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Ultimate Patch 1.3

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Ultimate Patch!

This patch is built to make the game more balanced and authentic. The idea is to make all units use-worthy and all civs potentially equal. The units are not drastically edited; a veteran player would not have a problem getting used to the changes.

*win vista \ 7 script fix
*+100 population.
*New units.
*Many very slight adjustments to game units.
*Huntable wolves for gold.
*ai compatabilty.
*requires 1.0c

*The pavilion - a quick to build, easy to destroy building. Used to garrison and heal units. Useful in combat zones. Available in Feudal Age.
*Mountable Champion\Dis-mountable Paladin. available in the editor. Mainly for campaign purposes.
*Palisade Gate! your palisade wall will have a purpose!!
*Hound - this unit is available to all civs from the start at the Town Center - this dog will hunt down boars and deer for your villagers to gather meet.

Changes so far:
-Added "Hound"
-Walkable Trees!!! - The forest will no longer be a wall for your (enemies') troops
-Blacksmith upgrades for Scorpion attack & range
-Scorpion Projectile travels faster (hits better)
-Heavy Scorpions upgrade is cheaper
-Deer HP decreased to 4
-Petards require Chemistry
-Petard cost - 100 gold
-Teutons can upgrade to Arbalest
-Scouts see farther

-added graphic fixing script for windows vista and above.
-pop limit is +100.
-fixed ai.
-catapults require 2 pop, trebuchet 3.
-Town Center Available at Feudal Age.
-Text added to palisade gate.
-villagers deal 2 attack, except hunters.

-pop limit +25 (maximum 225)!
-paladin-champion unit un\packs faster.
-monks can't convert until Castle Age.
-Trebuchets, War Wagons, War Elephants costs 2 pop.
-Feudal Age - Costs also 250G
-Towers - Towers will not fire on its own unless it's occupied, or if town watch\patrol tech is purchased.
-FIX: Mongol Castle Graphics - exidently turned western.
-Pavilion - doesn't require monastery built, cost changed (40F;5W), built faster, provides 2 population.
-Monks - Cannot Convert at Feudal Age, upgraded automatically at castle to convert.
-Heavy Cavalry - Knights, Cavaliers, Paladins, Cataphracts, costs 2 population.
-Heavy Scorpion attack are lowered (by request), as well as research cost.
-Knights & Cavaliers - available one age earlier.
-Palisade Gate unit is now available instead of Sea Gate.

- New Unit: A champion that can pack into a paladin, visa versa. The unit is technically a siege weapon in order for it to function (will be found under "buildings" in the editor). Unit built basically for Campaign making.
- Hidden Units: Beta units added - TWAL, Sea Wall\gates\towers, Advanced Crossbowman.
- Important fix: had an accident with the castle graphics.
- edit to the new pavilion unit: requires Monastery and 50 wood 50 gold.

- New unit: Pavilion. (See above)
- Joan The Made - Fixed standing graphics! (Credit goes to Kor) [the original Joan had only one standing direction]
- Hussars +1 Pierce Armour.
- Cataphracts are a bit weaker vs other units, but still just as powerful vs infantry.
- Monastery Available in Feudal Age. Also functions as a prerequisite to Castle Age. *Imperial Age now demands two buildings including castle.
*All monastery techs remain castle, only monk is producible.

- Stone Wall are heavily resistant to melee, Fortified Walls even more.
- Town Watch tech adds shooter to towers (tower shoots 2 arrows), Town Patrol tech adds one more.
- Wolves are now resource of gold (selling their pelts)
- Teutonic Knights: Less Armour and Attack, more P. Armour and more move speed (still slower than champions).
- Scorpion and H. Scorpion have more HP and Range.
- War Wagons and Elite have more range, have a minimum range, and arrow runs through units like Scorpion.
- Throwing Axeman and Elite have more Attack.
- Spear\Pike\Halberds have 0.5 range.

Check my new total conversion mod:
Age of Empires: Feudal Warfare
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Juvido I've had trouble downloading these things. When I did try, it either said the compressed zipped folder is corrupted or misplaced, or it just shows up as use program with... And if that's how it's suppost to be I dont know what to use it with. I need some help from you guys, if you want to help me e-mail me COUGARSCLAW12@AOL.COM or comment heree.
marathon Since this file aims at making all units worthy, wouldn't it be necessary to improve Tarkans? For example, adding Tarkan/ETarkan 2/4 or 4/6 cavalry armour? Also, WWs don't need range improvement. Hand Cannoneers also need some little boost.
Otherwise, good thoughts.
File Author
marathon, I believe the units you mentioned are great as they are. But I appreciate the comment, keep'em coming!
Joshooarh This is now one of my favorite mods ever. I've left it permanantly installed alongside All Roads Lead to Rome. I only wish there was more mods on the Blacksmith as good as this one. Keep the mods coming.

[Edited on 11/04/09 @ 04:55 PM]

daschalks Did you utilize the computer AI or add a new AI to this Mod?
File Author
negative. no AI changes.
marauder37 I think a lot of your changes are good except for the increased range of scorpions and war wagons and the monastery change. With their added range, onagers are no longer a feasible way to counter a massed scorpion attacks. I'm also curious of why you put monasteries in the feudal age. The ability to use monks in the feudal age is extremely overpowered in my opinion. Overall i liked the mod though.
salmanbabri Carmelious ! Are you going to make any future versions for this mod ? :)


Scorpions are way too OP. Can you please change their stats back.
BTW Pavilion is available in Castle Age NOT Feudal Age.

[Edited on 01/31/11 @ 10:43 AM]

File Author
Yes, actually I'm working on a massive mod I call AoE: Feudal Warfare However, since I moved to win7, everything I make crashes, so it will take time till I work this out...

Apart from that, I might release another ver of Ult-P, and will consider the scorpion being over-powerful.

As for the Pavilion - it is avail as soon as you build a Monastery, which is now avail at 2nd age, not 3rd.

Thanks for the comment :)
salmanbabri Nice to hear that.
Monks in Age II are basically OP. If you make them take more time to convert units in Feudal Age, that would balance them out. Or maybe you can give Scout Cavalry having bonus attack Vs Monks so that they can be countered.
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