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Age of Kings Heaven » Forums » Town's Crier » Looking back at your old AoKH days from years ago, what would you do differently?
Topic Subject:Looking back at your old AoKH days from years ago, what would you do differently?
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posted 04-11-17 10:43 PM CT (US)         
OMG.. I would have done SO much differently. Like, I would have tried to anticipate the rise of YouTube and social media.. and and then tried to popularize shimo/diplomacy style across all games. I'd also serve as THE superconnector between AOK and other communities (and even try to hook up w/ppl in the RoN/AoM/AoE3/other RTS communities) and then try to invite them to play AoK (or AoKers to play with them). And then set up a long-lasting community of people who kept on revisiting these communities over decades. I'd also stop trying so hard to appear smart when I didn't need to do so!

Oh, and I would TOTALLY be less neurotic. Like, AoKH formed *so* many of the happiest memories of my life. Though I'd also be careful not to be overspecialized within AoK - I think people who have more varied interests are generally more robustly interesting over time.

I think that consistently being a "big fish" was a comparatively easy problem for me (even trying to become the "big fish" on the ENTIRE Internet - I think that was a solveable problem TOO) It was actually remarkably easy to get people here to like me (I mean, I managed to be pretty well-liked despite doing stupid things). I'd just be the enabler for everyone. I could have used this as a preliminary platform for what some could call as "paradise engineering".

Also I'd have copied some of the old chatlogs from Agincourt - some of those were so EPIC and I still daydream about these. Especially some of those automated quizzes.. haha..

I'd also have tried harder to improve over time.. and not asymptote.. E.g. actually USE the hotkeys, and be more aggressive about hotkey labeling, and even get others to comment on how I could improve on my recorded games (while not playing TOO frequently in intense spurts of time - research now shows that people improve the most when they DON'T train too hard in intense periods of time).

OH - and there are old recorded games where I still intensely regret my actions. Like this one where I could have teamed up with Tonto_TechDude to attack Adder, rather than attack the only remaining enemy across the map (Alyantis, who WAS a friend of mine!) Adder had no enemies at the time and I *had* the highest score - wasn't it logical for me to expect Adder to attack me??? I still have that embarrassingly stupid recorded game years later. Sometimes I think my dumb actions in old AoK recorded games are also reflected in dumb actions I make in real life.. Like this one other recorded game where I could have EASILY owned Tonto_Stendecca when he was chasing down Toastabal... Rather than wait for Stendecca to pwn Toastabal and then only to unally him later..

I think managing my time would be a TRICK challenge though.. Like, I would TOTALLY do early entrance to college again (GOD, K-12 education was child abuse on me), but then use THAT as a period to basically unschool myself and become huge on the Internet (and then later Quora when **that** became huge). I would just be the ULTRA-CURIOUS curator of the entire Internet - and thank AOKH as the starting ground of it all, enshrining AoKH permanently in eternal fame as strong AGI permanently changes the world (and then we have millions of conscious agents permanently playing AoK in paradise).

I'd also have talked to many AoKHers/AoMHers/EEHers more. Especially people like Matei (don't you know Matei is CHANGING THE WORLD RIGHT NOW? He even has a WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE for himself!! ). And Soccy. I've always been of the belief that AoKHers were of much-higher-than-normal-intelligence, and are capable of having vast Internet footprints, and I'd have done more to help more of them have sustained Internet footprints that last over decades.

(though drama, of course, is difficult to deal with).

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posted 05-01-17 11:23 AM CT (US)     51 / 65       
Cant wait for teens to have access to VR cybering. Truly the only thing worse than an uncreative's cruddy porn writing may be his physical attempts at seduction. I wonder if girls would even have an interest in such a platform.
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posted 05-01-17 12:17 PM CT (US)     52 / 65       
Edit: the above is all self referential. Not a weird jab at earlier posters in case that was not clear
It does apply to 16-year old me though which is no surprise, really

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posted 05-01-17 11:38 PM CT (US)     53 / 65       
-- Take genuine interest in others, rather than faking my own charisma.
-- Talk less about my wife as if she is "my wife", rather than a individual person.
-- Stop posing as intellectually or morally superior.

In essence, be honest that I'm simply trying to make up for past rejections and failures by pretending to look strong, wise, and successful, when what I ought to do is to stretch out a hand and admit that I'm lonely.
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posted 05-02-17 10:22 PM CT (US)     54 / 65       
Oliver, we all know your real AokH regrets are that you never finished Lightning and Thunder or Legends of Chila. >

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posted 05-03-17 04:51 AM CT (US)     55 / 65       
olly, I feel you man. In many ways I think of you as a kindred spirit

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posted 05-03-17 06:33 AM CT (US)     56 / 65       
Well, as for Lightning & Thunder, I played through the 3 scenarios + intro & outro last year, so I can give you a report of the state I left it in.

Pt. I (B&D) was finished, but in retrospect wouldn't have held up. The AI was flawed but interesting. Rather than amassing sufficient troops, the enemies would harass the player with mini-armies from two-three directions. Those mini-armies pushed as deep into the player's base as possible (essentially, a suicide mission), creating a nuisance by forcing the player to constantly keep track of the TC. All difficulty levels were customised (but not very balanced), and it held up for some 4 hours of varied gameplay. Wasn't always fun, but ... it was decent for the time.

