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The legacy of Sir Rezvar I

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
PLease feel free to say any falts or improvements that could be made.

Imspired by Mmk999 (he used a part in one of his scenarios with a cave, so i used that idea)

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Map Design2.0
Playability: 4
"The Legacy of Sir Rezvar I" is a short, RPG-type game where you control the title character and are tasked to lead him out of a Scythian-inhabited cave. Throughout the scenario, you are forced to kill wolves, destroy barriers, and dodge unstable ground to reach the safety of a nearby town. While being very simple, I enjoyed dodging the sinkholes and finding my way to my destination at the town. There were enough things in this scenario to keep me occupied, and due to the length and fashion of the game I never got extremely frustrated or bored. Sir Rezvar

Balance: 2
Balance leaned far towards the "easy" side, as there's nothing that can really pose a major threat to you in the scenario besides the pitfalls. The main enemies are Scythian Wild Women and wolves, which pose no problem to your souped-up hero. Slashing through all of these enemies was simple and far too easy, and after a while it got monotonous. The ending was a bit more interesting, although I never actually had to fight a scout. I just ran through and completed my objective. More variety and challenge would help this scenario out a lot in terms of balance.

Creativity: 3
There were some ups and downs in terms of the new ideas in Sir Rezvar. Some things were interesting and creative, like the idea of a "cave" scenario, which was pulled off well. The horde was also interesting. Other parts of the scenario, like the cage scene and the secret passage, were creative but not very convincing. The cage was more like a blockade, and the illusion of a passage could easily be spoiled by walking backward. Still, there were some fun ideas in this scenario. I particularly liked the Voice.

Map Design: 2
Sir Rezvar was very plain, featuring mostly Grass 1, Dirt 1, Cliffs, Forest, and Rock. The map was very simple, featuring mostly straight passageways and a square, generic town. The cave, while serving it's purpose, looked very bland and unrealistic due to the straight corridors and overabundance of Rocks on the cave walls. The paths through the forest were also a bit unbelievable, as in real life a path would be worn down a bit along the middle, not totally grass. Besides the forests and towns, most of the scenario was grass 1. The best parts of the map were the pools of water in the cave, which made it a bit more realistic, and the town's buildings, which looked good.

Story/Instructions: 3
Sir Rezvar has a simple storyline that is carried out well, mostly through dialouge. I always knew what was going on and where I was going, which was good. The instructions were only a line long, but that's really all there need to be, as your objective is straightforward. Some of the dialouge was a bit wooden and bland, like at the beginning of the scenario. Other parts, like the scenes with the Voice and the attack of the horde, were good and pretty funny. I would have liked more detail to the story and some background info (who is Sir Rezvar? Why is he going to town?), but the story was still interesting.

Additional Comments:
In the Readme, the author says, "*WARNING*
This scenario is not so much for the people who
want a challenge, but more for the storyline and
enjoyment." This is true. The gameplay was easy and could get boring at times, but the scenario, while not breathtaking, was enjoyable and fun. The parts that really needed working on here were the balance and map design; I'd advise the author to check out some other scenarios and pay attention to how the map and gameplay work. With a bit more map design and some more interesting objectives, this would be a very good scenario. Good luck with future designing, and thanks for creating Sir Rezvar!

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Map Design2.0
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