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Troy War

Author File Description
Hero Alan
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 4
This is my first camapign,so i want the all players give me the comment.Let me go to improve my camapign!
-70 triggers
-4 main characters
-The greatest part is the last part(Destroy Troy)
-The difflcuit is easy
Go to enjoy my camapign!
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Map Design3.0
This is an AOK:TC version of part of the Greek section in the Age Of Mythology Campaign. It follows the same story line as the AOM campaign and involves many of the same objectives.

The plot is based around the siege of Troy. You control Arkantos, A Greek hero, and come to the aid of King Agamemnon.

Playability: The campaign had four playable scenarios, each of which progressed the story a little further. But Each of these was too short, one of them taking me only a minute, maybe less, to complete. I enjoyed certain parts of the campaign, for example the final storming of Troy in the last scenario, but other parts of the campaign did not grab my attention, as I would have liked, being a fan of the AOM version. Simply walking to a base after a short battle which you had real chance of losing is not a very exciting scenario.

Score: 2

Ways to Improve: Put some twists in the plot. For example, you get attacked by bandits on the road. Or one of your men turns out to be a spy for the enemy. Something that will keep players more entertained and in turn, make the campaign less predictable.

Balance: This is a hard section to score with this campaign, as the balance varies considerably between scenarios. Mostly, the game is too easy, and I had no chance of losing. Other times the game is simple enough as long as basic tactics are used, so balance here is a little better. None of the scenarios were extremely difficult, and I never had to restart a scenario. Although I did finish one scenario with one of my heroes on 6 hp. Overall, not much of a challenge.

Score: 2

Ways to improve: Give the player less units to command. I always outnumbered my enemy and with our troops mostly evenly matched it was an almost certain victory as long as I did not make some drastic mistake. Also, you could put some enemy troops hidden along the road, this would make the game more of a challenge for players and keep them from getting bored while walking down an empty path.

Creativity: Again, a hard section to mark as the campaign ideas were mostly from AOM. It is a hard task to recreate a AOM campaign with TC and I think you succeeded fairly well. Therefore, most of the objectives and story line was taken from AOM, but you had to have a certain amount of creativity with the TC editor in order to turn the story from AOM to TC. The map was not very creative, a simple version of a random map.

Score: 3

Ways to improve: Visit the scenario design forum and the SCN Punk web site for trigger tricks and map tricks and experiment with them, adding them into your scenario to make it that much more interesting and creative.

Map Design: The towns/villages on the map were fairly well done, especially the town you start in on the second scenario. The cliffs section works very well with the road terrain. The paths, on the other hand, were boring and repetitive. Mostly they followed straight lines, with plain grass on either side, bordered by one solid mass of forest. There was little or no use of Gaia objects on the map, and elevation was missing in most parts of the map. With this in mind, the maps were overall too plain and similar.

Score: 3

Ways to improve: Mix terrain’s, experiment with the different types. Maybe just load up a blank new scenario and mess around with terrain mixing ideas for awhile, see where you get. Use elevation to make the map more realistic. When making forests, spread out the trees, use a blend of maybe grass and dirt, and add Gaia objects such as animals or rocks. This gives the map some eye candy.

Story/Instructions: The campaign has a good plot. The objectives were clear mostly but were not detailed enough. There were no hints or scouts sections to help, which lowers the score slightly. Spelling was good but grammar was not. It was hard to understand what the characters were telling you to do sometimes because the sentences just did not make sense. This was also a factor in the objectives and did not help the gameplay.

Score: 4

Ways to improve: Use a spell check program with the language set to standard English to check you grammar and spelling mistakes. Theirs nothing more annoying than not understanding what you are to do because the objective just doesn’t make sense. Add some hints to help stuck gamers, scouts are less necessary in this campaign as flags mostly mark locations. A bitmap would help progress the story as well.

Overall: This campaign is flawed only by easily fixed problems. I encountered no bugs in the campaign which is good, and therefore the designer can spend his time improving the map and making the game more interesting. If you are very interested in the siege of Troy, You could try this campaign, but if you are simply looking for a good, fun campaign then I would not recommend this campaign.
Southern_Slav improve more!
the kinslayer may i please improve your campaign??? its not too bad but it could be so much better.....

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Map Design3.0
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