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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
ARFFI_04_De'gel ver.1.65_2

- Game Type : Random Map/wonder-race
- Map : Arabia (land map)
- Starting Age : Dark Age
- Population : Prefers 200
- Civiltizion : Any(Aztec best)

[EDIT] up-date to latest ARFFI_04 (De'gel)
Update for ladder
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tushar Excellent AI, showed excellent performance against the great AIs such as IS_Machine and Kosmos.

Recommended for downloading.

@author: Hey! Upload the latest version.

[Edited on 08/12/09 @ 11:41 PM]

File Author
Thanks RBX.

Happy to have comments.

I rarely visit here.
Sorry for the late reply.
Uploaded ver. 1.58 with "read me.txt"
File Author

[quote]Q) What is the strategy of AI ? What it actually does ? (This question is to make sure that the AI does what you have scripted it for)[/quote]

This AI is scripted to play a random-map, land-map, dark-age-start, 200 pop games and is optimized for aztec-civ on arabia.

Basically there are 4 strategies and De'gel will walk around with these basic strategy due to what she detects.
The basic strategies are as followed.
Based on human vs human strategy's. (flush-counter strategy)
In case she detects enemy's flush, she will select this strategy.
This strategy will enable fast/normal feudal (12:xx - 14:xx min feudal) followed by (mass-skimer+pikes/m@a+archer-support) flush/feudal-defense.
The unit-mix-rate will differs to try to maintain the best unit-mix she can offer.
The aim of this strategy is to let the human-player practice how to flush an enemy's base (around TC).

All-round defensive strategy. (game-control strategy)
In case she can not anticipate in enemy's strategy, she will select this strategy.
This strategy will enable fast castle-age (18:xx min) and build a castle around 21:xx min.
As usual, the unit-mix and the mix-rate will differs to try to maintain the best unit-mix she can offer.
The aim of this strategy is to let her bear against surprised-attacks by using castle and TC's.
Also, this is the most balanced strategy with good boom so most strategy will usually walk over to this strategy at sometime.

Eagle-warrior based crush*(fast crush) :crush*=castle-age rush
In case she need to take down an enemy fast, she will select this strategy.
This strategy will enable fast castle-age (18:xx min) and fast crush around 20:xx min.
The unit-mix and the mix-rate is hard coded as followed.
100% eagle-warrior crush will shift slowly to eagles+skimers, -> eagles+skimers+rams or eagles+skimers+scorpion
The aim of this strategy is to take down an enemy ASAP.
This strategy is mainly selected when enemy has some ally to trade with, while De'gel is alone.

Monk based strategy to counter most AI strategy's.
For this version, she will never select this strategy.
This strategy will enable fast castle-age (18:xx min) and a balanced counter-units-mix with monks followed with a fast imperial-age rush.
As usual, the unit-mix and the mix-rate will differs to try to maintain the best unit-mix she can offer.
The aim of this strategy is to take down most AI's.
This strategy could be enable by adding a load-if for all s-s-monk files and make a rule to select it.
Commented out this strategy due to two problems.
First, this strategy never had a chance to win against s-s-eagle based strategies.
Also, it was not fun for humans to play against this strategy.

[quote]Q) What type of teams the AI can play ? (1v1 , 2v2, 1v1v1 etc)[/quote]

Any for conquest.
From 1vs1 to 4vs4 or XvsY or even 1 vs X :lol:
It walks around with the best strategy's.
(Still, it will say "boo" for unfair games that are quite tough... :P )

For wonder race, it does not take advantages of teams cause all the AIs are in one team.
(Some feeder will help AIs to win against humans but it is not fair!)
Still it will try it's best.

[quote]Q) Is the strategy Hard Coded and the AI strictly follows it OR the AI makes conditional decisions ? (You can answer it like - the AI's beginning rules are hard coded and it always makes 10 villager before doing this and then it will always make blacksmith etc etc... then the AI starts making conditional decisions for it military etc etc...)[/quote]
Hard coded till she trains 25 villagers. After that, if there is no human enemy's in the game, she will stay on the hard code till she trains 30 villagers.
The only hard coded strategy is s-s-eagle and the strategy for wonder-race. Others are soft coded.
Still, s-s-eagles has some conditional decisions. (but they are less than 10 rules.)
tushar I shall write a review soon, I just need a bit more time from life.
File Author
Thank you RBX.

Take your time.
Leif Ericson
I will test out your AI and post a review on it. Sounds like a good AI.
File Author
Thank you Leif Ericson.

Reviews really help us to find some points to improve our AIs.Wish you have a good time playing with ARFFI_04.
Looking forward for your review too.

Again thanks.


PS: Any kind of comments are welcomed so please tell me your hummble opinion.
Leif Ericson
Rating: 4.5


ARFFI_De'gel is a very strong random map AI, optimized to play the Aztecs on land maps, such as Arabia. The AI also has the ability to play Wonder Race games, a novelty ability among AI's. The AI is limited to a dark age start and a maximum population of 200, though these game settings are by far the standard settings among most players. However, I have found that this AI will play other civilizations just as well as the Aztecs, though it will use the same soldiers it uses for the Aztecs (no cavalry).


