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Topic Subject:Villager Count
posted 05-15-20 01:59 AM CT (US)         
Hello everyone,
I play on AOE 2 HD
Is there any mod which shows the number of villagers I have like the one available in AOE2 DE.
I know there already exists a button which shows how many of each kind are there, but is there any mod which can show the overall count of villagers?
posted 06-17-20 12:07 PM CT (US)     1 / 1       
Other than this (for reference if anyone reading doesn't know how to access this):
If you have the score displayed in the bottom right of the screen by toggling the score display button, then there is an economy button on the bottom right of your mini-map that you can also toggle on.
When that is selected, you will see how many villagers you currently have in each category: woodcutters, miners, farmers, as well as idle villagers.

Unfortunately, there does not appear to exist a mod currently for HD that pulls that out to a separate UI element to be seen easily.

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