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Topic Subject:Khans of Tarkir Mod
posted 03-09-20 12:02 PM CT (US)         
So, i'm quite ingtriged on how to make a full conversion mod on AOE2, is one of my favorite games, and i would love to make a tribute to my favorite Magic the gathering set's ever. Khans of tarkir.

I've thingking this, a mod wich doesn't change all that much, but with only 5 civs, wich been:

- Mardu, the 'wings of the dragon', a cavalry civ; a mix between mongols and huns,

- Jeskai: the 'eye of the dragon' an oriental style civ with great economy and gunpowder units. Thinking Chinese + Korean.

- Abzan, the 'scale of the dragon', a defensive civ with bonus for achery; half bizantine, half mayans.

- Temur, the 'claws' of the dragon: A agressive infantry civ, like goths and vikings

- Sultai, the 'fangs of the dragon': A brute Monk and naval Civ, similar to aztecs and spanish

the ideia is to make a conversion by reducing stuff, making the game more dinamic and fighting oriented, by removing some of the researches. Like heaving the towncenter upgrades for free (Except, may be, for loom), murderholes, removing the blacksmith, etc. And making some builings being more effective, as houses giving 10 population rather than 10, and initial towncenter giving 20 pop for a faster beginning.

sorry for my horrible english, i'm not a english speaker.
So, what you whink? also, what could go wrong with that?
posted 04-11-20 02:37 AM CT (US)     1 / 2       
Sounds interesting. The scale of making 5 civs in the beginning is also a nice idea to make sure the scale of the conversion won't be too large to handle.

The most difficult part of doing a total conversion mod, in my experience, is making graphics and data editing.

For the graphic part, you can look around the blacksmith here in Aokh. Luckily you can find all the units and buildings you want for your project. If not you'll have to make some yourself, or find someone experienced in doing that to help you. Unfortunately, graphic designers (especially unit makers) is one of the rarest resources around any AOK communities.

As for the data part, it is another story. In most cases, data editing is a one man's job cause you can't have many people editing the same data file at the same time. Usually the major modder will do this work himself, or has another experienced modder to do this. Data editing is not an interesting work to do(for me), cause you would be just be repeatedly editing the file on AGE, and checking whether the changes you've just made works correctly in the game. However, it is still the most important task for a conversion mod.
posted 05-03-20 10:04 PM CT (US)     2 / 2       
I wonder if you will use The Last Khans materials for this? For example, the dialogue.
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