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Topic Subject:Unit/Building Concepts
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posted 07-22-14 10:18 PM CT (US)         
Unit/Building Concepts

Recently I've noticed a lot of new units going up on the blacksmith both copy/paste and modeled and thought it would be nice to have an open forum for people to put cool unit concepts and give ideas for units they would like to see. I can see there are a lot of projects currently in the works and wouldn't mind sharing any concepts or completed graphics I come up with.

I invite anyone else to post their own ideas for units as well as any they've completed and are willing to share.

Personally I'm no good at 3d modeling and my units are all copy/paste for the most part but either are welcome.

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posted 04-29-20 08:54 AM CT (US)     981 / 985       
Concept I've design for an balloon airship. I took a part off a building from the Expanding Fronts Mod which I thought looked a bit like a balloon so credits to them.
What do you think?

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posted 05-03-20 03:38 AM CT (US)     982 / 985       
Great idea, I love it.
It brings some Steampunk spirit into the game

Winter is coming.
Khan Ivayl
posted 05-03-20 04:00 AM CT (US)     983 / 985       
posted 06-24-20 01:00 AM CT (US)     984 / 985       

guys by casuality do anyone of you posses a cossack game? or posseses the bmps for that unit in particular. Thanks in advance.
posted 06-26-20 06:52 AM CT (US)     985 / 985       
Hey, monsterslayer2!

I don't have the game, nor bmps for that units. But I think you can find it on civ fanatics here

In case you are looking for other Cossacks/American conquest units as well, the following two links could be helpful, too.

Hope I helped you. Happy modding!
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