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Age of Kings Heaven » Forums » Town's Crier » Splash Splash Nought: The Archives (Please Read Before Posting for the First Time)
Topic Subject:Splash Splash Nought: The Archives (Please Read Before Posting for the First Time)
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posted 10-04-15 04:25 PM CT (US)         

Welcome to the Town's Crier, AoKH's "Off-Topic" forum! Conversation on this board is not required to be related to Age of Empires II, although it sometimes is connected. This is the place for community interaction, chit-chat, witty banter and forum games.

A big part of the community is the "Splash Splash" series. These are the threads for general discussion on any subject, which is not notable enough to warrant its own thread. There will only be one "Splash Splash" thread open at any one time, and there is an established process for choosing the next thread after one reaches 2500 posts. While this was once a limitation of the forum software, it has now become a cherished tradition.

If you are new to the community, and want to begin a discussion, please consider using the search function to see if there are any existing threads that you could post in. If you are bringing up a topic that has not been discussed before, do post a new thread. If there was a previous topic thread that has since been closed, consider asking the moderators about whether it would be appropriate to restart discussion.

The AoKH community has a long-running tradition of playing the "Mafia" forum game. In order to regulate the supply of games, there is a calendar dedicated to organisation and discussion. If this interests you, please join in the discussion there.


THIS is the splash splash archives. Here you may find links to all prior splash splashes, trivia about past splash splashes, links to important events in AoKH's history, and the current (and past) rules of succession. In addition you'll find more generic Town's Crier information - such as a list of current moderators and their responsibilities, Skype Splash logistics discussion, and a list of all past splashers and trivia at the bottom.


The History of Splash Splash as a Thread:

Mooooooooo, generally considered the predecessor for splash splash as a tradition, was different from the other threads at the time (each with a specific topic, or none whatsoever) in that it was the first (long-lasting) thread which was solely for the purpose of random discussion - a middle ground between spam threads and topic threads. It was followed by chirp chirp, and finally by splash splash(continuation of moooooooooo), the first of it's name. Up to this point (and even some token splash splash threads later) the name of the thread is directly related to the host's name - cow_gone_mad posted Mooooooooo, dedkrikit posted chirp chirp, and Simfish posted splash splash(continuation of moooooooooo). One could say that all splash splashes since have been named for Simfish, but it has come to represent something more.

After Simfish's "splash splash(continuation of moooooooooo)" thread became corrupted and a large number of posts disappeared, He posted The New splash splash - The longest running splash splash of all time, for reasons we'll get to later. It was closed, originally, after 12289 posts. After this, Splash Splash: Part III is posted by Zyxomma100 (This is the first splash splash to feature roman numerals, but is not the first splash splash to start the standard format of naming.) It is also the first splash splash to follow the 2500 posts rule.

Splash Splash IV: The Legacy Continues (By Simfish) is the first modern splash splash, containing all the naming and numbering of a modern splash splash. However, this flash of modernity is not the norm for another 8 Splashes, Until Splash Splash XI: There is No Ban Button (By ax_man1) starts the traditional naming scheme.

Things continue on from here much as they do now, save for the rotation of forummers and moderators. It is not until 2008, in Splash Splash XXXVI, do we see real change - The thread is closed early by Aro, the Seraph at the time, and The New splash splash is readopted for two full years, pushing it's total post count to 23613 posts.


Splash Splash Succession Guidlines:

A 24 hour period after post 2500 is given to post and endorse threads. The previous two hosts may not host. In the event of a tie, all but the leading threads are closed. 2 hours for more endorsements of only the tied threads. After 2 hours the total endorsements for each are tallied. Continue tallying each 2 hours until one of the threads has more.


Current Moderators:
Leif Ericson - Forum Administrator, General Purpose and Elevated Moderation
Dead_End - Blacksmith Administrator
Tatsuo - He has a color but I don't think he's done anything in over two years.
Barbarossa89 - GS&D Moderaton
HockeySam18 - SD Moderation
John the Late - SD, MD, GS&D Moderation
Major Helper - TC Moderation
Mr Wednesday - MD Moderation
Popeychops - TC, University Moderation
Possidon - Blacksmith Administrator, Official Reviewer

Other Colored People (and the hells from which they came)
Moff - Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Heaven
Blatant - Dawn of Fantasy Heaven


