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Topic Subject:Spring Break 2003
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posted 03-28-03 10:54 AM CT (US)         
With the majority of my week done, I sit and reflect on what I did on my Spring Break 2003. Hard to belive it is my second to last in my high school career.
Heres a rough idea of what I did. When is your spring break and what do you plan on doing?

Monday, I had to work from 1-6 so I really didn't do that much other then that.
Tuesday: I worked from 8-11 but my brother and I went golfing and he won, so today I have to take him out to lunch. (we have a bet that the winner gets treated to lunch/dinner by the loser. He's chosen Longhorn Steakhouse) Wednesday: A short day of work for me I only worked 1-3, then I had a my usual Wednesday Night Civil Air Patrol meeting. I had a review board and it went pretty well. I should get promoted.. *crosses fingers*
Thursday: Worked from 1-6 then went to Grove City to see my sister with my brother. Came back home around 12:50am
Friday: Lunch with my brother and working from 7-11pm.
Saturday: Working my usual shift, 9:30am-7:00pm.
Sunday: SLEEPING!!
Monday:school starts again. (phooey)

S if nothing else it was a profitable break Hope you guys enjoy yours when it comes!

This is all, that is it.

(id: Darkmaster)
posted 03-31-03 00:59 AM CT (US)     26 / 30       

It's more of a "sales clerk" sort of job.

(id: Ghost of Caesar)
posted 03-31-03 01:01 AM CT (US)     27 / 30       
A sales clerk in a box factory?
posted 03-31-03 06:33 AM CT (US)     28 / 30       
I'm a lifeguard.. Course, I do that now at the Indoor Pool..

This is all, that is it.

posted 03-31-03 09:14 AM CT (US)     29 / 30       
He works as a sales clerk at a hamburger boxing plant.

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posted 03-31-03 02:05 PM CT (US)     30 / 30       
I think it's a good thing that I don't get as much time off, because I don't forget the stuff I just learned. I can go twice as fast because I work forward over the summer and over the period of review that most public schools have.

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