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Keltos - RPG

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 1
This download comes with sounds and a readme.
Please have a look at the readme because this game requires specific settings to be played.
Play it from Single Player.

For the details about this scenario, go here [,39028,0,0].

You can gather food from forage bushes or buy it from the market. (20GOLD for 10FOOD)

It may be a bit hard at the beginning but it should get easier.
Save often.

Try to make it to the battle with Kobeth, by then, you would have experience a lot of the features and gameplay elements.
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Official Reviewer
Is this file a demo or unfinished project, otherwise I can move this to Single Player Scenarios if you like?
Official Reviewer
File Author
You can leave it here, thanks though.

I'm curious on what people think about it as well as if the file size detoured you away.

Btw, why is this file placed before the files that appeared before this file? If the answer is by date, then why did my file get uploaded after the other files? Mods don't check the files by date/submission orders?

[Edited on 10/03/09 @ 01:43 PM]

Official Reviewer
I downloaded your file last due to my slower Internet connection, and approved it among the last, while approving all the smaller files first. So any problem there is mine, but I could either approve your file when I did or I could approve it much later when the Internet is back up to its proper speed. ;-)

[Edited on 10/04/09 @ 04:23 AM]

Courtjester1 This looks cool, I'll have to download it. Oh BTW if you play this in multiplayer, will saving and restoring cause there to be bugs.
Official Reviewer
File Author
You can save/load in multiplayer with no problems. However, from previous tests, there are bugs involving the other players.
I've lost interest in this as well as I don't have the time required to work on it. As of now, it's fully playable on SP up till the second boss.

I released this to show everyone what aok has to offer for the RPG genre.
Leif Ericson
I'm in the process of playing through this. One thing I was wondering is how do you get rings or amulets. Do you get them later in the game, or am I just overlooking something?

So far, it's been a great and fun scenario to play.
Official Reviewer
File Author
You get the amulet after killing Bane.
IIRC, you can buy one ring, get another ring from the town-game, and get a third ring from a chest somewhere along gameplay. (Sorry, it's been a while)
dudaefj Dtrungle, wtf!? This game is almost perfect man!!
I not just played it a lot of times but I saw carefully a lot of triggers, Im really impressed

This rpg has just 3 problems:
- Its not on my oficial language (11 just kiding)
- though it was very difficult in the beginning (it is a great quality), it's easy at the end. I mean, easy by the attributes of the units, because we need a lot of inteligence to beat it!! You should enhace the enemy units in proportional our level)
- I didnt finish it yet, but I think that there is no way to beat the Avero's Keep. I mean, I have destroyed the tower, but nothing happened, and I saw the triggers, and, after a lot of time (hehehe), I understood everything that you did (I guess), but the trigger "Destroy Avero's Keep" has no conditions or effects, so, is it impossible? Unfinished?
Unfinished 4ever? or unfinished yet?

so, btw, congrats man... This is really the best rpg that I ever seen.


[Edited on 07/22/10 @ 01:01 AM]

Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks for your praise duda :) it's greatly appreciated.

I released this to show what an RPG can be in an aok engine. I have no plans on finishing this and the last triggers (About the Avero Keep boss) is where it ends. Also, the sheer trigger count makes the aok trigger editor so laggy that it's too annoying to work with.

However, I've managed to replicate this game structure with many improvements towards a single player RPG by the same name. I just don't have motivation to work on it atm and don't know when I will. It's sitting at 900 triggers right now.

I'm taking a guess that you're chinese or similar, am I right?

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