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Age of Kings Heaven » Forums » Town's Crier » The AoKH Picture Thread: Mk III
Topic Subject:The AoKH Picture Thread: Mk III
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"Cool" Huskarl
posted 08-04-12 06:42 PM CT (US)         

Picture of the moment: Such Doge Many Scout

First hosted by Surge from 2008 to the end of 2011, then NowhereT from 2011 to 2012, this is the thread where we gain those mental caricatures we put beside the Gravatars of AoKH.

Should you wish to display an image of your face (or any other PG-13 region of your body), post it here using [img] or [url] tags. If you want a hosted picture taken down, just say so and it shall be removed.

Pictures of forummers no longer frequenting this Heaven may be found at the above links.

All pictures will be displayed as a link. Tineye will be used to test the legitimacy of photos posted by users with less than 500 posts, since trying to fabricate an online persona takes the fun out of things and is really just a little silly.

Please use an image host, rather than facebook, to submit your pictures. Facebook links seem to decay after a few months.

Turtov's HG Survivor photo

Sittin' in a hummer
With some brothers and cousins...
Me sittin on Pyramid Hill

Major Helper
Angel Major
Fancy Cake
German Soldier on holiday

My beautiful jazz bass Kylie
My Sis and I

Pug Life



Jetkill Fastmurder/Mayank Sharma/stroke

Felix36 is literally Mussolini

Draconian Devil
Taking my pic
Teh Sleeping Beauty!
Looking into the Light

Knight Jecon

Me in Greenland
Such Doge Many Scout
Scout hiding underneath a chair


Me and my band wearing Batik to an audition.
Picture of my girlfriend, for boasting purpose
Lunch with my GF
Pre-wedding photo?!?!

September Cooking
Trio of tartlets (caramelised red onion and goat's cheese, sun dried tomato and mozzarella, red and yellow pepper with roquefort)
Lamb shanks braised in red wine (was served with root vegetable mash and garlic broccoli)
Selection of petits fours (apple and cinnamon tart, cointreau truffle, flan boulanger, rum banana parcel)

Lord Basse
Quite exquisite!
Party hard!
Behind the camera
Drinking coffee, writing stories
Lord Basse really cuts the mustard

Me and my snowman

Gunboat Diplomacy

Lord Sipia
Enter the Gungeon birthday cake 1
Enter the Gungeon birthday cake 2
Can't shave, can't smile
Christmas cake 1
Christmas cake 2
Christmas cake 3
Christmas cake 4
Sad doggo
Happy doggo

Al_Kharn the Great
Meeting the brass
With the Romanian armed forces

A Hat.
My dog.

At Palamidi Fortress, Nafplio, Greece

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Major Helper
AoKH Survivor, Mr. White Teeth
posted 05-28-20 11:59 AM CT (US)     351 / 351       
Ah, the tackledogs. Always so... energetic

Nice photo!

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