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Topic Subject: Welcome to Luke and Matty!
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posted 08-31-08 05:25 AM CT (US)   
Welcome two familar Scenario Design faces, Luke Gevaerts and matty12345, to the Age of Kings Heaven team! Luke, former staff, will take over our University and help us with future content, while Matty will be your new Scenario Design moderator, making sure our local design community stays clean.

Welcome again guys, looking forward to working with you.

Your attractive master.
"Because I before E is a LIE!!!"
posted 09-06-08 01:38 PM CT (US)     51 / 56  
Now all we need to fix are those numbers after your name.
Indeed, I was planning to get a name change with Zen at some point. I will change to matty123456789.

"And Matt is a prolific lurker, watching over the forum from afar in silence, like Batman. He's the president TC needs, and possibly also the one it deserves." - trebuchet king
posted 09-07-08 03:20 AM CT (US)     52 / 56  
Here's to colored people !

M U S I C !
posted 09-08-08 11:54 AM CT (US)     53 / 56  
I will change to matty123456789.
n00b! It's matty1234567890!
posted 09-09-08 04:50 PM CT (US)     54 / 56  
n00b! It's matty1234567890!
Loooll u n00b 0 dsn't come after 9, 10 does!!!!!!111


Congrats everybody!

The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth. ~Niels Bohr
No matter how hard you try, you cannot outwit stupid people. ~Anonymous
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posted 09-19-08 06:31 PM CT (US)     55 / 56  
Congrats Luke and matty12345!

This doesn't mean you'll hold back now does it?
posted 09-23-08 05:15 PM CT (US)     56 / 56  
congrats guys! Have fun

--->n i

/*~-._.-~*~-._.-~*N e v e r F i ____ s h e d*~-._.-~*~-._.-~*\

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