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Age of Kings Heaven » Forums » General and Strategy Discussion » Bits from the wiki that make you think what were the writers thinking!
Topic Subject:Bits from the wiki that make you think what were the writers thinking!
posted 09-22-19 04:32 PM CT (US)

"Since they don't get access to gunpowder aside from petards, the cannon galleon and demolition ships they have a disadvantage to civilizations that get access to it like Turks, Portuguese and Spanish, especially if the game starts in the Imperial Age onwards, this of course before the game enters into the Trash wars."

Ahhhh, yes. I mean, how are you gonna counter gunpowder without gunpowder on AoK? I mean, it is not like the Mongols had, I dont know, any fast moving, reasonably bulky and dirt cheap cavalry unit that could kill gunpowder units.

"Viking infantry after Chieftains may also being an exception as that technology gives to every Viking infantry +5 attack vs cavalry. Japanese Samurais and Incan Kamayuks should also must taken at consideration against Cataphracts especially if massed and fully upgraded of course Cataphracts can still retaliate against these two units."

I... Am gonna take it the writer of this section hasnt actually played against a Byzantine player in a while...

"so civilizations with good trash such as Magyars, Berbers, Vietnamese, Malay, Byzantines and Aztecs can overturn them in the late game when gold is scarce. Civilizations with anti-infantry units or with access to the Hand Cannoneer can eat through Persian Infantry. This includes Indians, Portuguese, Turks, Mayans, Incas, Aztecs, Byzantines and Spanish."


"Good trash'

Well, I am gonna give then one thing: Aztec Pikeman, Skirmishers, and their non-existant light-cavalry units, are indeed very good at being trash!( As for the part about gunpowder eating through Persian infantry... Well, yeah, I guess, but... That is just how infantry works. The Persians prefer cavalry anyway. )

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As far as I am aware, the Age2 Wiki suffers from the same curation issue that plagues Wikipedia pages in general - namely, that literally anyone can edit them and eradicate any shred of credibility by injecting their own personal opinions into the articles.

The official development team has nothing to do with the maintenance of those pages, although the aforementioned Wiki's extensiveness is most certainly a testament to the popularity and longevity of the game series

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