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The Big Heist

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
The Big Heist, by Joar.

You play as a skilled thief and assassin living in the underworld of the Imperial City. You have been assigned on a special mission and become richer than you could dream of.

Note: I used the 'ADVANCED Immobile Units AI'. In my scenario. If you don't have this file, you can probably not play the scenario as it is meant to be. Download the file here:

(Thank you Zanzard Lothar for submitting that great AI)

The Music that I used as background is [LGS Fanmix - Seth Brian Byrnes] - Thief - Assassins, also used in the map: 'The Bafford Job'. That map inspired me in making a map like this.

Play this Scenario on normal speed and put the sound volume down.

There are no difficulty levels.

The Scout section will give you more detailed hints about how to win the map.

Good luck and have fun!

Thank you Tanneur99, I have updated my scenario and everyone should be able to unzip it now.

Also, I would like to hear the things that I could have done better for my future submissions.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
The Big Heist is a rather long scenario in which you play as a thief. Your goal is to steal a priceless treasure hidden deep inside the Imperial Palace. With all things considered, the scenario was above average and even riveting at some points. However, those moments are bogged down by the endless repetition of the scenario.

Playability: 3
This scenario was pretty fun, and a decent enough way to spend two hours. Most of the time, avoiding the guards and staying hidden was fun and challenging, requiring precise timing, but designed well. Beating these guards gave me a good amount of satisfaction. However, the entire game is built around this concept. Eventually it just become repetitive and a little dull. The most boring parts were when I found myself having to pass the same guards over and over and over, including one set that I had to avoid four times. Also, at some points, I successfully passed a set of guards that was more difficult than usual, only to get caught by a guard that I couldn't see from my original position. Overall, the game is fun, but it can be dull and frustrating at some moments.

Balance: 4
The balance of this scenario was pretty good. While some portions were too hard, overall most of the game was balanced nicely, requiring some reloads, but not too many.

Creativity: 4
This scenario was pretty creative, since it was entirely stealth based. It hasn't been the first to do that, I'm sure, but there were several moments that helped boost the creativity score. Doing things like blowing up TNT to distract guards or feeding a dog to distract were some of the best moments of the scenario.

Map Design: 3
The city design in the scenario was pretty good, but not great. There was a lack of eye candy in most places, mostly there just being houses. There were good uses of statues and mapcopy, and the design of the scrapyard was one of my favorite parts of the map. Another thing that detracts from the score is the map's functionality. As I mentioned earlier, it is possiblt to avoid some difficult guards and think you're in the clear, only to be detected by someone you can't even see. That was frustrating, to say the least.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was fine, well-told and Toutius Sextius was an interesting character. The story isn't very deep, though, and on its own would have only merited a 3, but the instructions were informative, and the author provided general hints as well as a more in-depth walk-through in the Scouts section.

Additional Comments:
All things considered, this is a good scenarion, and worth the download. I would suggest to the author that they tweak some of the portions towards the end inside the palace to make them less frustrating, and to add more charismatic eye candy, like inside the scrapyard or the entrance to the Palace. I hope that the author continues to publish scenarios, since he seems to have a lot of promise. I have just one thing to say: the Imperial City? Toutius Sextius? Guildmaster? This couldn't be Tamriel, could it? ;)

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Map Design3.0
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