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The Dark Energy DEMO

Author File Description
Knight Warrior
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 1
The Dark Energy DEMO
A World where everyone lived in peace, but peace does not stay the way it is, The Shadow World had been opened its portal, and the Dark Energy had escape to our world, where ever it goes, it turns human to Minions, turns animals to Stones, and tends to ruin the whole world. It is up to Khoi who is a young warrior to save it...

Chapter 1: The Awakening Of Tegen
Features in DEMO:
-Click buildings to find items and gold.
-Click units to talk to them.
-1 Mini Boss Battle.(In the full version will be 5 or more.
-1 Trading Sequence Item(No use right now, in the full version will be 10, and at the last one you get a very good item.)
-Completely Part 1, which you need to bomb the wall to get to the next part, but you need to beat the mini-boss to get.
-2 Healing Points
-Kill Banits and Gold.
-1 Choosable Character which allows you to pick for your Journey at the Raining Town.
-1 Village and 1 Town.
-2 Items for Khoi.
I think that is all.
NOTE: The Side Quest one is not included even know it has it.
NOTE 2:There is no big Objective, this DEMO is only for trying. GOAL is beat the Mini-Boss and bomb the wall, and you win.
Have fun!
Full Version will be released around 1 month or so.
In the Full Version:
-More Mini-Bosses
-Most Big Bosses will be Final Fantasy Battle System except without taunts but something else.
-Alot of Big Bosses
-More Items
-Meet with the two Characters battle with them, the characters are the 2 you did not choose in the Raining Town. Several Times.
-Battle with Tegen the Major Boss.
And More!!!!!!!!!!!
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Knight Warrior
File Author
Plz after playing it please give me a review or a comment plz!!!!!
clayperboy looks pretty good so far , just a few things i noticed. When i clicked on the relic near the bosses fence ,my computer crashed, and i had to restart it to get aok to load back up. Also when i sent a scout inside the boss's area and exited , the entrance sealed up behind him. I tried to get him from the outside with the throwing axeman ,but he moved to the center where i could not reach him. To win i had to change diplomacy with contributing civ , destroy the wall , then fight the boss.
Knight Warrior
File Author
Just telling everyone who finds bugs, submit it to the comments page, and I will fix every bugs at the final full version.
Knight Warrior
File Author
Thank everyone 4 downloading this DEMO, just let you know I fixed the most of the bugs, and half of the full version campaign already, so it should be out in a few weeks.
tophat This worth a download
DiGiT Since I'm lazy and you're already working on the final version, I won't review it. But, I'd like to say this seems like it will be a great campaign! Your Mage's Destiny campaign was pretty good, but this was great! I'm assuming you liked the Dark Warrior campaign ('Dark Energy' and same style), but I loved it so I'd love another one like it! Two things: as clayperboy said, the palisade thing; also the cho-ko-nu thing didn't work for me. (He also had a crossbow in his hand.) Also, try adding some elevation differences for better battles. I'll be waiting for the full version!
DiGiT Sorry, in my comment above: make 'Dark Warrior' 'Dark Lord' :-P
Knight Warrior
File Author
Come on people, plz give me a review plz!!!!!!!!!!!
I know many people might not want to download this campaign, because the previously campaigns and scenarios of mine came out sucks! They all got like 2.0 or something like that, but this one will be better, I can tell you that!
Hero Alan Playability:Good!That's well!
Balance:No problem!
Creativity:Not too great!Look like the old RPG game!
Map design:Not too special!
Story/instructions:The story is good.Black and white!Good!
Map Design2.0
Ok, let's see here....

Playbility: 2

To start off, this demo is freakishly hard, and I had to stoop to easy level, and even then I could not defeat it.(perhaps I'm just adept at AOK). The main character could not heal, and I could only heal once at each monastery. Please...with that many enemies, choose a hero that can heal itself or allow healing to happen more than once, otherwise people won't stay alive long enough to finish your scenario. As clayperboy stated, there was an error on the relic item that causes AoK to crash. You may be putting too much into one trigger, or causing too radical an effect. Try recreating trigger if the problem is not one of the above.

Balance: 2

As I said, this is way too hard, simply because of too many enemies combined with a poor healing system. Not much else to say except please add a little more HP to the Player One characters.

Creativity: 2

I don't how many times I've seen a campaign about a shmoe on a quest to save the world...with magic.

Map Design: 2

I usually rate pretty harshly on this. First off, the terrain was very bland, having only Grass 1 on the sides of the road, which was a plain Dirt 1, no other elements added. The paths seemed a little TOO perfect, as the only trees were on the side of the road, I mean, it's not like they had Weed-B-Gone.:p(unless there is a plant killer spell they had). The river was made of of Medium Water, some fish, and one band of flowers that create a pathway across. Be more creative with the design, I say. The towns were also too bland, containing only a few houses, in one case a Blacksmith, Market, or Town Center, a dirt path, and some flowers(which covered almost all the ground. All in all, I would tell the designer to add MUCH MORE diversity to his/her landscapes, waterways, paths, etc...

Story/Instructions: 1

Until I read the Description Page I was clueless as to what this campaign was about. Please include a short storyline in the Instructions, as not doing so boggles the minds of those of us who play and then read. Also, it seemed as though everything I would ever need to know about what to do was posted on the Instructions from the start. Have the instructions appear as they come to allow more mystery as to what will happen next.

That is all. I must say this scenario was rather dissapointing, and I strongly look forward to the completed version if the designer fixes the campaign's many flaws.

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Map Design2.0
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