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Age of Empires III Discussion

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Topic Subject: The Scenario Editor Thread
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posted 06-15-03 01:33 AM CT (US)   
What do you think should be included in a new scenario editor if ES was to make another? Give your suggestions for a new scenario editor in this thread. The suggestions can be new conditions, effects, terrain, or just your opinion on what would make a better scenario editor. Be sure to keep the discussions relating to the main topic of this thread.

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Angel Aro
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posted 12-07-04 00:19 AM CT (US)     126 / 153  
I'm no programmer, and I've made simple AIs. If you can use UBB Code in this forum, you can make an AI in AoK.

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posted 12-07-04 03:13 AM CT (US)     127 / 153  

Are guys seeing what I'm seeing?

M U S I C !
posted 12-07-04 07:12 AM CT (US)     128 / 153  
I was implying AoM's AI engine which is very similar to C++. You can only make RPG and B&D or similar scenarios in AoM and that becomes pretty frustrating after a while. Well, the whole AoM editor was frustrating, i guess that's why many people quit it so soon.
posted 12-07-04 10:49 AM CT (US)     129 / 153  
Don't trip kan_apo, I wasn't talking about you.

M U S I C !
posted 12-07-04 12:51 PM CT (US)     130 / 153  
Yes, i didn't think so, i was replying to zyxomma's post just above
What are you seeing anyway?
posted 12-07-04 06:26 PM CT (US)     131 / 153  
Age of Empires III
The continued Books of History

Well hello peoples of AOE FANS
Im proud to say that im a great FAN too and i may have a few ideas, This is including idea's of fellow Knights


As one person said i do agree with the idea of trees in the options of jungle and then dense jungle but can only walk through jungle but not dense as it is too thick to walk through.(logical thinking right!)

water should have the option of random events such as tropical hurricanes(natural disaters such as volcanoes or tornadoes in american land)
and different water effects such as frozen lakes and WATERFALLS for cliffs!

this is another idea from another source said that maybe we could have growth in trees such as an optional forrester that plants little wee trees and then takes years for em to grow..
(im sick of bare grounds)

AOE III should have a time frame to day and night
can either have arcade time(traditional no time)
or realistic time say one min equals a day, but his time frame could destroy! the game all together!

there is an option in AOK called shaft mining where it supposly says that villigers no longer collect from the surface that they build shafts and ladders and baskets.
THAT i wanna actually see!

there should be natures birth for sheep and deer so that you can optionally breed you own cattle such as sheep or cow!
this could also apply to human birth maybe there could be a mating season for both animals and humans!

i reckon that one would be absolutly great!

Building will probally retain there old look but me personally i would like to see different building shapes in random order or selection for each type of building kinda like the wonders have different heights and sizes...
oh and yes i would love to see ranches with silos and little wee house that need 3-5 viligers to occupy for food.

(optional upgrade building or make histroical)
i would love to see where when you upgrade you could optionlally choose for your selected buildings to retain historical shapes, bit like a wonder!


with the idea of unit stats modified i dont agree but if it were to happen! it should be that if you were to create a unit you could modify it stats but the cost would be higher,
this could come into the fact of making commanders and ranks such as generals leaders and scouts

villigers are so weak they should have the option of when they are attacked that they can rush to the nearest barrack or milintary building and recieve what ever weapon is available.
this option of AT ARMS should be a costly research option and logically you are paying for the training of each villager!

As for the matter of the sky it should be there as ther may be a 3-d engine and when you zoom in you can see the sky.
this is where the engines should come from!

3-D Engine to 2-D Engine views

the engines should be like a scroll option on you mouse when you zoom in you can see up but when you zoom out to birds eye view it would look like the classical view of AOE!


if ensemble studio's does any of these things it should become a total smash hit and become a forever lasting classical for the years to come and thus all children to come will see that this SAGA will continue on forever


posted 12-07-04 10:01 PM CT (US)     132 / 153  


It should be user friendly for starters, as people said above. And i'd very much like to see an AI creator for custom scenarios that doesn't require you to be a programmer.

The Empires and Empire Earth editor allowed you to construct AIs via triggers, the system works well from a military standpoint, but really does not give you a lot of control over economic aspects.

posted 12-08-04 05:29 PM CT (US)     133 / 153  
it would be a good idea to have new civs and units


posted 12-11-04 09:56 AM CT (US)     134 / 153  


The Empires and Empire Earth editor allowed you to construct AIs via triggers, the system works well from a military standpoint, but really does not give you a lot of control over economic aspects.

Allthough i haven't actually get into those two games, it sounds pretty cool. I really expect ES to include such features in their game this time.

posted 12-13-04 10:48 AM CT (US)     135 / 153  
This is what I consider to be the benchmark for any future trigger system for any RTS game including AoE III.

