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File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 7
"From the ashes of an Empire rises a new leader.
Where things once crumbled, a kingdom is born.
A new age dawns of Victory and Greatness...

So, you want me to tell you my story?
It is a tale of courage, treachery, blood, fear, and conquest!
A tale of the greatest leader that ever ruled this earth!
It begins when a people who were once great, aged and descended into chaos.

A young boy unexpectedly came from nowhere and accomplished what nobody thought possible.
This is the tale of the fearsome Lance!"

Kingdom is a single player campaign which is played mostly in the form of Random Map games, but which follow a story line, and contain many triggers. The story line focuses on a character called Lance, who is the King of a civilisation who follow him to becoming a great Empire. It's up to you to decide if the side you're playing on is really the side of good...

The game also has its own soundtrack.

(I borrowed a PC and I have updated the file with an aggressive AI on the last game so that you actually get attacked and it is more of a grand finale instead of a huge anti-climax. I have also edited the game based on the comments below, so that games 4 and 5 are less impossible.) Any more comments or even a review would be greatly appreciated).
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Official Reviewer
You wrote in the read me, "I was going to put a video that was supposed to be shown at the beginning of the Campaign, but it "exceeded the 48 megabytes", and so couldn't be submitted."

Under 'submit file' it reads, "Due to limits in our server configuration, we can accept files up to 48 Megabytes. If you wish to submit a file that is larger than that, please contact Tanneur99."

My e-mail is in my profile.
File Author
I think videos can't be played in Campaigns, (is that right?), so I was just going to stick that video in as a Bonus feature. Because of this I don't think it's really essential, so I think it's fine to leave it out.
Thank you anyway.
Espadachim Perhaps the campaign can be improved by using an AI here in the Blacksmith to make the computer's units immobile.
tushar I think that can be done under the 'cinematic' tab of scenario editor.

I am not sure, but files need to be AVI perhaps.

[Edited on 07/12/09 @ 02:51 AM]

File Author
Are the units all running around in one of the games when they shouldn't be?
Some units should be walking, (e.g. the man chasing his horse)They should be frozen...
Unfortunately, I can't use AI, because I use Mac, and when I tried getting a PC user to apply AI for me, the game crashed.
Thank you for the feedback.

[Edited on 07/22/09 @ 12:38 PM]

Stephen Richards
Official Reviewer
I've played through your campaign and I think it shows promise. There are some good challenges, interesting map design, and a decent story which you sustain through seven scenarios. And plenty of creative touches such as the renamed units.

The AI problem - I've heard the way round it is to send your scenario to someone with a PC and get them to add the Immobile AI.

A few issues/bugs (I played on hard in case it matters):
- scn2: nothing happened when Lance met King Titus. Am guessing didn't miss much as it's at the end.
- scn4: crashed twice so I cheated to win. Seemed that orange units were being created without end?
- scn5: seemed impossibly difficult. Green had a huge number of units (trigger-created?) Cheated to beat this one too.
- scn7: a bit of an anti-climax as it was too easy. Enemies hardly made any inroads.

All in all a good effort, and I hope you carry on designing. You clearly put a lot of work and thought into it.
File Author
Thank you for the feedback,
I will try to fix the problems which you found, however, I think many of the difficulties which you encountered were due to the fact that you played the game on hard mode. I only play tested it on moderate difficulty setting, which I guess was a mistake.

In scenario two, I don't think you were ever meant to go and see King Titus, (weren't you shot by watchtowers?)in any case, I will need to include triggers to prevent Lance's meeting with King Titus.

In scenario four where did it crash because I will need to try and fix that bug... I think that the orange units are periodically created, so that you can't ever defeat the desert people. This is to make you search for the gem faster.

In scenario five, I think you found this difficult because it was on hard difficulty. The opponent's units were created for as long as yours were.

About the last game, do you think you could tell me how to make a player attack all the time. I really struggled to get them to do anything at all, and as the soundtrack took so long to make, I really wanted this game to work...

Thank you again,
Stephen Richards
Official Reviewer
Scn 2 - I thought that was an objective. How/when is the game supposed to end then? I destroyed the watchtower with some rams!

AI can be a bit unpredictable. Did you write your own AI or did you use the Standard AI? If the former, I suggest you post in the forums for advice on improving AI. Also, I found this article useful: If the latter, one thing which I think does tend to make the Standard AI behave more aggresively is it give it a lot of resources, say 90K of each.
File Author
Sorry if the instructions were unclear, as you weren't meant to meet King Titus at all! You had to sail up the river with Lance, to where the Navy were.

I use a Mac, so no AI files work at all, and they corrupt games. I have to use the "freeze" trigger, and freeze each individual unit. It always works on my computer, but these things have a habit of totally transforming when they go from Mac to PC.

Thanks for the advice.
Stephen Richards
Official Reviewer
Apologies, I'm an idiot, you already said you use a Mac!

On the difficulty thing, I doubt you want to rework this design, but for future reference you could consider a couple of other approaches.

One, you could have made it more difficult for the human player - fewer resources, fewer and/or limited villagers, fewer defences etc.

Two, you could use looping triggers to create enemy troops at regular intervals, until a certain number of kills, or a time or whatever.

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