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Jed the Hungry Samurai

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Puzzle
Catch the fish. Find the rice. Hunt the deer. Steal the ducks.

Our story centers around the heroic yet half-starved samurai, Jed. Jed has not eaten. For a really long time. On a samurai's paycheck, meals are rare. Naturally, Jed values his health and his life, and not eating is not an option (dang, I should've made that the slogan). Your job is to help our friendly pauper find food, in any way possible. Think you can do it? Jed is counting on your guidance from above!

Jed the Hungry Samurai is a very short scenario that takes all of five minutes to play. But what a five minutes those are! The gameplay centers around four quests, or "mini-games" if you will, that range from the easy to the kind of hardish. Use explosives, boats, explosive boats, and your own wit to get Jed his meal.

Please enjoy the game, and if you have any bugs to report or criticism you want heard, just leave a message here at the tone. *beep*

Oh, and I almost forgot: Thanks to Lord Basse and Anastasia for their 30x30 map templates, which I used in making this. Also, if you encountered any odd Christmas messages in the instructions screen, that's been fixed up. Hopefully I'll be able to put in a proper map soon, but my computer doesn't seem to have a working scanner.
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Official Reviewer
Hi Jimmy2, it is a good scenario but your Introduction Screen reads,

"The Nativity Set Peace on Earth - Merry Christmas Anastasia - Tsunami Studios"

To fix, from the editor go to 'Cinematics', select under 'Scenario Instruction Map' the scenariobkg to overwrite Anastasia's bmp.

For your edit, use the 'Update' button above your description and give credit in your read me for the map.

You find maps free of use in the utility section, from Advanced Search put map Sizes into Title contains:
File Author
The strange thing is that I didn't use Anastasia's map, I did get it from the Utility section (unless my memory is failing me). I'll fix it quickly and check out the map to see whether or not it was from the said scenario. Thanks Tanneur!
Map Design5.0
This is a short scenario about Jed, a samurai who is desperately hungry and searches for food. It is your mission to help him find food. Although it is quite short and fairly easy, the scenario is nevertheless enjoyable, fun and has great map design.

Playability: 4
This scenario was great fun. I enjoyed exploring the beautiful map (don't worry it's not a huge map) and finding ways to complete the objectives. I found it a bit too easy to win, but it was still a good puzzle-type map. The map was well designed to suit the puzzle nature of the scenario and everything seemed well planned. Also there were some humorous parts (such as the name of the enemies).

Balance: 3
This map could have been made a bit more challenging. Although there are some areas were you must stop and think (such as the teutonic knight), the strategy required to solve these problems are easily figured out. I finished it in my first attempt without much effort. My suggestions to improve this would be to have more/stronger enemies and make fighting some enemies with Jed inevitable (maybe have some enemies guarding ship with gunpowder?). You could make strategy in these battles crucial to fit the puzzle style. Also, you could maybe try making this difficulty dynamic (i.e make it more difficult on harder levels and easier on lower levels). This would mean everyone could find it challenging to win. It would also add some replay value.

So summing it all up, balance is okay but has room for improvement.

Creativity: 3
Creativity was used quite well in this map. There was no incredible feature or example of creativity, instead it was clear that the map was well planned and objects such as mountains were intentionally placed to allow for different strategies.

Map Design: 5
The map design was excellent. There was good use of eye candy and the map's design added to the playability through efficient use of gaia objects to allow for strategy. There isn't much that could be improved here, however just for some general advice, maybe try adding a waterfall as it would suit the atmosphere of the map well.

Story/Instructions: 4
There wasn't a significant story in this map, but I guess it's not really required since it features mini-games rather than a campaign. The instructions were clear and there was some use of dialogue in-game to make it more entertaining. Some advice for improvement: maybe tell the player why Jed has to sneak around for food (maybe he has been exiled from the village before?). Also, like Tanneur said, the introductory screen needs to be fixed.

Additional Comments:
Overall this is a good scenario that is definitely worth downloading. Some parts could be improved, however it is still great fun and very enjoyable. Well done!
Official Reviewer
Good to see this up. I'll get back with a longer comment and possibly a review later.

As for the .bmp issue, is it possible you accidentally selected the wrong one in the list?
Official Reviewer
Lord_Fadawah promised me to update his utility and he did, 01/13/08. Either his update did not work or you downloaded the map before that date. I will check his utility again and if necessary edit it.

File Author
Thanks for the review, Abstract. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I made it a bit easy on purpose because I wanted it to be a bit silly and non-stressful. I also was afraid it would take too long if it were hard. Normally I'd try to add a few more challenges, but there's really no room left for units, as I cut myself off by making the map size too small. I might make it a bit tougher in the future if I can figure out a good way to. Also, I'm surprised that the intro screen still isn't working. I tried fixing it once, but I guess the problem reverted. I'll update it sometime soon.
Turty Hi Jimmy,

I found your scenario very entertaining for the 10 minutes I played. Again, it wasn't particularly hard, but enjoyable nonetheless. Good work!
Official Reviewer
This is a nice game. A little too easy as there were only 2 enemy units and you don't even need to kill the teut. knight. The triggers are somewhat bugged because I got victory even before finding the ducks. The boat can be sailed out sometimes and sometimes it says 'bail out'. Err gunpowder ship.. that would be a demolition ship. A fire ship has just some flaming liquid, not explosives.

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Map Design5.0
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