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Captain Harald

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Number of scenarios: 2
In this game you will control a Captain called Captain Harald, some of his companions, and his army, as he defends his King and Kingdom against various foes. No matter how much the odds are against him he will meet his enemies in battle!

This game was made a long time ago as a learning campaign for one of my friends. However, he didn't bother playing it, so I transformed it into a more difficult game, (I think), for you to play.
Because the game is quite old, the map design may not be as good as it could be, and there may be a few bugs (I have now learned that no matter how well games work on my computer, they often turn out wrong on other people's.)

I would just like to say that, (as this game was never intended to be released on Age of Kings Heaven at first) I have borrowed some of the music files that other people used in their games. These include the "Shadow of the Colossus" tracks used in the Dogs of War, and a track from the Lion King. All other sound files were either found or made by me.

(I have updated the file, as there was a problem with the first game.
Players were often led to thinking that you had to reach the castle in the CENTRE of the map at the beginning, which makes sense, as I made that castle visible at the start.
However, that castle is the "Island Watchtower". "King Kunabal's castle" is located at the other end of the path at the top right-hand corner of the map. I have added a map revealer by that castle.
This was explained in the hints, but I must have been very unclear.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this mistake.)

I hope you enjoy the game,
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Official Reviewer
In the first scenario, I could not reach the castle because trees block any attempt. Did I miss anything like a side quest to clear the path? I did 'I r winner' and I like the second, thanks for submitting.
File Author
At which point couldn't you get to the castle? Was it at the beginning, or after you'd won the battle.
If it is after the battle when you got stuck then you don't have to take the same path that you did at the beginning, it is a different path which is shown to you after you win the battle. Sorry if this wasn't clear.
Thank you for playing the game and for giving feedback.
Official Reviewer
In the beginning, I did Marco and Polo now and found the castle. First try it played like this, I read the history message about Harald going through woods to reach the castle. There was one visible castle, tasking Harald on the mini map ended in a dead end with stables and horses, and then I tried to go through the forest like four trade carts that were stuck. Believing one trade cart blocks the path I changed diplomacy and killed them. Still facing that unreachable castle I did I r winner. After 11 years of playing AoE, I got used to revealed objectives or nothing revealed at all. My advice, place a map revealer for the castle or change the player color for the visible one and give it to player 1 later.
File Author
I have updated the file, so now you should find the correct castle. Thank you for spotting this flaw.
Jerry_10 Nice campaign. I enjoyed playing it a lot. The first scenario was excellent, although the map design wasn't as great as the second. It was fun and the twist at the end was very clever. In the second one, I found a few mistakes in the dialogue (nothing serious :p). You misspelt 'immediately' (said by the king) and 'excellent' (said by the war lord) in the text during the cutscene. It's nothing big, just thought I'd let you know. The scenario design was stunning in the second one, especially in the cutscene. The flock of birds flying away and the waterfall looked awesome. The battles were quite fun as well. Overall, very enjoyable campaign. Good work!
File Author
Thank you very much for the feedback. I'm very pleased you enjoyed the game. Sorry about the spelling (I have no excuses, with English being my native language). The reason for the design being better in the second is because the first game was just made for a bit of a joke, and you can't make a sequel just for a joke.
Now all this site needs is more people like you to give constructive comments like that!
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
"Captain Harald" is a 2-scenario campaign centered around a character with the same name. The two scenarios are very different in tone, the first one being a humorous one, while the second is a very serious invasion scenario, where you have to defend the country against the evil lord Tarek and his countless troops.

The game was pretty enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed the first one, despite it being more of a joke. The twist in the end is very funny, and some of the in-game music was very nice and suitable (same goes for the whole campaign by the way). I could not enjoy the second scenario to the same extent due to the fact that I could not win. I tried to save my troops for the last battle but I could not save more than half the longbowmen and a few cavaliers. Then, at the final stronghold, I killed the evil lord, but this had no effect on enemy troops, which kept coming at me, ultimately overpowering me. This is what ruined the playability of the file a bit, which up to that point was very good.

I have to mention I've tried playing the second scenario on moderate and on standard difficulty, but I still found it unbeatable, which gives me reason to believe that the balance is off. Either the victory condition is not explained, or the game is just too hard. Compared to the second one, the first scenario is really a walk in the park.

The game was pretty creative. The first scenario was meant to be funny and it succeeded. I've already mentioned the very good use of music. There were also some pretty decent effects such as small cutscenes that set up the story, explosions and of course the bird circle in the beginning of the second scenario, which gave a good overall impression.

The map design was good, especially in the second scenario. I found the secret escape "tunnel" to be pretty a pretty interesting concept and nicely done, I haven't seen that in other maps. The map could be improved though, as far as eye candy and terrain mixing are concerned. I found that there was more attention given to the parts of the map used for the cutscenes, than for the rest.

The first scenario was hilarious. It was very well set-up for the finale, which was very entertaining. I did wonder about the two captains going around in circles at the beginning of the game, and the ending made me remember it and lol. The second scenario has a much more serious tone, and I don't think the contrast between the two is a welcome one. Perhaps a better choice would've been to make both of them in the same (funny) vein. The overall story is entertaining, and the instructions were mostly clear, though in the final stage of the game I did not know what to do, how was I supposed to defend a poorly fortified place against such a huge number of enemies, and with such weak forces? At least some hints would have been needed for that. (And yes, i did try to save my troops as much as I could beforehand).

This was an overall decent effort, and an entertaining game. I recommend the first scenario to people who like humor in their scenarios, and the second scenario for people who don't mind seeing the "Loss" screen at the end of the game. Also, if somebody beats this game other than by using cheats, please let me know how you did it, I'm really curious.
File Author
Thanks for the great review - I really appreciate it! Feel free to review any of my other games, I don't mind critical reviews, I just want feedback.
About the second game - that was meant to be very similar to the first one in terms of the fact it's quite serious, and then comical at the end. However, something's not working properly so you didn't see the ending, sort of utterly defeating the purpose just a little bit. I'll try and fiddle with it to make it work for you. In the mean time, maybe try torpedo-ing the invading armies when they attack to see if that triggers the ending.

But thanks once again, this has been very helpful.
Official Reviewer
Ok, will do. And it would be great if you updated it, this game is promising.

By the way, I also reviewed your single player game compilation. There's some equally promising stuff there that you could build on.

Great seeing you around, thought you were gone for good.
File Author
I'll get doing that as soon as possible, though I'm rather busy at the moment, so it won't be in the immediate future, I'm afraid.

No, not gone for good, though I haven't been AOEing for ages and ages, so it's good to have some sort of contact.

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