kill it. The game is meant to last over an hour, while being easy at the start and difficult towards the end.
Commander Scipio Playability: 5
The game was pretty self-explainitory, other than the fact that rescuing everyone was a bit confusing, the game seemed very simple, it was quite easy to play.

Balance: 4
The game was pretty well balanced, with the slow loss of food forcing the player to be active and aware in the environment. However, it seemed that some players had a slight advantage with the units they got, but other than that, it was nice that while the people level up, the AI will slowly become better and better also.

Creativity: 5
Very unique, nice eye candy and major attention to minor details within the game and sotryline.

Map Design: 4
The map offered some nice, nonlinear combat in a wide-open environment. It was also nice to choose were to go, rather than having to be forced to go to one place first.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions were very clear and concise, Popey and Tanks explained everything very well.

Additional Comments:
Overall, very fun, nice to be able to playtest, with none other than Tanks and Popey, and I look forward to anything else they may have to offer in the future.

[Edited on 07/28/15 @ 02:37 PM]

Guthan To start my review, I loved playtesting this scenario. It represents a medieval London which turned into a living hell where Zombies and other Fiends might lurk around to corner to kill you.

Playability: 5

Good improvement in the winter edition. The map is bigger, you added a cheat and I had more fun playing Silent Evil then I did in the original file. Perhaps cause I had a monk and I was looking for good people to convert, perhaps cause you guys just made it cooler :D Good job.

Balance: 4

Like said in other comments/reviews, this is one of the 'weakest' points of the game. Player one has a pretty fast and strong unit and will get a hand cannoneer later, while player 3 has only melee unit, which aren't that fast. Some are just weaker then others, which might've been the idea of the creators to make sure the players do enough teamwork, but I think this part just could've been balanced a bit more. The point is, I found it harder to play as player 3 or two. Player three because he only has melee units and doesn't move that fast, and player two because his family member isn't that strong at attacking, but good at health. I'm not sure how you guys can fix this without redoing triggers because you had to replace some units, but this was just a bit weaker then the other points of the game. As for the game itself, you start easy in the begin, but the longer you know to survive, the harder it will get.

Creativity: 5

5+! Nice foodsystem, nice story and some cool triggerwork. Good job!

Map Design: 5

This was very appealing, walking around in different kind of area's. I liked some of the special parts as well. Some nice tricks for mapdesign and good presentation of medieval London.

Story/Instructions: 5

Loved the story, instructions were clear and I knew what to do. What else do I need to say except, download this!?

Additional Comments:

Definately a recommended download for everyone who plays multiplayer.
And to those who don't as well :D
I'd love to see more of you guys, whether it be a solo creation or another Tanks-Popey brilliance of co-operation ^^

[Edited on 07/29/15 @ 10:27 AM]

Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks for your review Guthan, I assure you there's plenty to follow from both of us ;)
TheReal_Hunter The file can't be file is corrupt.....
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks for that, half of the file's data appears to have been deleted :s
Wallenstein1 Are you going to be able to fix it soon? It looks great, but since the zip file is messed up, I can't exactly get it...
Official Reviewer
File Author
It is fixed, as soon as I got the email regarding the comment I re-uploaded. It should be fine now.
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