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Silent Evil - The Revenant Plague

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of players: 2-4

A Popey-Tanks collaboration.
Voted "Multiplayer Scenario of the Year" 2009

Zombies are rampaging across London. Four men have gathered in a futile attempt to ride out the storm: the question is when, not if they will succumb to death. Can you find a way to live out your existance?

Now includes both the original Silent Evil RPG and the Winter Edition version.

RPG systems by Tanks FST.
Map design by Popeychops and Tanks FST.
Triggers by Popeychops and Tanks FST.
Balanced and updated by Popeychops.

Playtested by:

Thanks to all who helped make this possible.
A BlackForest Studios Production.
Update: 4/7/09 Manual made read only.
Update: 12/8/09 Version Update. Silent tributes and Map revealers placed.
Update: 18/8/09 Version Update. Fixed bug with EXP being sent to the wrong player.
Update: 2/12/09
Winter Edition
The expansion to Silent Evil, Winter Edition comprises of balance updates, extended map area, and a total re-texturing of the entire map in a winter landscape, more fitting with the storyline.
9/12/09 Small update, fixing terrain errors in Winter Edit. Filename made shorter.

Update: 1/7/14
The Revenant Plague
The second expansion to Silent Evil, the Revenant Plague rebalances the entire map with an extended map area to contain the most challenging enemies. With the ability to escape the city, the players now have a final objective, which will pit them against unimaginable horrors that will require four skilled players to defeat. Can you survive the plague?
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Silent Evil is a fast paced survival game for 2-4 players. It is full of bloodthirsty Zombies trying to eat you alive. It is a fast paced and action packed game which involves a whole lot of survival skills, tactics, strength and defences. Silent Evil is a great game which I would love to play again and again. A great score of 5 is given here.

Balance: 5
The Balance between each player is perfect. Each player starts of with a unit which which are roughly equal in strength. Some have swordsmen and some have archers. Each team also get a family memeber they have to save. These too are all qual in strength. Each player also starts off in a postion which is qual. There is an equal amount of Zombies in each place. Overal I give this score a perfect 5

Creativity: 5
Silent Evil is a very creative game. It is one of the best multiplayer games I have played and is full of creative ideas. It is one of the only scenarios which involves London being infested with Zombies and It also has a cool food system and score system. The aim of the game is to survive for as long as possible. This means that the game doesn�t stop until you have eliminated all of the Zombies or until you have died.
The game has a great story, a great map design and great trigger work. 5 Marks given here.

Map Design: 5
Silent Evil has a great map Design. There are two scenarios in the download. The original and the Winter Addition. While both maps are the same, the winter addition is covered in snow and uses a lot more terrain mixing. Both of the maps have great terrain mixing, great uses of cliffs and elevation and some awesome eye-candy. They both have brilliant uses of GAIA objects. The game is set in the city of London. Tanks and Popeychops have both put their designing skill to the test and have created a wonderful London City. It is very beautiful and catches the player�s attention. A well deserved mark of 5 is given here.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story is great. I loved the idea of surviving from the Zombies and finding your family. The story is fun and enjoyable and keeps the player wanting to carry on even if he is on the edge of death. The Instructions are very clear. They tell the player exactly what to do and give some great hints of how to do it. There is also a great readme included which tells the Host how to setup the game and which civs to choose and which setting to use. 5 marks given here too.

Additional Comments:
Overall Silent Evil is one of the best Multiplayer games in the Blacksmith. I really deserves a place somewhere at the top of the Top Rated list for Multiplayer games. It is a very enjoyable multiplayer game which deserves this rating of 5.0!


[Edited on 02/15/11 @ 07:56 AM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
'Silent Evil' is a multiplayer scenario, allowing up to four players. Each player takes on a distinct unit and stranded in London City after an outbreak of undead from hell, must survive for as long as fate and time will allow.

The scenario is a collaborative effort by a team of designers and includes the original version as well as the 'Winter Edition' update.

