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Topic Subject: The Scenario Editor Thread
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posted 06-15-03 01:33 AM CT (US)   
What do you think should be included in a new scenario editor if ES was to make another? Give your suggestions for a new scenario editor in this thread. The suggestions can be new conditions, effects, terrain, or just your opinion on what would make a better scenario editor. Be sure to keep the discussions relating to the main topic of this thread.

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posted 01-30-05 04:48 AM CT (US)     151 / 153  
All I hope for is the same way they made the AoK trigger editor: simple, yet without limits. We don't want one as simple as the one in Stronghold, then again we don't want one as complex as the one in EE. No, just sticking to the original idea of creating triggers, then selecting conditions and effects from a list. Adding a copy/paste trigger function would go a long way, and maybe some trigger templates as well. They should be careful to ensure that the trigger system is better, with more features etc. without making it too complicated. But we know we can trust ES to make a decent editor. Also, a big blunder that games like Stronghold have made with editors is to allow more features in the actual campaign than are available with the editor. No, we want our campaigns to be made with the same editor that is shipped with the game, thank you very much! ES has never made this mistake either though, so who knows.

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posted 02-01-05 09:41 PM CT (US)     153 / 153  
That you could use your 'homemade' AI in multiplayer games. it would be very good aswell if they could include a effect that can change units names in an area.


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