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Age of Kings Heaven » Forums » Town's Crier » Forum Rules, Read Before Posting! POLITICAL DISCUSSION IS BANNED
Topic Subject:Forum Rules, Read Before Posting! POLITICAL DISCUSSION IS BANNED
Lord Sipia
posted 09-03-17 08:36 AM CT (US)         
Please note that the forum's Code of Conduct applies across the TC.


From now on, all political discussion is banned in the Town's Crier.

This includes discussion of recent or ongoing events, political memes, commentary on political leaders, et cetera.

Past experience has shown that political discussion fosters hostility among our forum users. We have therefore decided to consider the entire domain of politics off-limits on this board in the hopes of creating a more welcoming environment that everybody can enjoy. The Town's Crier is intended for lighthearted chatting and sharing of content not related to Age of Empires II.

Posts or threads breaking this rule will be removed.


If you wish to engage in discussion about politics with HG members, you can do so in the Library at HG's main forum board. Bear in mind that the Library encourages well thought-out and civil discussion. The forum board Outside Discussions is also open to more ad-hoc style debate, should this be your preference.


If you disagree with a decision we have made or have any questions, please email a member of our team:

  • Sebastien
  • Major Helper
  • Lord Sipia


    Does this rule also apply to other touchy topics (e.g. religion)?

    Generally, yes. If you are unsure whether a topic you wish to discuss is permitted, feel free to contact a staff member.

    Will I get banned if I break this rule without meaning to?

    Not to worry. You will be given ample warning before anything else is done. If, however, you fail to adjust your behavior after repeated reprimands from staff, you may face a banning.

    [This message has been edited by Major Helper (edited 11-27-2019 @ 02:48 PM).]

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