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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » Solcaren's Prophecy (Role playing scenario)

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Solcaren's Prophecy (Role playing scenario)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of players: 3
My first submission is a role playing scenario based around the prophecies of a character called Solcaren.

The map's characters are designed for human players due to the triggers involved.

The short but to the point story is in the game's scenario instructions.

To all the people who do not read txt files that accompany other files: I will not answer to any complaints that have an answer in the readme.

The map idea is kind of based around the old rpg map's that people used to play on the Zone only slightly updated.
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Official Reviewer
Any of the 20 downloaders want to comment?
If you're a lurker, it would be a good idea to make an account and comment so that designers know that their work are not being created for two people.
File Author
... I would like some comments from you downloaders.

I require certain types of feedback to finish this map otherwise it will remain partly finished.

I have plans to remake part of the map but I can't go through with those plans without knowing what effect it may have I need comments.

It does not take 2 weeks for someone to discover problems if there are any.
TheLaughingMule If you desire playtesters and feedback, I suggest you post your project to the Scenario Design & Modding forum here:
EssenceOfEnigma i will play test as soon as i can find 2 people on GR. then ill comment/review.
Dispari Scuro
Map Design3.0
Playability: 1
Totally unplayable, as my friend and I tried four times and never got very far. The difficulty rating was too high, there were a lot of cheap moves, and broken triggers.

Balance: 3
All three players (even though we only played with two) start off with different units. So one is a melee, one is long range, and one is short range. The stats on these units varied to a degree, but the general idea was that the players cooperate and have different angles of approach. In practice however this means that the player with the most range (player 2) ends up killing enemies long before the other players have a chance to attack them. As a result this means the players should split up. Because player 2 has so much range, that player can kill faster and easier and with less risk, and will end up accomplishing much more than the other players. Lower HP/armor for player 2 is not a factor since player 2 can kill any enemies faced before they can even attack.

Creativity: 3
Creative and interesting for what I saw, which wasn't much. This would get a higher rating if the game was more playable overall.

Map Design: 4
The map was good and I liked the overall layout. Again, for what I saw. There was however a lot of wasted space and some areas far too open.

Story/Instructions: 1
Basically no instructions whatsoever. The player is not given an indication of who they are or what they're doing, and there are no instructions on where you should go or what you should do. There are no quests or missions to accomplish, and the only text you get is the occasional sign telling you what area you're in.

Additional Comments:
So my friend and I played this and here's what happened.

We died instantly at the start. We had no idea we were supposed to run. There was no indication that we were about to be attacked. We just died. Because the game doesn't end at this point, we now had control of 2 monks each. Also because monk conversions were not disabled, we converted some units, then spent an hour or so pulling more units up to the monks and converting them, until we had about 40-50 units between us. After that we wandered the map killing what we could until we explored all of the available map and started over.

We knew we had to run this time. Only we tried to run and were quickly swarmed by dozens of militia and archers. We escaped narrowly but ended up getting killed by cataphracts.

This time we made a run straight for the first monk area. We made it and then started wandering around. As I was player 2 and could kill badguys in 1-2 shots, I annoyed my friend who wasn't getting any kills. We split up and wandered, and never seemed to level up any more (I was stuck at 190 HP and +36 damage). My friend accidentally bumped into a group of about two dozen scorpions and was instantly killed. This is really stupid, as there's no indication and no way to escape.

Again we split up. I found a meeting area with some "council" men or whatever, but it didn't do anything. I managed to head North and kill a few war wagons. I then stumbled into an area where the player 1, 2, and 3 flags were, which killed me instantly for no reason. We decided to stop playing at this point.

[Edited on 03/19/10 @ 08:01 PM]

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Map Design3.0
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