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Age of Empires III Discussion

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Topic Subject: The scenario designer's wishlist
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posted 05-13-03 07:41 PM CT (US)   
If you could choose new features in the Scenario Editor, what would it be? Some options I thought of:

1.Object has target bug fixed
2. Under 'select player' there are 3 new options: "all" and "all non-gaia" and "all except player X"
3. rename objects in area
4. beutify (like in AoM)
5. Garrison (effect)
6. Incerase range (ranged units only)
7. Increase hack/pierce armor
8. Copy/paste triggers
9. Activate condition, activate effect
10.edit terrain
11. Change unit speed
12. Change unit icon
13. zoom in/out
14. random event trigger
15. Set unit animation
16. Tech reasearched
17. Fade music
18. teleport unit
19. stop music
20. replace unit
21. Better trigger layout display
22. Change LOS
23. Change unit name in area
24. camera options
Can you think of any more?

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posted 05-13-03 08:08 PM CT (US)     1 / 33  
Add to that a terrain editing trigger,
and that is pretty complete.
posted 05-13-03 08:17 PM CT (US)     2 / 33  
Doesn't this belong in the AoEIII discussion forum?

posted 05-13-03 08:26 PM CT (US)     3 / 33  
Changing unit movement speed would be cool, like in EE, speeding up how fast, for example, an infantry unit moved by 25% would make things like RPGs cooler.

Also, another miscellaneous thing: being able to change a unit's icon, like chaning a regular longswordsman icon to Attila's or something.

posted 05-13-03 09:55 PM CT (US)     4 / 33  
Moving to AoE III Discussion...

(Ideas for a new editor best put in that forum.)

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posted 05-14-03 07:54 PM CT (US)     5 / 33  
Ok, fine, be that way

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posted 05-14-03 10:46 PM CT (US)     6 / 33  
In AoM, there is a light setting, maybe you could add one of those and a weather option. There should be a "Tech's learnt" icon which you can set what technologies a player starts with at the start of the scenario.
posted 05-16-03 06:48 PM CT (US)     7 / 33  
When "Play sound" trigger is used, there should be a "Sound Number" just like there is a message number when you use "display instructions"

Then, I want 2 new triggers

-Stop Music
Effect: Stop the music under the number you chose

-Fade Music
Effect: Slowly fades out the music under the number you chose

So basically, I want background musics to be actually possible.

And also, instead of "change object HP", "change object attack", etc... Why not have "modify object HP", so you are changing the HP to the number you entered instead of adding the number onto the original HP. Same goes for attack. 0 attack should make it so the unit can attack but cannot ever cause damage, and negative attack can make the unit heal HP instead of damaging the enemy. For what reason, I don't know.

Also, another trigger:

-Set Unit Animation
Effect: Stops an unit and set the unit on an animation, so what this means, is say you have a swordsman, you can use "Set Unit Animation" trigger with the unit, and select "fighting animation", now, then the trigger activates, the unit will stop whatever he is doing, and start the fighting animation, it would look like he is slashing his sword, at apparently nothing. There would also be another box to check, if you check "include effects", then whoever walks in front of that unit slashing will get damaged, if you don't check "include effects", then that slashing unit would be just as if he is standing there, he will be harmless.

hello all
posted 05-18-03 11:42 AM CT (US)     8 / 33  
A condition that would be like, random.

Condition: Random event()

and than than trigger would jsut fire randomly....
Ive needed that sometimes, like to make raining random - and when tid rain somewhere people would go in their houses and than when rain stops theyd come back out.

U guys get the idea?

posted 05-18-03 12:25 PM CT (US)     9 / 33  
More random units to place

I think, therefore, I am confused
posted 05-18-03 02:19 PM CT (US)     10 / 33  
Change name when object in area
Change Range

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posted 05-18-03 06:12 PM CT (US)     11 / 33  
*Doesn't know if somebody already said this*

Zoom in and Zoom out, and the ability to move the camera around to follow units and etc (for the editor). Features I like about AoM.

Angel Aro
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posted 05-18-03 08:08 PM CT (US)     12 / 33  
Thanks for the headline, Aro

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posted 05-19-03 03:35 AM CT (US)     13 / 33  
A flowchart screen for designing complex trigger systems.

The ability to customize ANY unit attribute from attack, armor, to speed, line of sight. Even choosing the graphic to display with it from the slp library.

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posted 05-20-03 06:41 PM CT (US)     14 / 33  
Hey! I am thinking of an effect that makes an object invisible, or visible, but I guess that is simply useless when you have the effect change object name in area. What do you think?

My next suggestion is a SIMPLE unit/building/eye candy/other creator (sort of like the Sims Building editor), that could simply imported (if I have recent versions of age of empires, I could simply open it, and use it.

