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Topic Subject:Release Party for "Dawn of Rome"
Khan Ivayl
posted 02-17-20 06:28 AM CT (US)         
Dear community,

I eventually replaced my longstanding project "Borderline Empires" with "Dawn of Rome" the first release worthy version of which is already in the Blacksmith

Why did this happen and why in this way?

"Borderlands" for my taste always lacked something, and it was overlapping in some regards too strongly with other projects like "Realms" (for example the design of the Bulgar faction), because I feel the community profits more from diverse offerings, I am donating much of my efforts for "Borderland Empires" to "Realms" and in turn introduce you to "Dawn of Rome" which takes over many exciting features of the original project, like mobile buildings and mine-able ruins, but instead concentrates on another selection of geo-historical realities

In particular "Dawn of Rome" is intended to be a mirror to "Rise of Rome"... we are looking at the transition out of the Roman era and into the middle ages, but I offer you the unique experience of claiming and turning around the fate of one of 5 civilizations which faded off at the beginning of medieval history: The Romans, Thracians, Nubians, Sarmatians and Vandals.

Will you lead your civilization out of the dead-end and help it survive another era?

Re-experience Roman glory, with heavy scorpions that cut down trees and enemies alike, palisades that withstand more attack and aquaeducts which help you sustain more population...

Claim the legacy of the Egyptian kingdoms as the Nubians, and fend off overconfident invaders with your excellent archers!

(Nubian peasants, unique in appearance, are trained faster and cost less food, but have no access to Loom)

Will you defend your African conquests as the Vandals? Or the northern provinces of the Byzantine Empire as the Thracians? Take lead of the Sarmatians to secure their place in the steppes of Pannonia and profit from their mobile mining system...

posted 02-22-20 02:28 AM CT (US)     1 / 6       
How did you get the villagers to have new skins?I thought it was not possible to do.
posted 02-22-20 09:02 AM CT (US)     2 / 6       
I also want to know. I always thought it was possible until I discovered the problem of Proceeding Graphic.
@Khan Ivayl Have you created a brand new Villager unit for Nubians?
Khan Ivayl
posted 02-22-20 03:40 PM CT (US)     3 / 6       
Indeed you have to upgrade every sub-unit to a new unit, that you have to create first, i.e.

1. create miner with African appearance
2. upgrade miner to African miner in the tech-tree effect
3. repeat for all sub-units and genders
posted 04-11-20 02:39 AM CT (US)     4 / 6       
Wow, that's a great discovery.
posted 05-19-20 07:36 PM CT (US)     5 / 6       
Hey there. So anyways, can you import the Mediterranean mining camp set to the Portuguese Civ Mod III to be used for civs that have the Meditation building set? If you have the Mediterranean lumber camp set, you can also port it to PCM III as well. Just send those sets to the creator.
Khan Ivayl
posted 05-20-20 03:38 AM CT (US)     6 / 6       
Of course Daniel Pereira can adopt this mining camp if he sees fit My stuff is relatively free to use, if proper crediting is provided.
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