Archers Blood - 1 Trigger

If this cannot be done, then the trigger system does not meet contemporary standards.

posted 12-13-04 09:08 PM CT (US)     136 / 153  
i wonder, did anyone here mention the ablility for units to walk on the damn walls? I mean in AOK you have neat little walls yet your townsmen don't know how to build a ladder for your archers? i'll REALLY like that.

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posted 12-14-04 11:05 PM CT (US)     137 / 153  
I didn't get The Titans, but I'm sure there's probably still a few good ideas in this thread that they didn't place into The Titans:,12937,0,365

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posted 12-22-04 01:01 PM CT (US)     138 / 153  
EDIT: Wrong thread

[This message has been edited by Macko (edited 12-22-2004 @ 07:38 PM).]

posted 12-26-04 07:31 PM CT (US)     139 / 153  
I'm hoping that the editor will allow us to change the requirements to get out a particular age.ei.change the needed resources and buildings to whatever we want.
posted 01-06-05 07:13 AM CT (US)     140 / 153  
This might have been mentioned already. Has anyone tried the Warcraft 3 editor? It's really really good, I say they should just include everything from that, modified for aoe3 + anything else that the new engine/gameplay has made possible.
posted 01-06-05 01:17 PM CT (US)     141 / 153  
Not sure if this had been said before but:

Import stats from a previous scenario.

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posted 01-07-05 02:10 AM CT (US)     142 / 153  
All of the triggers from AoM and AoK in an easy to use in the AoK style editor.
posted 01-08-05 02:55 PM CT (US)     143 / 153  
an empires-style trigger system would be barely less than simply ideal
add in aom's landscaping options and that's one damn powerful editor

posted 01-09-05 06:46 PM CT (US)     144 / 153  
Ah, it's going to be nice to get back in designing again.

I would be quite happy to see a editor similar in style to AoK's.

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posted 01-11-05 00:41 AM CT (US)     145 / 153  
Hey, I am definitely new to this site but I like what I have read so please excuse my comments and or ideas if they are off topic...I was just wondering if there has been any speculation as to the "nations" that will be included in the new game...I had always thought that an "Age of Revolution" time period game would follow nicely...including but not limited to the major players in the French, Russian, American/British, Spanish revolutions, even the American civil war era could be included. The possibility for new units and tactics would be near endless, as well as the major campaigns and battels that could be recreated...Hope this isn't too left field.
posted 01-11-05 05:23 AM CT (US)     146 / 153  
1) wrong thread
2) search the forums

its not too hard, y'know

posted 01-29-05 11:52 AM CT (US)     147 / 153  
It will be cool if ithe game has a 3D camera like in Warcraft III or Empire Earth (EE)
posted 01-29-05 01:07 PM CT (US)     148 / 153  
Not sure if this hasn't been said already, but I haven't seen anything on it - has the existence of an editor been confirmed?
posted 01-29-05 03:22 PM CT (US)     149 / 153  
I am a big fan of AoE and I would like to see a lot of things done that they are already talking about.
Here are a few things that would keep me playing:

-Unit Editor
-Trigger Copying/Pasting (to make maps easier)
-Small Units can go through forests
-Ability to grow trees
-Ways to make units stronger, such as training
-After so many kills a unit can become a hero
-Ways to make castles stronger, such as cannons
-Many more units
-Halo 2 references (j/j)

Definitely keep the 2-D engine, but make it more interactive, or give the users the ability to keep the 2-D engine.

posted 01-30-05 04:25 AM CT (US)     150 / 153  


has the existence of an editor been confirmed?

not including an editor would be the worst blunder ES could ever make, and probably utterly destroy their position as a maker of great games


Definitely keep the 2-D engine, but make it more interactive, or give the users the ability to keep the 2-D engine.

so your puny little 333 mhz compie can run it?

posted 01-30-05 04:48 AM CT (US)     151 / 153  
All I hope for is the same way they made the AoK trigger editor: simple, yet without limits. We don't want one as simple as the one in Stronghold, then again we don't want one as complex as the one in EE. No, just sticking to the original idea of creating triggers, then selecting conditions and effects from a list. Adding a copy/paste trigger function would go a long way, and maybe some trigger templates as well. They should be careful to ensure that the trigger system is better, with more features etc. without making it too complicated. But we know we can trust ES to make a decent editor. Also, a big blunder that games like Stronghold have made with editors is to allow more features in the actual campaign than are available with the editor. No, we want our campaigns to be made with the same editor that is shipped with the game, thank you very much! ES has never made this mistake either though, so who knows.

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posted 01-30-05 10:06 AM CT (US)     152 / 153  



WTH? I wish people would stop using my name...

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posted 02-01-05 09:41 PM CT (US)     153 / 153  
That you could use your 'homemade' AI in multiplayer games. it would be very good aswell if they could include a effect that can change units names in an area.


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