Some features include RPG "hero forces", triggered map obstacles, and a final cave run similar to that of the "Cave of Doom" in the Blacksmith. Main problem was to nerf the many tactics the player could employ. One tester got through most of the game simply by immediately killing the chieftains of the enemy camps rather than building up a settlement. Setting up "invisible walls" through trigger cheating wasn't so appealing. My aspiration was to merge Dave Earl's MacBeth with Ingo's When the Wheel Breaks, both of which I playtested at the time, but honestly, I fell short of both.

Pt. II kept crashing at weird times. At the time (2008), it was so hard to manage long trigger sequences with AoK's editor, much time wasted just scrolling and finding the triggers. I think a lot of the material would've still been considered innovative today, though. I triggered an advanced banking system, with interest rates, loans, and property investments, an armoury, steal-able siege rams, hundreds of individual conversations, land cultivation, an import/export system, horse racing, mercenary markets, a jousting ground to train units in, a thief/cop system, and in the midst of this an armed conflict between the two main factions of the game.

I enjoyed designing the environment the most. Sound effects fading in and out depending on the area occupied by the player ... villagers, soldiers, horses, animals, and carts moving everywhere, some working in gardens, others in blacksmiths ... it felt quite alive to me. The "open game" was my dream at the time, so the issue wasn't so much balance, as the player could essentially set his own difficulty level by choosing which features to use and not use, but with deep data editing included it was hard to get a crash-free .dat file, and an unpredictable, constantly changing environment was not so great to trigger a linear storyline into.

Pt. III was a fixed force game. Only the introductory cutscene had been finished, and it's not much to write about. Think of it as an alpha version of what later became Legends of Chila.

The thing of that time was hubris. Knowing that I'd have to put in three-four times the time to complete the campaign, after hundreds of hours of work, I chose to call it off. If the choice was between releasing a decent but incomplete product vs. keeping the promise of a perfect, complete one, I chose the latter, unfortunately. L&T lay around on the HDs until April last year, when I swiped some of them due to a IT security compromise, and later all of them due to personal reasons.

Put succinctly, L&T doesn't exist anymore. What exists is the memories, and possibly some playtested stuff I sent out. I don't regret deleting it personally, but I regret it from the point of view of the community. I think you would've enjoyed playing it.

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posted 05-03-17 09:59 PM CT (US)     57 / 65       
Would've trolled Aro harder.

Otherwise, learned how to write so I could've made worthwhile contributions to the screenplay threads.


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John the Late
posted 05-04-17 03:16 PM CT (US)     58 / 65       
Fascinating thread.

For the most part, I agree to Luke, in that it's best to learn from the past but also to realise that you can't change what happened.

I don't think I would have done anything differently in my "old" days (except for some rather debatably worded posts), since those are still semi-recent - this account isn't even 5 years old. I'd have liked to have more time and interest in the last year.
posted 10-12-17 06:43 PM CT (US)     59 / 65       
I would have posted more
"Cool" Huskarl
posted 10-13-17 05:23 AM CT (US)     60 / 65       
We all would have.

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and The Seas of Egressa (4.8) Voted Best Multiplayer Scenario of 2010
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posted 10-13-17 05:26 AM CT (US)     61 / 65       
I should post more.

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posted 10-13-17 07:05 AM CT (US)     62 / 65       
Where the hell do I even start?

I'd have stopped trying to make myself "AOKH famous" and get my name over the entire site" Trying to post everywhere and big thread just got annoying. It's only after looking back when you realised just how immature and annoying you've been. When I first joined at age 13 all I wanted was for people to know who I was and I went about it in the wrong way.
posted 10-21-17 09:14 AM CT (US)     63 / 65       
Take genuine interest in others, rather than faking my own charisma.
That sums it up incredibly well...even after I made a second account.

EDIT: I just looked back at my posts and goddamn its cringey. So weird to have parts of my teenage life/brain documented like that.

--->n i

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Kongou Dess
(id: Moff Yittreas)
posted 10-21-17 09:36 AM CT (US)     64 / 65       
We all would have.
Not me.

I'm not sure it would be physically possible. <_<

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posted 10-21-17 11:53 AM CT (US)     65 / 65       
Necro thread! Some of my mistakes I would not do again, like the 12 posts in a row thing, and creating a smurf account to rate my own shitty mod 5/5. [I just checked the mod out of curiosity and it currently has 4267 downloads and is the 54th most downloaded mod on the Blacksmith] Some mistakes helped me immensely. I No Longer Post Like This For Example. Like I said in another thread, I lost touch with this place really fast after being introduced to Reddit. I should've stuck here and spent more time here.

One thing I would keep the same is using this site as a smurf when I was 11, even if it was against the rules. People here helped me immensely in my growth as a person, since I was at a very impressionable age then. I have personally thanked those I could get in touch with. Also made some good friends. My English improved, which has helped me greatly in my life and won me a handsome reward once. And I know I may be getting into r/iamverysmart territory, but I believe the conversations we had over here were vastly superior over whatever the rest of the kids of my class did on Facebook.

The thing I would change the most is I would have a kept a diary, online or otherwise, of all the good (and bad) times I had. I realized upon entering college that I have a really shitty memory (or an undiagnosed condition) and I can't remember anything I did throughout 12 years of schooling. A few incidents stand out, but most of it is a balck hole. Same with my time spent at AoKH. So I wish I could reminisce about that, but can't.

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