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The EEE Mod

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
The E-E-E Mod is a mod designed for AoK:TC map designers. It has over 500 new objects, with unlocked usefulness of the Editor.

This isn't your everyday "Everything unlocked" editor. This has Style. New objects galore! and above all, Quality.

Goto the Forum Thread for more info.,39148,0,30

Version 1.1: Major Bug-Fix. 200-pop house no longer overrides normal house
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Rating: 4
It's a very good mod . You added over 500 units (so much I think) . You had much work to do . I give you 4 because there some "imperfections" .

Additional Comments:
An excellent mod . Download it !
Cilibinarii Getting it now. Ive been waiting for this for so long now! Review coming up soon.
Official Reviewer
Rating: 4.5
This is a good file. Speaking from a designer's perspective, this gives the player lots of features that could be seen as missing from the original game. For example, the TWAL building is now usable, with no horrible square shadow anymore. There are also unselectable copies of each building, purely for eyecandy.

And that last word pretty much sums up what this mod is. It looks very good, with every unit the player will ever need and some new ones for good measure. The only problem is that thats what it is. Visual. There's not much actually new in the game. All of the new units are simply vanilla units with modified stats, or a unit from a different role, for example a flamethrowing soldier.
Not to say that makes it bad, some of the units (such as a teutonic knight with a mameluke attack) are excellent in concept and execution. Others, such as the Sniper, with more range than LOS, provoke the requirement of skill and strategy to use correctly. However, that particular unit has a range of 25, a round number that doesn't appear to be particularly thought out. One could consider the sniper to be too overpowered to use in normal conditions. Having seen it in-game, I do.
Other units, such as the ornlu-esque Yeppers the wolf are almost unkillable, and only have a place as an RPG megaboss.

My other complaint is that the mod has been made only using the original graphics. In order to be truly ground-breaking, I feel that the mod needs to provide a little more of its own.

However, it is when one places every new unit on a map that the mod really comes into its own. There's just so much stuff! its not just a simple "unlocked units + 5 of my own". This is a major add-on to the editor. Some of the units just wallow in genius. One example being the bloodslith, which respawns with -10 HP when it dies. That kind of unit woud have been a joy for something like, say, Silent Evil. Its units like that which are the reason why modding can be so brilliant. And while the mod isn't perfect, it really does deserve credit.

Additional Comments:
While I was a tester for the mod, suggested some of its content and was privy to most of the making process, I feel I have been unbiased in this review. I would certainly consider this mod and distribute it in any single-player project I make. Its a damn fine production.

[Edited on 02/20/10 @ 11:08 PM]

Surdok Of course, it's a greatful/Useful mod that could be sucha handy for those pro desginers.

Before i Review, is the mod made for those who havent the mod?, for Example : i've just downloaded the File and placed it in my data file, and made a scenario useing it, does the game i play with other players online goes for Out of Syntc?
hope you replay fast

I have seen this mod develop and from the very first time I noticed the SD&M Thread I knew this was going to provide us with much designing possibilities, more even than most people would suspect. When I take a good look at the list of features I think - finally no invisible farms anymore for fires, finally customise buildings further with blacksmith smoke, new heroes for expansion pack units for example, umpteen and one excellent new units and more. And the relative easy install makes it even better (backup your dats and replace away). I am currently making a scen with it and already found tens of possibilities of the new units. And I believe that when one good designer gets his hands on this and feels like doing a good job, maps of epic proportions could roll into the blacksmith within a year.

Additional Comments:
Surdok Warnning : just found some bugs, Bandits Collection should be fixed, they dont walk over with the other Formations when moved.
and they dont move in Formations Together too.
Official Reviewer
Bandits are meant for gaia, not players.
File Author
The Bandits are Gaia, They are like wolves, and are only player controllable for some intresting results of what people do with them.

Also, it only syncs if other players have the mod.
Joshooarh This is an awesome mod! I feel that it probably among the best mods I have ever used. It is certainly one of the best mods since AOC, Renaissance and All Roads Lead to Rome. I can see this mod going a very long way.
Tlaloc Amnell Awesome mod man!
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