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A Call To Arms

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
-+ A Call To Arms +-

We start with Jace Davrel, a worried man answering a summons back to his native land, fearing the worst. The armies of Cariona have been devastated by the empire of Crevatska. With the scent of victory in the air, the powerful King of Crevatska hands over the crown of Cariona to his idle art-loving son, Prince Stovold, to prepare him to one day inherit the entire Kingdom. Many Lords in Cariona were killed during the struggle, as well as countless civilians; the invaders show no mercy to those who resist their control.

Under his newely-inherited title Lord Davrel, our hero rallies the handful of keen patriots who were brave enough to hold their ground at the manor. With them, he defies enemy patrols, eventually meeting up with the only other pocket of resistance, Lord Jannoth. On the verge of defeat, the pair narrowly escape the powerful Crevatskan soldiers. From there, they must muster support from the common people, and ultimately try to defeat the invader.


This scenario emphasises playability and challenge, with no long cutscenes or boring walks. I also attempted to come up with some fresh concepts; including preventing an assassination and a new way of doing large battles.

All comments are welcome, and a review would especially be appreciated.
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Fanica98 It's very hard . A few of bugs , i can't post a rview yet .
Try to remake it with less enemy soldiers .
Official Reviewer
This is an epic scenario with great map design, an interesting story and good playability. I'm only a little while into the game, but I'm already very pleased with this. Perhaps the author's best.
Official Reviewer
I just started playing (on Standard) and it is very interesting and challenging so far. I'm surprised that there's hardly any comments from 63 downloads.

Out of curiousity, do you feel the same way as me (peeved) when crap files get placed in the "New Files" tab and it forces your file to sink?

At the beginning, you can lure those cavalry into the village and start the cutscene. This makes the cavalry fight with the village people. After the scene, the fallen are 'revived', or you get attacked by the cavalry.
For your minigame with the ferryman, you forgot to remove the FlagAs after losing. I lost, not sure if they are removed if you win.
Typo for the Fur Trader, though should be through.
After winning the ferryman minigame, all of my units are moved a bit pass the docktown but my main hero walked through the docktown or got stuck there. After gaining ownership, my hero was at the docktown battling longswordsman, he went down to 25% hp.
I'm in the boat sailing north, took a look at my destination and a chat came up and I also have control of a Lord Davrel, on a horse, and a battering ram.
On the boat, while closing in onto monk island, a soldier found 50 gold peices. Is this correct? It was in the boat?

[Edited on 10/10/09 @ 12:03 PM]

Official Reviewer
File Author
"It's very hard. Try to remake it with less enemy soldiers."

It was play-tested by a novice who was able to complete it. You should have no real difficulty on 'Standard' if you are sensible and follow the hints.

Dtrungle: Most of those issues I have not seen before, and neither did my testers. Apart from the typo and the errant flags, I think those are random glitches. You may be best off restarting, as it is definitely possible to play through without those problems, and I won't be able to update this file for some time. The discovery of 50 gold pieces is as intended though.
Selur I thought that this submission was extremely good, though very difficult. It is fairly obvious, however, that it was intended to be longer. Large towns and camps that do not play an active role in the product scenario support this statement. Also, the fact the author went out of his way to give the player's civilization, the Franks, 200 population without houses implies that build and destroy scenes were originally intended to be included.
Official Reviewer
File Author
Well observed, you are not wrong! Unfortunately the last section, which was to cover the whole map, was riddled with bugs and so I abandoned it. It's not impossible that one day a follow up scenario on the same map will appear if I can fix the problems. However, this version already contains the vast bulk of the gameplay. I am pleased you enjoyed it and grateful for the comment.
ww2lover it lags a lot at the beggining
Official Reviewer
File Author
Really? What are the specifications of your computer?

There is a short period where the screen is just black and only the difficulty level notification comes up. If that's what you're referring to, it's not lag.
Haroth I ran into the same issues as Dtrungle with the minigame. Whenever the game finishes and you win, the units get stuck on a rock on the shoreline that leads up to the blue-infested village. By the time the units repath their way back, the scene with the fisherman's ship is over and you're given your units back in the middle of the village with blue slaughtering everyone. I'll restart to see if that was the issue, but I felt I should point it out. Should be easily fixed by having a bunch of Task Object triggers lead them through the village instead of tasking them directly to the spot where the transport ship unboards.
Stephen Richards
Official Reviewer
Julius: this is really good. Its success lies in you utilising your abilities as a designer to a design with lots of gameplay. However, have I made a fatal mistake in playing on hard? I'm finding it impossible to defend the town - they just keep coming and I can't see a way to hold them off let alone meet the other objectives (though I managed to blow up the bridge). Do you have any tips or should I just restart on an easier level?
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