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The Battle for Vytonia (Bug fixed)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Number of scenarios: 1
To play this game you will need: quick reactions, a keen eye and a sense of adventure.
It follows the path of the Prince Richard but do not be so kind to like Prince Richard for it is General Raymond who is a caring man. The Prince only cares for the alliance kept by this defence.
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jburnell I experienced no crashes whilst playing this game. It is by far better than, "garbage", and is at a much higher standard than the less brilliant games on Age of Kings Heaven. Everything works in the game, all that needs doing is a few improvements. Here are some suggestions:
-A bit of music.
-Things need to be made a wee bit clearer, speech etc.
-The battle at the end needs to end sooner.
-The trigger that stops soldiers running away needs to be fixed so that ALL your units don't run back.

This game has clearly had a lot of effort put into it, there are imaginative parts to the game, the map design is of an ok standard, the history section is sufficiently long, and create so that it's way passed the "garbage" level, and the game itself is entertaining.

I hope this comment has been helpful to you, and has not been too much like "garbage", as far as comments go.

Well Done.

Official Reviewer
jburn, me and you have a different levels of standards.

Anyways, those 'problems' that I mention, you ignored them, which shows that they aren't problems to you, which is a bit odd.

On a side note, for your Music Cave game, you included clip arts which don't go in the sound folder, the game itself doesn't go pass the 'cave is down here' part. I also checked out your The Island, it needs polishing.
TheLaughingMule Could the difference in player experience be due to the differences between a Mac and PC?
jburnell Dtrungle, I understand that some games may be of a lower standard than others, but I try to go by the rule that if you are going to say anything, say something positive, so as not to discourage others. Even if someone has made an awful game (which this particular one isn't), then it can be used as a learning experience, so that they know what to do better in future.

About the "Music Cave" game, does it crash after that point? If so, this may be due to the fact that I work on Mac. If not, I need to fix this problem.

About the Island, what do you think can be done to improve it? it was made in under a day as a sort of "mini-game", so I didn't intend it to be amazing, anyway.
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3-
The scenario was rather boring. It involved a whole butt load of walking around uneventfully. The additions of side-quests and the few ambushes made it a bit more enjoyable.
There were two bugs that I noticed, there are probably more. First, after killing the Champion/Goth Hero (he was frozen btw) from the lone Champion in the northeast part of the map, I did not receive his aid. Second, at Corsmire, I obtained a random TK, I'm not sure where he came from.
There was no lag until the finale. During the finale, loads of enemies were created and I believe they were mindlessly wandering around. At the finale, the enemies outnumber the player as well as having superior units in comparison. The CPU fort did not assist in the fight. They had a castle, towers, and a few units but they all stood there 'frozen'. I enjoyed the first cutscene, the latter scenes were not as appealing.

Balance: 2+
The scenario was relatively easy until the finale - the finale that seems impossible to win. There was probably over 150 units surrounding the fort while I had an army consisting of well below 50 units. The enemies also seem to be superior compared to my units.

Creativity: 4-
The author added a History section for those who enjoy learning about the background. Names of units, buildings, and CPU players were appropriate. There were varied quests but they were nothing new, and the story was creative in its own way. The scene about the gunpowder was quite amusing. As mentioned above, the intro-scene was good but the latter scenes were not. The latter scenes had units appearing out of nowhere and the defenders stood there while being attacked.

Map Design: 3+
The map appeared to be made from scratch. The author did a decent job of creating the playing field.
To improve the map, terrain blend some more and do not leave too much Grass1 areas. Add a few more gaia objects sparingly and try not to overdo it. Try to make paths more varied, it was a tad linear in some parts.

Story/Instructions: 4-
The author setup a background as well as launching the story at the beginning, however the launch did not go far because there was no fire to fuel it. The story died off after leaving the fort.
The player always had goals in the Objectives and you can not be truly lost since one of the goal was 'explore for assistance'. The Hints/Scouts tab was filled with information.
There are a few typos and grammar problems that the author missed/left.

Additional Comments:
The author obviously can make a better scenario; however, because he/she is using a MAC, it seems to create bugs for us PC users, and the author can not use AI which forces the scenario to use the crappy game AIs.

[Edited on 12/31/09 @ 11:35 AM]

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Map Design3.0
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