BTW, I am designing an extremely accurate history scenario, if it gets good ratings I will make a campaign. The scenario is very fun, I am planning to have 1000+ triggers @ an average of 5-10 effects/conditions per trig.

posted 05-20-03 06:50 PM CT (US)     15 / 33  
how about a "replace object" trigger?

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posted 05-21-03 09:40 PM CT (US)     16 / 33  
I remember something like this...

*Digs up old thread* Here's the "official" one.

Feel free to look around and see if any of those older ideas spark any new creativity.


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posted 05-23-03 00:19 AM CT (US)     17 / 33  

This is my first post. I come to AOK often, never joined the forums, but I had to since this topic really interests me since I spend a considerable time editting triggers.

First off, I have not used the AoM map editor, so I apologize if they have made huge refinements and make my post seem ancient.

My largest concern is the organization and display of triggers (which I'm sure must have been adressed by other map editors). Personally, I think it is one of the worst I've seen. One giant list is really complicated and difficult to edit. Moreover, the window it is placed in is a lot smaller than say the list for the unit placements.

I think that the trigger list needs to have a much cleaner graphic user interface, because it is potentially the most important feature in the map editor itself. Instead of having the triggers smushed to one side, they should have a flexible window in which you can move it around, and resize it (and also minimize and maximize the window).

Also, folders (I'm sure someone must have mentioned this) for triggers is a must. Folders with a well design interface window would work wonders on the efficiency with triggers.

posted 05-23-03 09:06 AM CT (US)     18 / 33  
Just what I thought. An interface screen where you could cut, paste, connect triggers in some kind of flowchart with various symbols for activation, deactivation, looping, etc.

Good idea!

posted 05-23-03 06:42 PM CT (US)     19 / 33  
Shiroken, I am honored to have you post in my thread as your first post. I hope to see you around SD and hang around with other nerdy Scenario Designers like us


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posted 05-28-03 10:51 AM CT (US)     20 / 33  
Thanks kevin.

I just wonder, how could some of these flaws be missed from the AoK? I mean, didn't the scenario designers on ES realize: "You know, having 300 triggers in one list is just so difficult to organize" or "Hmm... the fact that everytime I garrison a unit for the computer, it always ungarrisons them, is quite annoying."

Here's something I thought off from Flash 5. Essentially, I was thinking that you could create a combination of trigger condition and effects that you use (like for example, the type of trigger one would use for dialogue) and then you could save that combination. The combination could then be retrieved for future use by going to your Combination Library, where you drag the Combination (it appear as an icon with a title) into the trigger box. The Combination would not have any variables inside of it, but only the combination of blank conditions and effects. Everytime the game would encounter this combination trigger, it would only have to use the main combination trigger to look at, and input the parameters from the changed file. This may seem useless, but I'll explain how this comes in handy later.

Let's look at an example of how this works. Say I want to do this long conversation. Normally, I would have to enter it manually, as in creating the trigger over and over again. But with the recently explained method, I would create it once, copy it as symbol, and then drag the symbol into the trigger box a couple times in order for me to fill out the parameters.

The possible good thing about this is that it makes your life easy, and allows for easier global changes. For example, say you wanted to change something in your trigger combination, but you realized this AFTER you created all the triggers.

Normally, you would have to go into each trigger and add the condition or effect. But with these combinations, you would only have to edit the Combination in question (and the parameters in each trigger), because the game would always consult the main combination trigger and input the parameters from the individual triggers.

I hope this didn't sound that complicated. In essence, I want to make the next map editor light years ahead of where it is today.

posted 05-28-03 10:12 PM CT (US)     21 / 33  

I'm pretty new but one of my best friends on is, lol the maker of this site, Xeroiph/Ethan. But some things i wanted to add.

1. Can we have a bigger trigger list.
you may not know wat i'm talking about but once i've got about 100 triggers, i always have to scroll down and down until i finally get there. i know this may sound very lazy but lol it would be much nicer.

2. a new civilization there should be the Africans.

3. (has to do with #2) , there should be more than 1 unique unit for each civilization and that like, the Aztec Halberdier should look different from the Korean Halberdier.

and something tells me that this might be the wrong place to post this. i well. live with it here :P


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posted 05-29-03 08:46 AM CT (US)     22 / 33  
and something tells me that this might be the wrong place to post this.

not at all, why?

posted 05-31-03 11:05 AM CT (US)     23 / 33  
I would like to see a 'change object pierce/melee armour' and a 'change terrain in area trigger'.
posted 05-31-03 06:01 PM CT (US)     24 / 33  
I'm not sure if anyone has posted this yet, but a trigger for a Taunt System, that way I won't be so frustrated with these Taunt System guides. Just put on the trigger and put in the taunt you want.
posted 06-01-03 03:00 AM CT (US)     25 / 33  
Triggers that can detect keystrokes.

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