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A Call To Arms

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
-+ A Call To Arms +-

We start with Jace Davrel, a worried man answering a summons back to his native land, fearing the worst. The armies of Cariona have been devastated by the empire of Crevatska. With the scent of victory in the air, the powerful King of Crevatska hands over the crown of Cariona to his idle art-loving son, Prince Stovold, to prepare him to one day inherit the entire Kingdom. Many Lords in Cariona were killed during the struggle, as well as countless civilians; the invaders show no mercy to those who resist their control.

Under his newely-inherited title Lord Davrel, our hero rallies the handful of keen patriots who were brave enough to hold their ground at the manor. With them, he defies enemy patrols, eventually meeting up with the only other pocket of resistance, Lord Jannoth. On the verge of defeat, the pair narrowly escape the powerful Crevatskan soldiers. From there, they must muster support from the common people, and ultimately try to defeat the invader.


This scenario emphasises playability and challenge, with no long cutscenes or boring walks. I also attempted to come up with some fresh concepts; including preventing an assassination and a new way of doing large battles.

All comments are welcome, and a review would especially be appreciated.
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Official Reviewer
File Author
Well I'm pretty sure it does not actually infringe copyright laws. Also, I received the music when I play-tested that file for you, and so I'm not sure I ever saw your notice. However, I apologise for carelessness in missing your request and if you wish I will remedy this at my first opportunity. Although frankly I think this should have been kept to email.

[Edited on 11/29/09 @ 07:31 AM]

Courtjester1 Okay, I would appreciate that; oh and it didn't cross my mind to send you an e-mail, sorry about that.
Stephen Richards
Official Reviewer
Julius - how on earth do you get past the night-time assassin scene? My reflexes might not be what they once were, but I click on him almost as soon as he appears and still lose.
Official Reviewer
File Author
If you click on him when he leaps out to kill you it's already too late. He briefly appears in a number (depending on difficulty level) of hiding places in the camp, but he's only slightly visible in each case.
Official Reviewer
Does anything particular happen after getting the troops and setting off for the adventure? I don't recall this lag that's occuring when I played this a while back.

The AI is on immobile or the like but there still seems to be this slowness. How many units are on the map? Do you have any conditions that are detecting for GAIA objects?
Stephen Richards
Official Reviewer
Are you kidding?! I can't see him anywhere and I've enlarged the screen, slowed speed and even marco polo'd. What's the cheat?

I have experienced some lag in places - when holding the town and one or two other places - but never sure how much that is done to individual PCs.
Official Reviewer
File Author
I have never experienced any noticeable lag. However, I plan on uploading a new version in the next few days, and that'll be one of the things I address.

The assassin scene is a tricky one. Some people have had no difficulty and others lots. The cheat is to wait until the hawk flies over the camp and then drag a box across most of the screen. A tester reported that and I left it in, but I don't know first hand how reliable it is.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Epic scenario. There are over a thousand triggers, so that alone should say how much work was put into this. There are a few bugs that prevent you from getting any further in the scenario, but they can be avoided. I had a hard time playing it because it was so hard.

Balance: 3
Okay, I have played AoE for a long time, and I still found this very hard on moderate. Extremely hard. I read somewhere that this was tested by a novice. If that's the case the novice must have had a lot of luck!

Creativity: 5
Very creative. I loved the mini game with the fisherman. The way we fight battles and especially the one near the end where you have to charge the bridge is awesome.

Map Design: 5
A great map in my opinion. There isn't a lot of eye candy but the map fits the scenario very well. One of the reasons I kept playing it over and over is because I liked the map.

Story/Instructions: 5
An epic story. One of my favorite stories in any scenario actually. It gives us a sad, desperate feeling at first due to the fact that the country is doomed for sure, but toward the end we get a feeling of triumph as we conquer the enemy. The instructions are very clear and the way you receive hints was a great idea. The image you see of the country during the briefing is pretty good.

Additional Comments:
A call to arms is a very hard scenario in which you fight unique battles and build up in army by capturing cities. It is also a nice break from the old "build and destroy" style scenario.
Official Reviewer
File Author
Update: A few bugs have been fixed and the balance has been altered, particularly at the part where you have to defend the town and the assassin scene, both of which many people struggled with.

Prince_Lothar: Thanks very much for the review.

[Edited on 01/13/10 @ 09:16 AM]

Stephen Richards
Official Reviewer
Aargh, Julius I can't believe you've updated it just after I've finally finished it! I'm still not quite sure how I got through the assassin bit, but I did and I got a lot of fun from this design. Perhaps one day I'll try the updated version.
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Map Design5.0
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