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Topic Subject:this time the AOK community can get it right
posted 01-26-05 04:41 AM CT (US)         
I applaud AOK Heaven, they run a good site, but they can only do so much. If the players won't discipline themselves, what can anyone do? Cheating abounds; flaming is rife; piracy looms; newbies run off; money lost; opportunity wasted. Ugh!

Imagine a world five years from now with a AOK 3 World Championship where the public pays some attention. Imagine a world where good to excellent players can make money tutoring new players. Imagine a world where we get royalties on scenario maps. Imagine rigourous testing methods to determine the level of a player's skill. Imagine a world where a AOK 3 Standards Committee has elections across the internet, where the Standards Committee, not Ensemble, sets the standards for play and conduct of the game. Imagine yourself as a AOK 3 celebrity, possibly a member of the Standards Commitee.

Imagine Ensemble leasing to alternate developers the rights to develop 'alternative' AOK 3 games. Imagine AOK 3 sweeping the world of gaming.

Imagine 500 people showing up in Idaho Falls in late November for a regional AOK 3 LAN party with the winner representing the NorthWest region in the annual U.S. Championships. Imagine the 'press' being there and covering the event.

All these things are being done on a small scale, today.

Now I ask you guys to think bigger. You are all here primed to go, well, get organized.

Elect a leader. Set up a council. Build relationships with AOK Heaven as a start.

After all, how many hours are you gonna play this game?

posted 01-26-05 07:39 AM CT (US)     1 / 4       
that sounds allot like what is happening with blizzards games

but i do hope es and microsoft do get behind online gaming, and help it become allot bigger then it already is, especially with rts, most of the money in professianal gaming is with first person shooters, like counter strike, which are great games, but they dont take the skill of real time strategy games, u may want to argue with this, but its true.

i really do hope that professional gaming really explodes in the next 5 years, and i hope im one of the people making all of the money

(id: LordThom)
posted 01-26-05 08:07 AM CT (US)     2 / 4       

Turning Online-Gaming into a sport is a bad idea... just about the worst idea I've heard on this forum actually... Right after suggestions for a new Castle Blood map and 98% of Fadawah's posts.

I'm all for expanding and furthering gaming, but this is not the way to do it.

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(id: Gordon B)
posted 01-26-05 09:11 AM CT (US)     3 / 4       
No offense, but AoC had (and still has) cash tournaments and pro players. They have tutored lesser skilled players (for cash). kkab for example flew even to South America to train KGB_Makaho (or whatever his name is). He also supposedly taught people like Koven, halen, etc. This is one reason we tell n00bs who say "omgz j00r rong" to stfu. There are people who make money playing AoC, so wouldn't they know what they're doing?

Gaming IS a sport. It's a huge industry. There's really no stopping it.

And wtf is "get behind online gaming"? ES donated like $4000 to the GGL prize for AoC this year, despite AoC being HOW old?

I really don't get what you're asking for except for a single tourney. AoEIII will probably make it into WCG if it is a good game, so that will have far more backing than something just run by MS or ES.

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posted 01-27-05 01:01 PM CT (US)     4 / 4       
You were really funny, reading that it seems that you think the biggest problem around is people cheating while playing games online...

I am not trying to offend you, but I believe Lennon would twist your balls real hard.

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