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Topic Subject: Iraq War and such
posted 08-19-08 05:42 PM CT (US)   
What are your opinions about the Iraq War? What is your reasoning behind those opinions?

The stated reason for the war was Saddam had "weapons of mass destruction." Its years later and it seems that either a) had no weapons of mass destruction b) we haven't found them yet c) they were moved to another country.

So, why not leave? Supposing Iraq did have those weapons at one point in time, they are certainly not a threat to us at this point in time. One of the reasons I've heard for staying, is that leaving will "embolden the terrorists." Keep in mind these people have been (before the war) and continue to be (in spite of the war) willing suicide bombers. How much more bold could they be?? In other words if a person is so committed to their cause that they will die for it, its not possible for them to be any more bold than that.

Another reason I've heard for staying is: we need to make Iraq a stable democracy. As if democracy is some magical nirvana. Let us not forget, the Palestinians elected Hamas to represent them.

About the war on terror in general:

To anyone wondering why I'm posting this, my opinions concerning the "War On Terror" have changed due to a very interesting book on the subject. The book is "A Nation Of Sheep" by Andrew P. Napolitano.

"Judge Napolitano is concerned, and rightly so, about the erosion of our civil liberties--by an administration that claims to be "conservative." To the contrary. The suspension of habeas corpus, warrantless eavesdropping and surveillance, arbitrary executive power grabs, torture and kidnapping, suppression of the press: These are not "conservative" values, by any stretch of the imagination."

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posted 08-19-08 09:12 PM CT (US)     1 / 2  
Well, someone is going to probably to impale you for starting this thread, but here goes my opinion:

The Iraqi war wasn't really about getting the bad guys and finding the Weapons of Mass Destruction. The UN even sent a group of people known as the AIEA, lead by Hans Blix, to search for any kind of evidence leading to the fact that Iraq had weapons of Mass Destruction. He found nothing, no documents, no recidues, no nothing.

Now, the states used as pretexts to invade iraq the following resolution: Self-Defense, Humanitarian Mission,a democratic mission and other resolutions that the UN had written in the previous war. Now, all of these resolutions that the USA used don't really fit the pretexts that the USA gave.

So, the USA is staying in Iraq for some of the following reasons: To avoid a Civil war (Which is already happening), to get richer by putting 'aid' companies for rebuilding Iraq, and to get a hold of the Oil in Iraq, which currently all USA companies have a hold of.

So, all in all, Bush is in no hurry to get the troops out, and if he does, the civil war will burst and Bush will be facing the press for the rest of his life.

Also, OT, did you know that Bush is a C+ Student?

posted 08-19-08 09:51 PM CT (US)     2 / 2  
My apologies qaz, but it's my normal policy to close threads like these. Feel free to make a thread in the Library.

I don't allow these type of "Mexican stand-off" discussions due to the resulting hostilities; we don't need the community biting eachother's heads off.


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