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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Cortez' Conquest of Mexico

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Cortez' Conquest of Mexico

Author File Description
Derfel Cadarn
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Cortez\' Conquest of Mexico v 1
By Kor aka Derfel Cadarn, leader of Woad Creations.

Thanks for the interest in my scenario!

This is the sequel to the long released campaign, Cortez\' Unification of Yucatan (also available at the AoKH Blacksmith, and at
In that campaign, you set out as Hernan Cortez, gathering an army in Cuba, invading the Yucatan and unifying the tribes there, forming a mighty alliance.
Now, Cortez\' journey continues as he and his troops march on Tenochtitlan, first warmly greeted by the Aztecs, later pushed out of the city.
As the scenario develops, you will get the chance to make choices, for example to split your forces to deal with an enemy elsewhere.
These do not simply create a different order of objectives, but can drastically change the game as the objectives will be different.

Before you play this, I advise you to play Cortez\' Unification of Yucatan: it will give an introduction to the entire situation.

Have fun playing, feedback is appreciated!

Kor aka Derfel Cadarn
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Jeremiah [b]At last![/b] I always wondered when this second cpn came! Anyway, everyone download this cpn ASAP! It rocks!!

Btw: When do you come to our forums? It is a long time ago since you last visit!!

Greetz (also from the whole staff),

Staff Member of [url=]Dragon Gaming Design Network[/url]
Jeremiah Huh? Something got wrong... Ah well, nevermind!
Mechstra BB code doesn't work with the comments and reviews, Jeremiah.

But I echo your sentiments: download this campaign!
Official Reviewer
Historically based campaigns are a favorite of mine, and I found this design in one of those rare moments when I actually had time to just download a game and play. The design captured my imagination immediately in the instruction screen prelude and story, that transported me onto the fantastic and realistic map with remarkable game play that held many interesting elements. I don't know what it is, and perhaps it is just the circumstances of my orientation to AoK, but I am always amazed at how the 'old school' designs like this captivate me.

The game play is intense, and there is a tension created that kept me on the edge of my seat even when advancing to the next objective. There are interesting choices to be made that allowed me to use my intuition realistically to an advantage. This fantastic design is not a showcase for the latest trigger tricks and level ups, rather it is an incredible realistic portrayal of a historical subject through exciting game play. My troops and I were slaughtered as we attempted to escape Tenochtitlan during the uprising...even in defeat my imagination remains driven. I'm looking forward to completing this great scenario/campaign.

There seems to be a major bug that effects your intended play, as the game will continue even if Donna Marina is killed. This happened early in the game during an ambush. I was able to restart and play as intended (keeping her alive) up to the point of my defeat at Tenochtitlan.

With my moderate playing skill, many designs do prove a challenge for me, but few have kept me totally wrapped in the story and held me in such suspense while playing with anticipation of the new objectives.

I did fail to heed your suggestion to play the first installment. Still, I found the scenario complete and perfectly capable of standing alone without any introduction needed...I imagine though, that playing Cortez' Unification of Yucatan will just double the pleasure!

Tsunami Studios
Southern_Slav do download
Map Design5.0
This is an RPG campaign with a lot of big battles (Fixed Force). The campaign consists of one scenario. You don`t have to bother about economy and buildings, just about your army.

This story is great. The Objectives are clear, so you always know what to do. There is also a historical outcome with some facts about Cortez conquest of Mexico. At last there is also a dramatized version of Cortez march against Tenochtitlan. The story is historical based and well writen.

Map Design
This map looks excellent. The jungle around lake Texcoco is very nice and so is the design of Tenochtitlan and other cities. Ecellent!

Altough fun, this scenario isn`t very difficult, but it is not easy either, far from. Your spanish soldiers (many of the soldiers have their own names, which makes the campaign more real) are much stronger than their aztec opponents, and perhaps they are too strong. Of course the aztecs are vastly superior in numbers, though. Many of the soldiers of both sides has modified HP or attack.

I higly enjoyed this campaign. It was exciting, had a good story, and some parts were also a bit difficult. Simply Great!

In this campaign you will have to travel around in the jungle around Tenochtitlan. You will meet numerous enemies but also allies. There is also a short battle cut-scene. However,there isn`t so many triggers (other than dialogue)
. There is some optional objectives too ( that is good because it makes the campaign last longer).
My suggestions to improve this camp
1. Make the spaniards a bit weaker and make the reinforcements a bit smaller.
2. Add some cool triggers.
Dave_the_Wave Hey Derfel...

Great, you did a second part of CuoY. The first scenario was very good, I'm looking forward to play the second one.
hrolftheganger great work! i've played this 20 times! and i'm still not sick of it!
Elcid2018 the basic concept of Age of Empire is to manage (however small) economy, defend-build-destroy. Occasional adventure or out and out battle are fine but if entire story consists of collecting mercenaries and fight then almost 95% part of the game would remain untouched. Each of the mercenaries made super human HP/ATTACK/ARMOUR w.r.t enemy. That is also not fair.
Derfel Cadarn
File Author
ElCid, this is listed as a Fixed Force scenario. I can only recommend that if you don't like Fixed Force scenarios, you don't play them.
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Map Design5.0
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