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Jengar's Quest

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 3
As Qlifrak is sweeping through an undefended Utara, he captures you and your friends, that was his first mistake.
Now you must step into the boots of Jengar, Yaren, Jortan, and Rentar as they try to save their homeland from the relentless invaders.
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Map Design5.0
I will tell you one thing... As a playtester I find that this map is very entertaining.... though you do still have some thing that need to be fixed

Playability: 4
Not much to say

Balance: 3
The balance is alright... but in the second mission, you need to put some more monks in there... out of all i did (before jengar got stuck) there were only 2 monks that heal you The Hermit and the monk from the distric that wants you to take out Siuer Betrand

Creativity: 5
I would never be able to think up something like this. Very Good

Map Design: 5
A bit big for a map but still very good. There are lots of areas that you can rest in to heal the heros from the 5 districts. But you might want to think of making it possible if Jengar and his pals can auto heal too incease the monk is to far away

Story/Instructions: 3
Pretty Basic Story/Instructions
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
Enjoyable. A combination of RPG and Fixed force: you only get units by triggers and conversions (converting "prisoners" FTW).

Balance: 5
Has everything I expect from a game: made me reload a savegame several times, had a challenge without being impossible. Very well done.

Creativity: 3
Not overawing, but certainly varied enough to keep me playing. More than just a simple RPG, the player is forced to defend a spot as well as roam.

Map Design: 3
The map is rough-edged rather than flawed, a lot of the terrain is blocks of the same type. Eyecandy is few and far between. A little variation of related terrains would make this stand out a lot more, and make the player feel like they were drawn further into the game.

Story/Instructions: 5
An original, well thought-out story that seemed believable and flows well. Rather than knowing exactly where to go, the characters seem to stumble across their path. It makes for interesting viewing.

Additional Comments:
A worthy download, Jengar's Quest will occupy you happily for an afternoon. I will certainly look forward to the completion of the campaign.

[Edited on 02/09/10 @ 04:30 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4-
Scenario1, decent scenario with a small FF defending scene and a small skirmish while marching towards 'safety'. This scenario offers a couple of cutscenes - that could be improved upon, it can flow smoother as well as look more appealing. The detection of activating the 'in forest' portion was poorly made. If the four units don't move together, the trigger doesn't fire which screws up the game. A note to the author, after leaving the forest, I went straight to the outpost instead of the town. I'm sure it doesn't affect anything so it's not a big problem. The road blockade was improved upon compared to prior versions. I tried to lure them out and it was much more difficult so I went ahead along the intended path. I played on Hard and the march towards Helmshold was hilariously fun. The masses of jaguars above ran through the deers to attack my villagers, it had an arcade-feel to it. This was the highlight of this campaign to me, and I believe that it wasn't intentional. The gaia animals are very vicious against villagers on Hard by default.

Scenario2, this scenario was not as fun as the first. It composed of a lot of walking around and performing certain quests. Most of the fights were straight forward though there were some that required hitnrun if you didn't want to lose too much units. An issue here is the detection of 'Obtained all 5 districts', I lost one of the leader unit and had to restart all over again. After the scene with the the monk and heros at the ruins, I did not get control of one of the hero. There are two side quests along the way to your final destination which should add enjoyment but once again, it involved a lot of walking and had simple battles. Lastly, the two side quests and the secret paper quest had no relevance to anything. They're side stuff I know but it seemed like they were just thrown in.

Scenario3, similar to the second but I found it more enjoyable. Once again, there is a lot of walking, however, the given archers near the beginning made it easy, or even fun. I moved the squad around like an assassination group sniping everything in sight. There are two problems that should be fixed. The first is with the removal of the rock (that was pushed). I was not close to it and it dissapeared anyways. The second is that the player can garrison inside the towers behind the walls. This is a problem as it's an unintended loop hole.

Balance: 5-
This campaign is not difficulty-dynamic and each scenario has easy to hard objectives. Players will defintely be reloading a few times unless you're the type that plays very cautiously. The harder objectives are not impossible so players won't be annoyed, however, people wanting a challenge might not get one as there are other scenarios that are much more difficult. Every skirmish supplies you with enough units to successfully win, though the finale seemed like you need every unit you can get.

Creativity: 4
The story itself is creative and the names of characters and places were well thought of. The rest of the creativity points comes from the large quantity of quests and objectives. In particular, I enjoyed the sneaking and navy objective.

Map Design: 3+
Decent map design although comparing it to a random map is debatable, Jecon definitely put effort into it. However, there are lots of room for improvements. Terrain blending needs to be worked on more as well as making forests and elevation flow smoothly. Some areas had bizzare eye candy such as the masses of skeletons around the goldmine that's on moss. I noticed a few incorrect uses of terrain and tree types here and there. When you design, think to yourself if it feels real.

Story/Instructions: 4
Disappointingly, numerous typos and grammar problems still exist throughout the three scenarios, however they don't affect the player's ability to understand the story and instructions. Another thing to note is that some of the objectives seems cut off. For instance, it should be "The Joha District will aid you if you retrieve their 10 stolen sheeps and bring them to the pen. The Bandits that stole them are camping to the north" instead of "Bring 10 sheeps to the sheep pen". The story was good and original as far as I know. The events in the story however, doesn't make much sense sometimes. For example, why would a group want you to save their sheeps from measly bandits when they can do it themselves? Further, when you save these holy sheeps, the military forces of the group joins you leaving the village open to be sacked.

Proton Comments: A very good start for a first campaign. Keep improving as you progress and I await your next project.
Carlos Ferdinand
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4-

Jengar's Quest is a 3 scenario campaign that offered me some enjoyment to play. Some parts were boring for me since jengar took a loooong time to walk here and there and this made the scenarios slow-paced. Most of the fights were not well-implemented IMO, because there was a lack of challenge.

I encounterd lag during heavy fights especially in 3rd scenario.

Balance: 3-

Balance was the worst aspect in the scenario to me. I played on moderate difficulty. Most of the fights in the game were walk in the park. The first 2 scenarios offered pretty much no challenge to me. I had to reload rare times mainly because of extreme careless play.

Creativity: 4

The mode of gameplay is interesting if not executed right IMO. The objectives were quite interesting, like finding arden hall etc, but I had to walk a lot roaming around and jengar's slow speed often irritated me as he was required to come to all places.

Map Design: 3+

The design of the map was nice in certain places where the map looked cool, but some areas looked very plain and some random terrains mixed in odd ways. Though this was only in some places.

Story/Instructions: 4-

The story was quite interesting, and was well-conveyed. The instructions had some grammar mistakes, but were otherwise okay.

Additional Comments:

Good campaign, but the main problem is Jengar taking looong to walk to all places IMO. My first review so I hope it was fair. :)

Edited review because i think playability is closer to 4- than 3+, and it seems i was wrong in thinking +/- represented .5 ratings.

[Edited on 01/30/11 @ 04:23 AM]

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