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Topic Subject:Splash Splash Screenplay Part 2
(id: kevingamer prime)
posted 04-13-03 07:03 PM CT (US)         
When we last left off, the splash splash Malitia had just won a headted battle between Fearless leader....
*everyone appears in the middle of the country of AokH, resurected*
darkmaster: umm.... why are we resurected in Aom graphics?
robopaul88: that looks sooooo much cooler.
antartican: well, lets go rescue Zen and DSoD.
at the AokH capital....
thug2: ahhh!!
thug4: have mercy!!!
*gets beaten up by narrator*
narrator: oohhh! that feels good!
kevin: lets free zen!
*Nambrim cuts ropes, frees dsod*
*kevin cuts free Zen*
Zen: thank you for saving me, fair member!
kevin: no problem, since i saved you, can I be a seraph?
All mods: NO!!
everyone: *laugh*
Luke: lets all go get a drink, shall we?
narrator: suddenly....
CC: *iron bars narrator*
no really! Suddenly....
*zen gets a call on his watch*
Zen: put it on the main screen.
*GillB appears on main screen*
GillB: Zen, this is an emergency! This is GillB in the United Heavens (HG main) building. There has been an act of terror against Heaven Games......

And also, in the midst of a lost game.....

Narrator: We continue to find we are at the end. Thanks to the splash splash militia, the world is no longer in danger of being taken over by the evil Fearless Leader.

toolman89: Were those his plans? How cliche.

Antarctican: Couldn't he have thought of something else, like stealing every last sticky note on the planet?

Ghost of Caesar: Or sending an evil army of Aztec Paladins?

Nabrimn: Neat! How do you do that?

Meanwhile... Back in the frozen world of the game the militia just won...

FL: Must... reach... Units...

FL manages to put a tree on the map despite the looping freeze unit trigger. He then proceeds to the triggers section.

FL: Must... create... trigger...

He puts a task unit trigger on the tree.

FL: Must... test... No... arm... too... short...

Pauken (battered and bruised): I'M... HERE!...

Pauken accidentally steps on the test button. The map loads and the game crashes. The world turns black... Pauken falls down... down...

Pauken: Ahhhhhhhhhhh... My premiums will go way up for this...

This program brought to you by Kim Jong II. Kim Jong II, hoping to win a future war against the US with Turtle Ships.

But hanging off the edge of the desktop is FL.

FL (pulling him (?) self up): MUHAHAHAHA!

Fearless Leader jumps on the AoK icon twice to restart it.

Narrator: What fiendish plan does FL have now? How did I find out about what happened to FL? Should I tell the splash splash militia? Will I? Find out next time...

Now, what will happen?

Zen: I gotta get to HG main, NOW!
Darkmaster: bbbuut...
Zen: quiet! *is helecoptered away*
At the United Heavens Building (HG main)
*Zen walks in*
*Seraphs of different heavens bow thier heads in respect*
*takes seats at Meeting table (HG staff lounge)*
Zen: order! order! I call upon this emergency meeting to discuss what just happened! Who knows?
Angel Draco (AowH seraph) : Sire, there has been an act of terroisim against Rise of Nations Heaven.
Zen: Is this true?!?! Obsidian?
Obsidian (RonH seraph) :unfortuatly, yes.
Zen: What happened?
Phill Phree (AoeH seraph) :yes, we'd all like to know.
Obsidian: *sniffle* ....Unknown extremnists crashed a plane in Sneak Prieviw Beta forums..... more than 2000 forummers were killed, and SPB was totally destroyed.
Everyone: GASP!
Dire_wolf (dungeon siege heaven seraph) :what do we do, Zen.
ET FLAVIS (Cossacks heaven seraph) : Should we negotiate peace?
Angel AoErat (SwgbH seraph) :we should go to war, our games reflect that!
GillB (City Building Heaven main angel) :Empie Earth quitting the United Heavens is VERY suspicous, but let us not jusmp to conclusions!
Cherub Gaiseric: Zen, we got a sattilite message!
Zen: Play it!
On main screen:
*person appears on main screen*
person: Hello, Zen. My name is Devil Satanius, head of Hell Games. It was us who claim responsiblity to the act of terror observed today!
Everyone: *gasp*
Devil Satanius: United Hells funded Empire Earth Heaven in commiting this! so now i say to you. Come get us!
Angel Park: good thing I quit EE at the last moment.


