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The Latean Project

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Greetings, SD community,

We are ASDF Inc, and this afternoon, we would like to introduce to you a product we have had in production for the past few months we title The Latean Project. You are probably asking, “What is this project?” After many months of sociological testing, we have been successful in powering our own unique environment, substantial for human living, though being rooted at the very basics of survival.

Within this pseudo-environment, we have enclosed several trials to push one's train of thought, ranging from the very instinctual, to common sense, to some abstract thinking. We believe these puzzles will test one’s skill in adapting to a new place. If one can adapt quickly, one will be very successful in escaping and possibly receiving a prize (that prize we cannot tell you at this moment, you will have to learn yourself).

After many months, we are pleased to announce that this project has been finished and ready for public viewing. Installation instructions have been included in thelateanproject.txt within the .zip file as well as the credits and the such.

Please take the time to download and play this game.

CEO of ASDF Inc.

Many thanks to:
  • RubberMan: Playtesting
  • Cilibinarii: Playtesting
  • Dtrungle: Playtesting
  • PaulC2001: Inspiration and support
  • Julius999: Much support

    Stormwind Studios Forum
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    Official Reviewer
    Wow, sounds really cool. Will download and review.
    Fabio A It's been ages since I played something so fun and puzzling in AoE as this. Great job! I only have a problem: I can't get past the gate puzzle, I managed to go around the map and be on the other side, but nothing appears. Am I doing it wrong?
    Selur Very good. After about forty minutes I was able to complete the project. Considering this map is won almost entirely by your intelligence, I find the required time to be very impressive.
    File Author
    Hey Fabio A,

    Thanks for the compliment, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it so far. As for your question, you aren't supposed to be able to just walk around the gate (I presume the gate in the town in the east). The problem should be fixed in version 1.1.


    Also, thanks Jatayu and Selur. I certainly didn't intend to have one finish it within five minutes.

    [Edited on 11/09/09 @ 07:08 PM]

    Fabio A Hey, I managed to walk around the gate (yes the east one) because there is some space you can barely see west of the castle with the longboats. It happened because I am very good dealing with secret entrances and hidden passages between trees and rocks (I do that a lot on my scenarios), so I thought that hidden entrance was the way to go around. Also, the Benny Hill theme fits perfectly with what happens xD
    Official Reviewer
    This is really quite something. It is amazingly entertaining, original and innovative. I highly recommend downloading this file.
    Guthan Jatayu, there was noticeable data editing.

    The gold mine, for example. I don't know how to decrease their amount with triggers. The trebuchets as well. They can't fire so close to themselves so he must've edited their minimum range :)
    File Author
    Thanks for the reviews, both of you.

    To address the story issue: the scenario was made by dividing the game into several squares, each containing something different, similar to Piece by Piece. Certain aspects of other squares were simply forgotten.

    And yes, Guthan pretty much hit the spot on data editing. I didn't want to alienate those who objected to any kind of mods.
    Gpayne31 I was utterly daunted and confused by all puzzles, except the bridge, boar and the trebs. Though I think I did the bridge wrong; I saw no mining camp to go to, so I just set them to enemy and destroyed the wall and then got across, but nothing happened.
    Guthan Hmm...

    I'm not sure what trigger Turty used for that. objects in area on the other side of the bridge? Or the destroy object for the gold mine?

    Anyway, there was a mining camp and you could still mine the gold and then click on a tree *cough* spoiler *cough*
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