posted 10-02-08 01:56 AM CT (US)   
Posting this here in case any of our beautiful Town's Crier residents want to get involved.

Posted in G&SD by Xingjianma
With Aro’s permission, I am planning to host a forum party. I only took part in one forum party, but I really had a great time, and now that AoKH is once again going strong with the revamp, I was hoping that we could revive those fun times.

Time: 7:30 EST October 5th
Place: IGZ Tournament Lobby
Participants: Everyone at AoKH
Purpose: To have fun!

We will mostly likely be playing RM, but DM, CS, and Defend the Wonder and anything else you can think of are also welcome. We are there to have fun after all
You can find more information in the G&SD Thread