This is probably one of De'gel's strengths. Her economy blossoms rapidly thanks to the Aztec villager carry bonus, and she is able to sustain the massive training of the armies it makes. She will occasionally hunt during the dark age, also unusual for AI's, but she pulls it off nicely, just like a human player. The AI will also build a market early to trade for resources. During my tests, the De'gel often collected all five relics on the map, which greatly contributed to its gold production. When I watched the AI play, I never noticed the AI lacking in any resource, the proof of a well-balanced economy.

Military Strategy:

Instead of executing a flush, which a good number of AI's fail at, De'gel will train soldiers for defense to withstand his enemy's flush. Then, he will attack after he researches the Castle Age, punishing the opponent for wasting its resources on a flush.

The AI puts a heavy emphasis on its skirmishers and archers, which together often make up about 2/3 of its army in the Feudal Age. The AI starts training eagle warriors later. Her is strong enough that its first attack will withstand its opponent's defense, and when she sends in more and more reinforcements the AI slowly but surely sends her opponent to defeat.

Sometimes De'gel will execute an eagle warrior rush, adding to the variety of the AI.


This AI successfully defends itself from many flushes. One of the purposes that ARFFI had for writing this AI was to teach players how to flush well, and this AI performs admirably well in this regard. However, it defense starts to fall when its enemies are able to start attacking it with large armies. The AI does not build towers and builds few castles. The AI also will not effectively counter its opponents armies, an important skill to have when defending. However, this AI is not usually on the defensive once it researches the Castle Age.

Tested Games:

I find De'gel impossible to defeat at my ability level, though I am not an expert player. I restarted my game many times and I could not defend myself against its strong armies.

I also tested her against four other AI's:

ARFFI_De'gel vs. Kosmos (1 game):

De'gel had little difficulty once Kosmos's skirmisher flush was over. It was a slow victory to the end for De'gel.

ARFFI_De'gel vs. IS_Machine (2 games):

First game - De'gel won. IS_Machine's play was sub-par and De'gel won another slow victory.

Second game - De'gel won. IS_Machine flushed around 22:00 which De'gel effectively repulsed. De'gel advanced to the Castle Age around 28:00 and attacked soon after. IS_Machine was never able to stop De'gel's attacks and the game was over around 56:00.

ARFFI_De'gel vs. VNS_Halen:

First game - De'gel won. VNS_Halen send in its troops one at a time before doing its traditional feudal age flush. It was basically a repeat of IS_Machine's games.

Second game - VNS_Halen won. VNS_Halen sent its soldiers one at a time again and attacked, which De'gel defeated. However, De'gel didn't attack after she advanced to the Castle Age. VNS_Halen took advantage of it and attacked with knights and skirmishers around 24:00 and 32:00. The attack went back and forth, but at around 54:00 VNS_Halen sent in a huge army and defeated De'gel around 1:02:00.

ARFFI_De'gel vs. AllianceThundaEmpire:

First game - AllianceThunda won. This time, De'gel's Castle Age attack failed and AllianceThunda claimed victory after a long fight.

Second game - AllianceThunda won. AllianceThunda send in a knight rush at 24:00, but De'gel didn't have enough soldiers to fend off the rush and she lost around 41:00.


ARFFI_De'gel is a very strong AI and it stands up against the strongest AI's. It is especially good at training and maintaining a large army and using its skirmishers and archers to its advantage. A very worthy download.

Happy Playing!


Additional Comments:

One thing this AI lacks is the use of siege weapons. Often the AI will not start using siege weapons until the Imperial Age, when the enemy is already starting to fall. If the AI used siege weapons earlier, the AI would defeat its opponents much sooner.

Also, the AI will not effectively counter enemy units. When attacked by many knights, the AI will not usually respond by train pikemen. This will often hurt an AI, especially when it is under attack.

Lastly, the AI does not upgrade its soldiers very quickly. Often it will still use spearmen into the late Castle Age. Upgrading its soldiers may lower its army size but it is worth it, especially when the AI is under attack and it is using all its resources to pump out soldiers. Often having more upgraded soldiers will help the AI when it is defending.

All in all, a great AI. A lot of time was spend making this. Thank you.

[Edited on 01/23/10 @ 02:06 AM]

File Author
Thank you Leif Ericson for your great reveiw.
Seems you carefully cheacked. Thank you.

As you point out, De'gel has some weakness against Knights. I am still seeking to improve this week point, so be patient please.
(The problem is that if De'gel finds threat of archers and some other units, she slow down the pump of spears. This script is quite useful for many unit mix except Knights...)

Also, thank you for even testing wonder race.
Never thought anyone will use such game-type

Again thank you Ericson for the clean reveiw.
For the next occasion, please test teamed games too, if you have time enough.
I will try my best to further improve ARFFI series.
Leif Ericson
Pleased to know that you liked my review, and I'll test it in team games in the future. I look forward to your update.
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