Tune in next time as the splash splash militia takes to arms and Zen declares war against Hell games!

"i get more IM's from AOL System Message than from everyone else"-Anonymous

[This message has been edited by kevingamer _AcX_ (edited 04-15-2003 @ 08:52 PM).]

posted 04-13-03 08:05 PM CT (US)     1 / 4       
How about HeathenGames?

No. Bad Jarl. Bad Bad Jarl. NO Penis ASCII.
(id: kevingamer prime)
posted 04-13-03 08:09 PM CT (US)     2 / 4       
thats good!
Nah, too late to change it now...

"i get more IM's from AOL System Message than from everyone else"-Anonymous
(id: CoRK_DragonYugi)
posted 04-13-03 08:18 PM CT (US)     3 / 4       

Quoted from Kevin:

Splash Splash screenplay II

Um, you're not really sticking to splash splash.

It's good, but it's more of an HG sort of thing...


I see what's going on...

Fooly Cooly
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(id: kevingamer prime)
posted 04-15-03 08:50 PM CT (US)     4 / 4       
Zen: Very well, we will invade hell games and win back EE.
GillB: What about our armies?
Obsidian: I have kruskanov missiles, but the nuculer ICBMs are not yet developed into the game.....
Phill Phree: Well, tell Big Huge Games to HURRY UP!! I got ancient units, but that wont help well.
Luke: Reports from AokH says that we have a militia and an army of war elephants and TKs, leftovers from Dsod's army. we can train more warriors and malitia men, and forumers.
Draco: wait... a militia??? how will that help?
Zen: trust me, I had a big encounter wiht them
Unknown Voice: remember: smilies do not work in real life
Jayhawk: Well, Im not the one with a stupid name!
Zen: *sigh...* very well, then it is agreed.

Back in Splash Splashville:

Darkmaster: So, thats how it is eh, Luke?
Luke: yes
KeLar: wait.... why are we doing this?!?! it has nothing to do with us!
*Sudden Explosion in distance*
*Longbow, who just recovered, was thrown off his feet by the explosion*
Longbow: NOT AGAIN!!!!
Antartican: *gasp*! they blew up the sovinier kiosk!!!
nav: NO!!!!!!!
Nambrin: Thats it! *cocks gun* there goin down!
Camera pans to get a shot of Anbim and the other splashers in a V shape stance holding weapons with revengeful faces
Camera pans to Longbow
Longbow: *Bleeding rapidly on the side of the road* Some help???
forummers: NO! Shut up, we didnt get enogh of that pose!
Cameara panns back
*suddenly, attack copters come*
*minons come out*
LightnigngElemental: Wait, MINONS?!?!?
kevin: hey, they used 'goons' too much in part one
zyx: *gasp* OH YEAH!! They never finished that part!
spielburg: kevin, if you dont start spelling my name right, im gonna hurt you
kevin: ok......
CC: umm.... why are you here?
Spielburg: um......
minions: ....
tick tock tick tock
narrator 2: seconds pass... *gets shot*
tick tock.......
Longbow: still not getting help!!! DYING!!!
tick tock tick tock
spielburg: Um... ok, minions, go kill stuff
*minions run off*
minions 1,3,5,and 6: *surround Robopaul* DIE!!! *robo get sliced to shards*
zyx: *impales minion 2*
kevin: *puts minion 4 in meat grinder*
minion 7: *surrounds Longbow* he *shoots him, leathally*
*minions convert to men in long cloaks and kidnap Ingo, again*
*minions run off in chopper, taking the narrator with them*
_von_: this means two things: 1) we are goin' to war 2)we lost the narrator, but for some strange reason, I saw gold in his pocket and he seemed WILLING to leave with the minions.
Darkmaster: Do you think....... NAH!
Passing out? Turning blue? Try BREATHING!
Narrator2: Oh my! NOw waht? Can I be as annoying as Narrator1? what will happen next? I cant ask retorical questions well!-
Antarcitan: see?? you wenrt even close, that was a statement!
Coucy: Hey y'all! Taxes are due today!
everyone: ...
everyone engaged in a Dramatonic Stalemate
Zen: Ok, since no one can think of anything to say, Im just gonna end installment right here.

"i get more IM's from AOL System Message than from everyone else"-Anonymous
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