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Topic Subject:Ask Sandy 6
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(id: ES_Sandyman)
posted 05-16-01 11:46 AM CT (US)         
Howdy. This is a venue for interested fans to discuss matters of interest with Sandy Petersen, one of Ensemble Studio's designers.

I won't answer questions about Age of Mythology. "Why?" you ask. Because you can get anything I'd be willing to say from other websites, plus access to screenshots and the like.

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posted 06-04-01 03:28 PM CT (US)     126 / 131       
Hey Sandy:

I want to rekindle a topic you were going back and forth with some folks on a couple of threads ago. Supply lines and morale. You took a position (and I hope I summarize correctly) that they were generally in the grognard's realm and didn't do anything to make the beer and pretzels strategy game fun.

I stumbled across Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns (actually just the demo, which is really well done and, at 36MB, downloadable by dialup mortals), and it uses both of these features pretty prominently, albeit in a lite version, and I thought it came off extremely well. Do you have thoughts on this game? Have you played it?

posted 06-05-01 04:57 AM CT (US)     127 / 131       
I know, but why did it take so long for this to be known?
posted 06-05-01 03:15 PM CT (US)     128 / 131       

As one of those folks you mentioned, I'd like to chime in on Kohan and it's supply and morale rules with a few thoughts while Sandy is out.

They definitely are "lite" versions, particularly the supply rule, where all towns/bases kind of act like automatic AoK monks. The upside to the rule, as I mentioned to Sandy before, is the "rush suppression" you get by making it more advantageous to fight near home. You don't get quite the sense of a fragile supply line needing to be defended that I thought would be great for enhancing strategic play though.

The morale rule implementation in Kohan is pretty simple and straightforward. I like it OK, although I would have preferred a little more info displayed somewhere to let me know how my guys were feeling. It felt a little too random to me, which undoes any depth of strategy benefits.

I qualify these comments by adding that I actually returned Kohan after less than a week.

The single-player storyline did nothing for me, and the repetitious unit acknowledgements from the main hero character were too annoying to tolerate. The giant people walking around and attacking the miniature towns/forts (see also: Seven Kingdoms) is also a bad design choice that I find annoying and distracting.

Constantine XI
posted 06-05-01 03:21 PM CT (US)     129 / 131       
Dear Sandy,

I was wondering if anyone at ES was aware of a bug in the AoE C (RoR A) patch that I (and other AoE players) believe corrupts a good number of saved games when saving with the C patch installed.

it does not happen all of the time, but does happen a good amount of the time. I am conviced it is not a computer that causes this problem, but is the patch becuase of the number of people who have experienced this problem on differant types of computers.
(the bug either returns you to the desktop and closes the game, or just freezes on the loading game screen- in either event, we have been unable to retrieve the saved games, they are corrupted)

I know this is abit off topic, but I would really like to here from you

Thankyou for your time

Good OL MC
posted 06-05-01 06:38 PM CT (US)     130 / 131       
Actually I believe I have experianced that same bug that Constatine mentioned.
posted 06-05-01 11:51 PM CT (US)     131 / 131       
Hey Sandy

My Q is. Will AOM work on a 16mb NVidia Vanta video card?

With University coming up in the next 6 months I cant afford to buy another, more powerful card.


I am the man, dont ever forget that

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