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Age of Empires III Discussion

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Topic Subject:AOE III Expansion: Age of Revolution?
posted 01-30-05 03:09 PM CT (US)         
Has it occurred to anyone else that if ES follows American history the home city should eventually become your enemy. So far we know that the home city is persistent and you nurture it and help it grow stronger through the produce of your colony. What if ES is planning to turn the tables on us in the expansion? Everything you've poured into your home city comes back to haunt you when you have to fight against your own creation in the Age of Revolution. In other words, the better player you are, the harder it will be to break free.

For people who didn't play the original ES could just have several predefined levels of home city based on the skill level you select.

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posted 01-30-05 11:43 PM CT (US)     1 / 13       
That would be really interesting, but I don't think ES would do it. It is funny to think about though.

You can't have it so the expansion is fighting your home base from the older version, because what would people who installed both at the same time do? Maybe they can make it so there is some setting you can change to turn against your home city though.

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posted 01-30-05 11:59 PM CT (US)     2 / 13       
Considering that the campaign in AoEIII includes a "western expansion" (you know, covered wagons, etc.) part, it's likely that it will already go past the time that the US, at least, rebelled.

I still think the expansion may likely be other colonized nations, like India, Africa, Australia, East Asia, etc. Either that or WWI.

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posted 01-31-05 00:21 AM CT (US)     3 / 13       
WWI would be a total change in gameplay though.

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posted 01-31-05 00:31 AM CT (US)     4 / 13       
I'm with Gordon. I really doubt the x-pack will deal with the United States or ANY independence revolution for that matter.

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posted 01-31-05 06:01 AM CT (US)     5 / 13       
My bet is an Expansion pack would still be about Colonization...but in Africa and Asia.

Here is where the other Powers enter the conflict.

An European Game centering on 1648-1848 will be AOE 4...but only a guess....

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posted 01-31-05 09:47 AM CT (US)     6 / 13       


An European Game centering on 1648-1848 will be AOE 4...but only a guess....

I highly doubt that.... PC Gamer states that AOE III will be from 1500 to 1850. and ES most likely wont make a game in the time period that they have already covered.

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posted 01-31-05 12:56 PM CT (US)     7 / 13       
Well I read somewhere that they were thinking of remaking AoE after they finished with this one. That'd certainly be interesting to see.

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posted 01-31-05 02:52 PM CT (US)     8 / 13       
I see no problems with creating a game interface that allows for Revolution. I think it would be equally challenging for the revolutionaries as it is for the Tyrants. They would have to set up some printing press, training camps without being discovered, send out spies, but the most important element is the terrain. My experience with Praetorian game play has really been awesome because it takes into account mountains, forest, trees, all to allow for a sneak attacks. This is essential for guerilla warfare, especially considering the revolutions in South America and how they used it in their victories.

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posted 02-01-05 09:50 PM CT (US)     9 / 13       
The expansion will probably be about the age of Imperialism, the carving up of Africa, Boer Wars, Boxer Rebellions, and all the over stuff they can fit in before World War I starts. OR they could make it about Europe, Napoleon, etc. and save the 1850's-1914 for the first age in AoE4.

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posted 02-02-05 12:02 PM CT (US)     10 / 13       
So maybe the AOE 4 will cover from 1850 to, ... maybe 1945 near the end of the second WW.
posted 02-02-05 04:05 PM CT (US)     11 / 13       
Bad, bad idea. IF ES is going to create a game about the two WW's , then these wars must be the only ones included in a game daeling with these events.
So, at least from 1918-1945.

btw, even between the First en Second World War there is such a great difference that even that would nearly be impossible...
(examples )
WWI = trenches, musterdgas, machineguns, cannons
WWII = tanks, aircraft... it's such a different type of 'gameplay', I can't imagine that ES would mix these totally different ways o fighting.

Heck, ES should NEVER make an AOE game later than 1850, because later on, war isn't seen anymore as a final solution to solve a discussion between a couple of countries, but it's really meant for genocide (WWII, anyone?)

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posted 02-09-05 08:48 AM CT (US)     12 / 13       
Sorry if this sounds stupid but would it be possible for ES to make two expansions if the game sells well enough?
posted 02-09-05 01:59 PM CT (US)     13 / 13       
I think that the xpansion pak will be the civil war. think about it, all of the other xpansions for age of epires and age 2 go to the next big thing to happen, and it says in the description that it goes up to the american civil war. it seem pretty clear to me.

Also in responce to esau, terrorists wars DUH!!!
Al Qaeda and Iraq could be civs, suicide bombers could be a special unit.

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