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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Sword of Honour - Chapter I DEMO

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Sword of Honour - Chapter I DEMO

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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Strategy
I recently came back to the editor after like a years break and whipped this up in a couple of weeks. I quite like it surprisingly. So heres a short demo to see if anyone else likes it. Please leave comments and/or reviews so I can see what to improve.

Story: Ten years ago, The Great War of Japan ended in victory for the Swarve Empire. They had fought for thirty years against the rival empire of the Black Dawn Daimo and its Tribal allies. The Black Dawn Daimo is all but destroyed, but the tribes remain. Ten years they have been forced to live in oppression. Ten years of mostly peace yes. But they could not live their lives as they wanted. Out of the four tribes, only one tribe has ever had the courage to stand up to the Swarve Empire since the Great War. That tribe is the Gien Tribe. They have fought many small battles with the Swarve Empire over the ten years. But without success. They cannot possibly succed alone. What is to be done?

This is where you come in. Thanks for playing and Enjoy!

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Map Design4.0
This short but fun demo shows the potential for a really good campaign. There is a nice blend of story and action throughout the game play, and the map lends a realistic feel to the countryside.

PLAYABILITY : Putting aside the fighting aspect of the game for a moment , , there was a nice cutscene
at the games beginning that showed some action as well as contributed to the story . The game started out after that with the hero rushing from the battle , which I felt added a little adrenaline immediately to the game. The actual fighting was a bit typical ,, you come upon enemies waiting along the roadside, and fight them.

BALANCE : The game only had one difficulty setting which makes it hard to try and round out the balance aspect , especially on a short demo. From the action that I encountered , I would say the balance was good , I won the battles along the way , but sustained heavy damage as well. There were monks at every town which gave me an edge over my enemy . I was healed after every encounter , and I always had a place to run , if needed.

CREATIVITY : First off , , the story looks like it was well planned out , and is fitted nicely into the game.
The map has an oriental look which gives the overall game a realistic feel. The cutscene I already mentioned was another fine example of creativity which we will more than likely see a lot of , in the full version. The games dialogue is well timed out , and does not interfere with the playing of the game.

MAP DESIGN : Adding to what I already mentioned , the map is not overly developed , or cluttered .
There is a good balance of the terrain elements , along with some well placed eye candy. There was one small thing that got my attention immediately , , at the bridge , there’s a Marlin jumping in the river ? ?(takes away from the reality)

STORY/ INSTRUCTION : From what I could tell, this is the games strongest attribute. A well thought up story , that plays out through the game makes it that more enjoyable . The spelling and grammar were given a lot of attention, as well as the instructions, as they were not lacking.

@ Author
A suggestion:(along roadways) Instead of having the enemy attack immediately ,perhaps some could stop the hero , talk, then turn on him,, or they could stalk him for a while. They can look like villagers in need of help ,but are assasins or something else. Hope this helps ,,and looking forward to full version.
Map Design5.0
*WARNING*This review may include spoilers

In this campaign, you control Kideoshi, ( the name might be wrong, but close) on a quest to defeat the Swarve Empire.

4--Playability: This campaign was very interesting and fun to play. Although this scenario was pretty straight-forward, it has many interesting aspects, such as ways to *SPOILER* get the carts back to the tribe. Very fun!

3--Balance: This campaign gave me quite a challenge in the begining, and at the end, but in the middle, it was very easy, not much of a challenge there. It went from hard, to easy, to hard. But since you had monks at every town, that could heal at anytime, it made it to easy.
---Ways to improve here:
1.Dont have monks at every town.
2.Try to have it to where its a challenge all the time.
3.Dont have monks at all! If you do this, have it to where monks heal you at a certain time, such as, after you talk to the king, a monk comes to heal you, then goes away.

4--Creativity: Nice touches here! Unique aspects of this game. From what I've seen after I beat the game, *SPOILER* It said " espionage missions! " and such, that should get this rating a 5 when you release the whole campaign.

5--Map Design: Absolutely beautiful design! Many gaia units and dirt make this scenario look like its worth playing. Not much else I can say here except nice!

4--Story/Instructions: Nice story! Though it isnt so new. And you could've made the scouts report where the towns are, but it said, not in the demo version. :( It took me a few minutes to find *SPOILER* that town behind the camp where Kideoshi's father is. I should see a 5 rating when the whole campaign comes out.

*may include spoilers*
BUGS--When you get to the 1st town, and after you talk to the king, the message, " click on blacksmith to end conversation " stays there. Thats something you should get rid of that.
And thats all the bugs I found that I can remember.

CONCLUSION--This is one of the better campaigns that I've seen since Ulio. This is worth downloading as you can see from the review. The whole campaign should be mcuh better! Good job Rhombus, excellent scenario for a demo.

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Map Design4.5
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