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Topic Subject:I hope ES respects that there were different processes of colonization
(id: Legendary_Jarl)
posted 01-10-05 06:16 PM CT (US)         
I hope they respect the fact that the colonizing processes and economic systems of the territories colonized by Spaniard and Anglos were far much different.
The Spanish for example, they came to America mostly with the mentality that they were on a cruzade, trying to turn the Indian infidels into Christians, so mostly who came in the boats from Europe were great soldiers of Spain, who were influenced by knight tales such as "Don Quijote de la Mancha". On the other hand, the Anglos came here with the mentality of creating a new world of their own, similar and faithful to that world of Europe, a world in which they could freely worship their religion and traditions. Hence, in the british ships came mostly average men with their families.

I heard that the Aztecs will be included in the game, and that you'll be able to form alliances with native tribes. Well, perhaps the Anglo colonies did this, but the Spanish didn't, they destroyed the Aztec civilization and absorved them into society. In the beginning they allied with the enemies of the Aztecs in order to destroy them, but later they subjugated them as well.

Since Europe was having the problem of the protestant reforms, more catholic subjects were needed. The lower church was in contant with the indians, and they realized that they were not animals as most Spaniard conquistadors thought, that they had a language of their own, traditions, etc etc, that they could think. So the church convinced the Spanish king to convert this indians into catolisism, that way he would have more royal vassals(subjects?) and the church would have more believers.

The king then ordered the Indians to be treated as subjects, and since the spanish conquistadors had them as personal slaves, they disagreed. The power in the New Spain layed in different groups, with interests very much their own, ans so the king then send a Viceroy(sp?) to take control of the entire colony, a kind of institution was created to see to the right of the indians, 'El concejo de Indias', 'The council of indias'. This of course, was all fake because the indians were still being treated like crap, they had a rank a little above that of slaves.

In time the Spanish men started mixing with the Indian women, and some Indian men with Spanish woman, and they created a new race, the Mestizo, and then the New Spain proceeded to classify society into "castas". The lower castas were the Slaves and the Indians, the higher were the Spaniards and in the middle were the Criollos(Spanish born in the New Spain) and the Mestizos, the middle class who started the Mexican war for independence...awww.... so complicated...

Anyway, the point is that the Spanish didn't form alliances with the indians such as the ones formed with the Anglos, the Anglos started destroying the indian society and rarely, vert rarely mixed with them as the Spanish did. So the gameplay for these two at least should be different. Eventually in the game, when playing the Spanish, the new race of mestizo should appear.

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posted 01-10-05 09:04 PM CT (US)     1 / 3       
Remember, it's a game based on history, not history being made into a game.
Gamer man
posted 01-15-05 02:22 PM CT (US)     2 / 3       
the entire idea is that you get to lead history, not history leads you, if you had to follow history, then it would be borring as you owuld know who would win from teh start.

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(id: Lord_Fadawah)
posted 01-15-05 09:19 PM CT (US)     3 / 3       
Might I ask what the point of this thread is? ES will follow history, but only to the point that it enhances gameplay. Like Greg Street once said, ES is in the entertainment business, not the simulation or education business. If gameplay and history are in conflict, and no compromise can be reached, it is the historical aspect that must go.
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