PLAYABILITY: The design reads as a "never-ending survival RPG" and one way or another you and three other players must band together and outlast, if at all possible, the zombie horror. I liked the little details along the way, such as the city survivors you discover in the sprawl of London City (who are also members of this forum) or the swarming mutations of the zombie apocalypse. Working together for survival, even if only for a few long (or short!) moments, has never been so fun. With food running out each player is forced to take the initiative, venturing daringly into the winding, zombie-infested streets and can be had from certain locations scarcely found around the map. However, after a little while playing my interest wanes somewhat and disappointment sets in as ideas begin to flood my mind with all that this game could have implemented, in order to make my enjoyment that much more. In hindsight, it would have been cooler had the player been able to choose which unit to begin with, but with certain items (perhaps represented by relics) located around the map giving the player bonus additional attack points or even hit points. I also couldn't help thinking that side objectives and duties would have been ideal to keep the player occupied and the game moving, than simply trying to outlast the zombies for as long as is realistic. Really, the possibilities for greater depth and game play are endless. Places of refuge and to restore health would have been ideal as well, like using a monastery as a place to heal units than simply waiting for standard unit regeneration to do its work. In saying this, I felt the map slightly lack-lustre in that there is seemingly no way to win the game. It would indeed be more entertaining if players were required to do a set of objectives, such as rescuing city survivors and or finding various medical items that might see an end to the zombie virus, before they can depart the city but also stumbling across bosses along the way to add to the struggle. The Winter Edition shows a slightly more improved version of the map design, as well as a few updates within the game play itself, such as balancing tweaks. 4

BALANCE: Taking into account the circumstances and theme at large, the scenario is well-balanced. Despite a few players leading with a stronger unit at the beginning of the game, such as player one with the huskarl and greater attack, the additional players (possessing nothing short of a crossbowman, throwing axeman and axe-wielding unit) excel and add to the overall activity of the team once together. This might be looked at as being negative, because for players 2 and 4 they must work with the team to stand a better chance at surviving for a long time, whereas players 1 and 3 can stand alone, given their close-combat advantages. However, this is the authors' intention that all players will eventually team up with one another before patrolling the streets of London, and it's doubtful any one player can hold out for long alone anyway. Where's the fun in a one man stand? 5-

CREATIVITY: Even if I found the overall experience slightly lack-lustre, the idea for this multiplayer scenario is rather immaculately presented, where experience, skill and time are all accumulated by stone, wood and gold respectively, and form the basis of the game. As four unique units, each player begins in different parts of the map, and fighting through streets of zombies, must band together if they are to survive. As your little units cannot survive on bravery alone you will need to locate food caches along the way in order to sustain your men for the fight ahead. The different zombies you encounter along the way, each with varying degrees of strength, adds a nice touch to the game. 4

MAP DESIGN: Encompassing a very large part of the map, London city sprawls with life (or rather, the dead). There were some interesting little details across the map and plenty of renaming to add to the essence of the city, as well as a large map to explore. However, in saying all that, the map isn't very well-designed or appealing to look at. Large placements of road look ugly under randomly-assorted houses and other buildings and I sometimes felt that there was no overall structure to the city, with some things merely being as a matter of filling in some space than to provide actual areas of interest. The strength of the design is however through its size, allowing the player the option to choose wherever he wishes to go. This has great affect on the overall experience of the scenario. 4-

STORY/ INSTRUCTIONS: With everything else said, the story was neither pleasing or too much to care for. Rather, I commend the overall score with plentiful hints and creative objectives - all of which are succinctly helpful and resourceful for the players. 5

SUGGESTIONS: A couple of suggestions, but use map copy to allow buildings a more creative outlook, and be complacent when using terrain such as 'road'. Give the city an atmosphere like it was once a place where people used to go about their lives every day. Little details go a long way into giving this impression.

Instead of featuring pavilions that automatically grant players food when nearby, how about allocating certain buildings around the map that do this very thing? Such buildings like markets and or 'mansions' that might provide stashes of food which are highlighted on the map and players can make their way to them when in need, but also to provide places of special interest.

