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Topic Subject:New resources!
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(id: Medieval Warfare)
posted 11-10-03 06:25 PM CT (US)         
Shouldn't sliver and iron be added onto the list of wood, gold, stone, and food? Or at least replace stone with iron.

And it would be cool if you can actually see your villie going down in a iron mine and pushing the iron out in carts. Instead of building mining camps, you would build a iron mine next to the iron and the villie would slowly erode away the iron into your stockpile

Any1 else have some ideas for new resources?

Medieval Warfare

posted 12-31-04 11:06 PM CT (US)     101 / 110       
I wnated to do that...
Anyway, this is the onehundredthfirst reply.
posted 01-01-05 05:06 PM CT (US)     102 / 110       
Lol they should ave like Uhm resources as Gold Wood Stone Food And Cant think of any other !!!!

But new army like Gun powder Units... and New sieges etc..

posted 01-04-05 12:04 PM CT (US)     103 / 110       
maybe 6 resources?
1.Wood: chopping down trees
2.Food/water:killing animals ,making farms/wells.
4.Iron/steel/metal/etc. :Mining
5.Stone: Mining
6.Coal(to power trains/steam engines) :Mining

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Gamer man
posted 01-04-05 04:42 PM CT (US)     104 / 110       
ok just a couple of notes

silver being much more predominant in america than gold made up the majority of the income from the new world for spain and thus should be included in some way shape or form.

wayback someone said that the nations at this time wern't capitalist, when they accually were extreamly capitalistic (look it up, families owned the banks, families owned the businesses, capitalism really spiked under the italian revolution). Monarchy is a form of government, not economy. and the economy had been capitalism.

stone had dropped from being important by quite a bit, but was still important for those few castles, and MANY cathedrals being built.

Coal wasn't important yet, 'nuff said.

and the metal idea is a good one

Moooers are remembered, chirpers never die, splashers are invincable

Emperor Archie
posted 01-06-05 10:34 AM CT (US)     105 / 110       
I recently read a interview from ES, they tell that there will be 3 resources, wood, food and coin. Wood and food will be harvested as in the later versions, and coin can be harvested with trading and maybe taxing. They didn't tell anything about mining, but most of the people in europe went to america for gold mining. So I think that you can mine gold.

What comes using wood building stone castles, I've seen many games using that method.

I can't remeber the page where I found this interview, somewhere in aok.heavengames. But the replier was ES, so this is true.

(id: Medieval Warfare)
posted 01-19-05 03:47 PM CT (US)     106 / 110       

Now the dicussion turns to how coin will be used?

Trading or Mining?
Gambling or Compromise?
Home World Bank or Settlement Funds?

posted 01-19-05 08:04 PM CT (US)     107 / 110       
i think that they need to add silver and iron for weapons and stuff, water would increase the production of farms and increase efficincey of steam locomotives, coal would increase production speed for metal based units and the efficency of steam locomotives, gold should be the currency not produced into currency, coal and iron ore can be used to make steel which increases strength of building built with it, and the food icon when clicked on drops down a menu of the types of food you have meat makes units 25% stronger, vegtables make units 20% stronger, wheat makes units 10% stronger and has a 2% chance of making them 10% weaker (gluten allergy), and fruit makes units 5% stronger, you can make units out of one type of food but multiple types make them stronger
(id: Medieval Warfare)
posted 01-19-05 08:09 PM CT (US)     108 / 110       

Three resources. No more, no less.

posted 02-03-05 12:11 PM CT (US)     109 / 110       
minimum resources


NO less

removing stone is stupid, they need stone to make foundations, and gold should be kept for making armor, and iron should be added for armor and units, replacing gold with coin is a bad idea becuase gold is used to make units and stone is used in buildings and track ballast.

posted 02-05-05 07:37 PM CT (US)     110 / 110       
U r not thinking like them
it will be as simple as u think
water is inportant but it migth not be a resorce
we have to wait
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