Links To Helpful Things
AoKH signature (and BBcode) guide


Current Splash Splash: Splash Splash LIX: Polandball Invasion! by Mithril Knight

Past Splash Splashes
Splash Splash LVIII - Making the Town's Crier great...again by ColdCanuck (04.22.16, 2504)
Splash Splash LVII - The AoKH Splash Agency by Popeychops (01.29.16, 2546)
Splash Splash LVI - All aboard the SS ESS ESS! by John the Late (12.11.15, 2520)
Splash Splash LV - Panzer Vorwärts! by Chud (03.10.15, 2502)
Splash Splash LIV - The Christmas Truce by Popeychops (10-03-15, 2501)
Splash Splash LIII - Splashes, Please by Moff (07-08-15, 2501)
Splash Splash LII - The Revolutionary Republic by Popeychops (04-24-15, 2501)
Splash Splash LI: Anarchy! by ax_man1 (01-18-15, 2500)
Splash Splash L: The United Splashes General Assembly by Popeychops (09-28-14, 2512)
Splash Splash XLVIX: Fantastic Fantasy And All The Other Stuff That Accompanies It by Major Helper (07-09-14, 2500)
Splash Splash XLVIII: Speakeasy by trebuchet king (10-27-13, 2501)
Splash Splash XLVII - The First Splashtastic Empire by Moff (06-06-13, 2500)
Splash Splash XLVI - Dead Cthulhu Awakens by ax_man1 (03-16-13, 2500)
Splash Splash XLV - The Vatican of Pope Popeychops I by Popeychops (01-01-13, 2502)
Splash Splash XLIV: The Year That Never Should Have Been by CarolKarine (12-31-12, 2502)
Splash Splash XLIII - The Dark Side Of The Splash by Felix36 (07-31-12, 2502)
Splash Splash XLII: Aperture Science by TitanKing (05-10-12, 2529)
Splash Splash XLI: The Splashclear Wasteland by Other White Meat (2-24-12, 2573)
Splash Splash XL: Splashplotation! by Lord Basse (11-28-11, 2541)
Splash Splash XXXIX - The Gentlemen's Banquet by Turty (07-22-11, 2514)
Splash Splash XXXVIII - The Spamish Inquisition by Lord Basse (02-17-11, 2513)
Splash Splash XXXVII - AoKH Gazette Times Weekly by morgoth bauglir (07-26-10, 2513)
Splash Splash XXXVI -- Ultra Hip Old School Edition by Aro (07-20-08, 1900)
Splash Splash XXXV: The Neo-Socialist-Sovereign-Arocratic Republic by Scud (02-22-08, 2501)
Splash Splash XXXIV: Rebuilding the Ark by Ornlu (10-25-07, 2542)
Splash Splash XXXIII: Order restored by Monk (08-30-07, 2514)
Splash Splash XXXII: Get Medieval! by Lord Basse (08-02-07, 2511)
Splash Splash XXXI: Open your window(s) by Snaily (5-20-07, 2557)
Splash Splash XXX: Pics inside by newIdea (03-03-07, 2523)
Splash Splash XXIX: Not the usual by Scud (01-01-07, 2500)
Splash Splash XXVIII: Brave New Thread by Cobra the Mediocre (11-20-06, 2500)
Splash Splash XXVII: Game Over byThunder77 (09-20-06, 2500)
Splash Splash (continuation of mooooooooooooo) -- Pirate Invasion by nav (07-31-06, 2500)
Splash Splash XXV: The Good Ol' Days by oliver (06-06-06, 2500)
Splash Splash XXIV: The Takeover by TheTrebuchet (05-02-06, 2500)
Splash Splash Part XXIII: Paint Wars by newIdea (04-12-06, 2500)
Splash Splash Part XXII: Return to Former Glory by Crimson Knight (03-24-06, 2500)
Splash Splash Part XXI: Return of El Presidante by WatchWood (03-06-06, 2500)
Splash Splash Part XX (Continuation of moooooo): Old School by Tonto_DaVe (01-02-06, 2501)
Splash Splash XIX: Three Years of Madness by kevo (10-12-05, 2500)
Splash Splash XVIII: Sanity is Overrated by FD2 (08-07-05, 2500)
Splash Splash XVII: The Enlightenment by MW (06-28-05, 2500)
Splash Splash XVI: The Spampire Strikes Back by trebuchet king (04-22-05, 2500)
Splash Splash XV: Spam Reduction by WatchWood (01-27-05, 2500)
Splash Splash XIV: Get Hyphy by Daddy (12-14-04, 2502)
Splash Splash XIII: kevo's revenge by kevo (11-14-04, 2500)
Splash Splash XII: Insanity is Bliss by Simfish II (09-27-04, 2501)
Splash Splash XI: There is No Ban Button by ax_man1 (08-28-04, 2500)
Splash Splash Part X: A New Age by Crimson Knight (08-17-04, 2500)
Splash Splash Part IX (Continuation of moooooo): Game 1 by Tonto DaVe (07-08-04, 2502)
Splash Splash Part VIII: Regurgitated by Raptor the Good (05-19-04, 2500)
Splash Splash VII - The Coma Continues by Darkmaster (03-29-04, 2500)
Splash Splash: Part VI- Continuation of mooooooooooo by zyxomma100 (02-08-04, 2500)
Splash Splash V: Resuscitated by nav (01-05-04, 2500)
Rattle, Rattle by Adder (11-19-03, 2500)
Splash, Splash IV: The Legacy Continues by Tonto Simfish (09-03-03, 2500)
Splash Splash: Part III- A New Beginning by zyxomma100 (06-23-03, 2500)
The New splash splash(continuation of moooooooooo) by Tonto Simfish (10-17-2002 / 10-17-2008, 23613)
splash splash(continuation of moooooooooo) by Tonto Simfish (?-?-01, 4823)
chirp chirp by dedkrikit (05-08-01, 2533)
Mooooooooo by cow_gone_mad (03-20-01, 7683)