CONCLUSION: Although I believe this is still in need of further depth and polishing, 'Silent Evil' as it currently stands is a fun multiplayer scenario, while looking at survival free-roam maps in a new and creative way. The map has room for improvement and I will be looking for more in any future update or release.

In a sentence - This is 'Left 4 Dead' in Age of Kings.

In closing - A recommended download.

[Edited on 03/13/18 @ 06:13 AM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Silent Evil: The Revenant Plague is an update to the 2009 Multiplayer Scenario of the year. The file authors have taken the time to expand the map, add new stages, and further balance the game to turn it into a more complete (and winnable) map. The effect is rather excellent and was a timely update to a scenario that was starting to age a little.

Playability: 5-
The scenario essentially has endless replayability. The map is well compartmentalized and all four human players are very different, meaning that you are guaranteed a different experience every time you play the scenario. Choices abound, and you can choose to slash your way through the map with your small group of followers or attempt to convert enemies and rescue the playtesters and build an army that levels up over time. It overall makes for a fun collaborative co-op experience and is also winnable in singleplayer (albeit much harder), which is a plus. One issue I noticed, though, is that certain enemy bosses are convertible. For most of the purple units this is not an issue, but I was able to convert the Sewer Monster, for example, and only after I used his incredibly OP stats to slash through dozens of enemies before dying did I realize that killing him would have given all of my units a 25 attack buff. An easy solution here would be making units like these heroes so they cannot be converted.

Balance: 4-
The scenario is very clearly balanced for a 4-player co-op, but in singleplayer it is quite possible to have a balanced but more challenging experience as well. The recent update in particular makes a world of difference and alleviates the issue of the player being mobbed at the start and having to abuse garrison healing in buildings (which is boring) that plagued the previous versions. One slight issue is that not all human players are created equal - P1 and P4 in particular are incredibly strong, while P2 is average and P3 is rather lackluster. The addition of monks that the players can find is a good one, and allows for better healing and converting stronger enemy units. There are a couple issues, such as the absurdly OP enemy Cobra Car near Buckingham Palace, and "Santa", an invincible Mameluke unit that you can convert and essentially win the scenario from there. I would suggest each of these are removed in a future update, as they are both rather unfair. Skirting those two issues, the balance is decent, but could see improvement.

Creativity: 4+
The zombie apocalypse theme is a popular modern one, but nevertheless the designers did an excellent job of creating a coherent backstory and using creative systems in designing the scenario. Many of the creative touches were already mentioned in the playability section, but I feel the need to praise the design itself for being an incredibly inspired and ingenious work. The recent update in particular provides the polish that such a classic work needed. Nevertheless, I felt that the lack of cohesion and overall attention to the aesthetic of the city layout marginalized the creativity score because it could have used some more inspiration in building placement and terrain mixing.

Map Design: 4-
The map design was a mixed bag, I feel. The additions in the recent update stand apart as excellent design, but some of the work from 5+ years ago has not aged well. In general, though, the map is quite well laid out and contributes positively to the gameplay, which is quite nice to see. Many building combinations could have been better thought out, and some parts of the city could use a little more variety (massive clusters of houses may be realistic, but it doesn't look good). Much of the map was devoid of elevation as well. Nevertheless, it is a well-laid out map and quite deserving of a top spot in the Multiplayer Scenarios category.

Story/Instructions: 5
Although not much backstory is required for this type of scenario, it was nice to see an effort at an explanation put forth other than the generic "zombie apocalypse" stuff and it was quite interesting to read what the authors had put forth as an actually plausible explanation for things. All instructions were rather straightforward and taking a gander through the hints is not difficult while garrisoned in a building.

Additional Comments:
The remastered version is an excellent touch to a great scenario that was starting to age a bit. Great work guys. I highly recommend the download.

One additional suggestion I would have would be to implement a system at the start that detects the actual number of human players. That way it's possible to play with less than four humans but still control all of the characters so as to keep the balance that is otherwise marginalized early on when playing with less than four players.

[Edited on 08/01/15 @ 04:17 PM]

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Map Design4.3
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