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Topic Subject:Please Read Before Posting
Lord Sipia
posted 09-03-17 08:36 AM CT (US)         
Regarding political discussions on this forum:

From now on until further notice, discussions about politics should remain confined to this designated politics thread. Please do not make any other threads for the discussion of the politics of any country or countries. Please do not discuss politics in any other existing thread.

The Code of Conduct applies to all threads on this forum. Please remember the other people behind the screen and respect differences of opinion.

This quarantine covers anything directly related to politics, but it especially applies to touchy subjects like the 2016 United States presidential elections and the current US presidency, immigration, terrorism, current tensions between countries and their governments, the European Union & Brexit and current, politically charged events (riots, protests, violent assaults, etc.).

The main reason we are instating this quarantine is that we have realized that some people do not enjoy seeing political debates all over a forum that originally centered around a computer game. We would like to give these people the opportunity to choose whether they want to participate in such debates or not.

Posts or threads breaking this rule will be removed. If you disagree with a decision we have made or have any questions, please email a member of our team:

  • Popeychops
  • Major Helper
  • Lord Sipia


    So you're censoring/banning everything about politics?

    No, we are not censoring anything. You are still allowed to say everything you were allowed to say before this quarantine was instated. We merely request that you keep it within a single thread.

    If I break this rule without meaning to, am I in trouble?

    Do not worry. We intend to be lenient and will give ample warning before we even consider punishment. You're only "in trouble" if you ignore us when we tell you to stop or if you replace any deleted posts or threads.

    What about similar controversial topics, such as religion?

    The best policy is to use your own judgment, because that's what the mods will do too. Unless such a thread already exists, you are free to create one yourself, provided it's appropriate and abides by the Code of Conduct. However, should a mod step in, please do as they say.

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