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Age of Empires III Discussion

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Topic Subject: New resources!
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posted 11-10-03 06:25 PM CT (US)   
Shouldn't sliver and iron be added onto the list of wood, gold, stone, and food? Or at least replace stone with iron.

And it would be cool if you can actually see your villie going down in a iron mine and pushing the iron out in carts. Instead of building mining camps, you would build a iron mine next to the iron and the villie would slowly erode away the iron into your stockpile

Any1 else have some ideas for new resources?

Medieval Warfare

posted 09-16-04 03:37 PM CT (US)     51 / 110  
Who says there can't be more resources in the game?


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posted 09-16-04 03:54 PM CT (US)     52 / 110  
Wow, this is something you don't see every day. This thread is 10 months old and it's still going. That wouldn't be so weird, but it's also still on the first page!

I have 50/page.

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posted 09-16-04 04:20 PM CT (US)     53 / 110  
Jeez it is ten months old Did not notice that.


Owner of a post 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, and 2500
Not all are in the same thread, but 4 of them are
posted 09-18-04 10:51 PM CT (US)     54 / 110  
With resorces what about the wood weapons?????I mean where the hell do u get wood for like a 200 person spearman army?With AoEIII you should have the lumberjacks bring wood to a certain place and these old men come and get it and make it into a weapon of your choice.

This maybe a bit complicated and difficult however,it would make the game a little more real.Also when you choose a difficulty,it adjusts the amount of wood you need to get that Easy :10 Hard:30

posted 12-14-04 06:45 PM CT (US)     55 / 110  


Foolish little Medieval Warfare. You can't put more resourses on AOE III, or youwant to have problems with Sierra?

( Sierra is the company that created Empire Earth.)

1) I resent that comment.
2) Are you insane? Sierra ....Ensemble Studios
3) AoE III is coming out...soon


posted 12-14-04 09:12 PM CT (US)     56 / 110  
WOW. This thread is more than one year old now!

I like one of the first Ideas of Ancient War. Maybe we could just build a mine whereever we want, but depending on where, we could harvest gems, silver, iron, gold, cooper, -estaño- and/or aluminium (don't know the name in english), each of one will be sumed as more or less currency or raw materials in case of iron and cooper.

Also different types of trees will have different rates of wood cutting and cuantity of wood per tree.

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posted 12-14-04 11:36 PM CT (US)     57 / 110  
Yes. Different trees should take different times to cut down.
For example, a redwood and a pine should not be able to be cut down in the same time. Obviously, the redwood would take MUCH MUCH longer.


posted 12-15-04 00:20 AM CT (US)     58 / 110  


or after a fight having all your troops to go back to the blacksmith and get their weapons repaired.

Good idea...I hate deleting smiths and replacing them with other buildings so please think of new uses for the smiths in the post imperial situation

posted 12-15-04 04:20 AM CT (US)     59 / 110  
Centainly the resource system could use an overhaul.

Gold is in real life not a resource. It isn't used in buildings, armory of suits. Iron is. Therefore iron is really a must.

I think four resources are really necesary. Wood, Food, Stone and Iron. Wisdom (or Knowledge) as a fifth, something like favor in AoM, not really a resource, but necesary.

Buildings should of course be made of stone (depends a little on culture and age, may some wood too). But for example a stone house in Imperial Age build for 25 wood isn't realistic. Stone should be used more in case of building structures. Maybe a transition. In the early ages it costs wood and later on stone.

Wood, is used to a degree in buildings, for archers and cannons etc.

Food, obvious, for all living things.

Iron, for more advanced units, with armour and all that. Also tanks and planes (but they're not gonna be in AOE3 I think). Phalanx's, armoured Elephants, knights, units like that.

I think gold should be degraded to a lesser resource of even removed in favor of wisdom. Wisdom (or knowledge) would be used for going to the next age, upgrades, things like that. I would be gathered by villagers or special units at a certain building, a little like is done in RoN.

IRL, I don't think there's place for gold. Trading could just be done with real resources, so one could give trading carts/boats a setting which resource it should trade, or just automatically get a resource of which there's not much. Of course silver isn't a realictic resource either.

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posted 12-15-04 07:42 AM CT (US)     60 / 110  
posted 12-15-04 10:08 AM CT (US)     61 / 110  

BTW, AoEIII should be realistic like AoEI and AoEII if it doesn't go into future. (In the reinasancce (how is it spelled?) there weren't iron castles, were there?)

IMO there should be, apart from the resources, things that are needed to get, for example, stronger buildings, or getting into the next area, like water or

Quoted from Breepee:

Wisdom (or knowledge)

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posted 12-15-04 10:09 AM CT (US)     62 / 110  
That would be historically inaccurate (that iron castle I mean), like the heavy use of gold in AoK.

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posted 12-15-04 10:16 AM CT (US)     63 / 110  
You're right; gold was used a lot, but not so much.

What happens to war3fan1?


Foolish little Medieval Warfare. You can't put more resourses on AOE III, or youwant to have problems with Sierra?
( Sierra is the company that created Empire Earth )

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posted 12-15-04 10:41 AM CT (US)     64 / 110  
Well, in the later ages gold is very important. OK, some standard units don't need it, but Special Units, trebuchets etc. It's pretty necessary.

And in AoM, it's about the most needed resource and also absolutely nonrealistic. I mean, paying 125 gold for barracks? What's that??

Actually it was Stainless Steel Studios who created EE, Sierra only distributed it.

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posted 12-15-04 11:05 AM CT (US)     65 / 110  
Don't you think that "Mithril" eill be a new resource? J/k!

A really smart suggestion would be Coal or oil. Platina would be cool as well.

posted 12-15-04 07:32 PM CT (US)     66 / 110  
Let's see what we have till now:

Building resource (Stone, Iron, Aluminium)
Currency resource (Gold, Silver)
Additional resource (Water, Coal, Wisdom)

Any other good ideas we have?

posted 12-15-04 07:51 PM CT (US)     67 / 110  
Animated Mines/Buildings of any sort
Blacksmith Repair Station
Weaponsmith (You have to wait for weapons now, but certain units carry their own weapons, eg. archer, infantry would have to wait for his sword and shield)


posted 12-15-04 07:51 PM CT (US)     68 / 110  
i had the following in mind:
- food
- wood
- currency (gold ,silver, maybe diamants and gems)
- stone (dont like to combine them with metal, cause these are whole different things)
- metal(iron, copper, aluminium etc.)
- chemicals ( like gunpowder chemicals, maybe chemicals isnt the good name for it)

i dont know about water and knowledge , because i dont know how to make use of water in games and about knowledge i dont like to say here this is one piece of knowledge...

but thats just me

posted 12-15-04 11:39 PM CT (US)     69 / 110  
With everything some of you want to add to this game, it's beginning to sound to much like "The Settlers"

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posted 12-16-04 04:56 PM CT (US)     70 / 110  
What is "The Settlers"?

Just curious.


posted 12-16-04 05:25 PM CT (US)     71 / 110  
A Game. Use google.
posted 12-16-04 06:06 PM CT (US)     72 / 110  

Those are the resources.

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posted 12-16-04 08:01 PM CT (US)     73 / 110  
posted 12-17-04 11:22 AM CT (US)     74 / 110  
Thats version 3. Try 5.
posted 12-21-04 04:55 PM CT (US)     75 / 110  
hmm... the settlers remind me of warcraft

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