Current Splashers!

CarolKarine19MaleGeorgia, USEnvironmental Geology, Glaciology Hopeful
Dead_End23MaleSouth Holland, NetherlandsHistory
Popeychops22MaleEngland, UKPhysics, Materials Science
Devastator18Male-----, NetherlandsApplication Development
ax_man130MaleMinnesota, USHistory, Web and Database Development
Gunkanchud17MaleEngland, UKHistory Hopeful
Leif Ericson23MaleMontana, USMath Ed, Music
Moff27MandingoNassau, NY, USInorganic Chem
Lurker23MaleQuilpue, Chile-----
Dexter Fei17MaleEngland, UK....Things
Mithril Knight19MaleMexicoEngineering, Computer Science
HockeySam19MalePenn, USHistory
Lord Sipia18MaleNorth Brabant, NetherlandsComputer Science
Blatant20MaleVirginia, USHuman Resources
Mayank17MaleUttar Pradesh, Indiaquad posting
Possidon19MaleEnglandYouth Worker
ReganKnight17MaleNew Hampshire, USHigh School
CroatianBoss16MaleS. AustraliaHigh School
ColdViper18MaleOntario, CanadaFilm, New Media
RedHandedJill21FemaleEnglandBiomedical Science
Lildbehr26MaleStockholm, SwedenPlumbing, HVAC Engineering
Major Helper23MaleNorthern Savonia, FinlandHealth Biosciences
Jan_DC25MaleFlemish Brabant, BelgiumApplied Computer Sciences
Al_Kharn31MaleN. Carolina, USMilitary Logistics, Accounting
Lord Basse22MaleSwedenVarious (known filmmaker)
Matty29MaleOntario, CanadaGeotechnical Engineering
Chocolate Jesus25California, USComputational Fluid Dynamics
Elder Terrier25MaleS. Dakota, USAutomotive Technology
TheLaughingMule57FemaleIdaho, USwriter (retired)

Proud owner of Splash Splash XLIV: Leave it there for someone to find, Which is on record for being the fastest thread to reach 2500 posts - which was completed in 28 hours and 17 minutes, from start to finish!
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Kongou Dess
(id: Moff Yittreas)
posted 12-07-17 09:44 AM CT (US)     201 / 201       
I would like to propose a rule. "If, within an hour of the previous SS ending, there are no candidates for a follow-on SS, the forum will be punished for their laxity with a Terrible Moff Pun® Party-themed SS. This also means that Moff can also not put up a serious contender, since he was also lax in his duties. It must be of the Terrible Moff Pun Party variety so people know not to let this happen again."

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Hi, I'm Kongou! Are you my admiral?

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