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Topic Subject:Age of Kings: Realms
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posted 04-29-15 12:12 PM CT (US)         

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Age of Kings: Realms is a project to consider more of the medieval world. Built on Forgotten Empires, it brings the total number of civilizations to 42:

·Armenians- From Yerevan to Cilicia, defend your lands from a multitude of foes.

·Balts- Form a mighty commonwealth to subdue the encroaching crusader.

·Bamars- Command the rise of Pagan, Ava, Hanthawaddy, or Taungoo.

·Bohemians- Forge an invincible army powered by innovative tactics and the fervor of your people.

·Bulgars- Carve out a domain under the hooves of your armored cavalry.

·Burgundians- Raise a varied army from Europe's finest mercenaries.

·Chimus- Challenge the Inca for supremacy of the Andes.

·Dutch- Protect your economic interests with powerful militia armies.

·Helvetians- Revive the discipline of the phalanx in battles once ruled by mounted knights.

·Jurchens- Contend with the Han, Khitai, and Mongols for a Golden Dynasty.

·Khmers- Dominate Southeast Asia with vast armies, cultural strength, and mastery of war elephants.

·Malays- Establish a grand thalassocratic state across the islands of the Southeast.

·Mandinkas- Build an empire upon gold and salt.

·Moors- Strive with foes all across the Mediterranean.

·Muisca- Lead the armies of the Zipa or the Zaque to victory.

·Tamils- Control the land and the sea in the struggle for South India.

·Tufans- Descend from the Himalayas to forge an enduring empire.

·Turcomans- Rule Khanates from Anatolia to Manchuria.

·Viets- Drive out would-be conquerors with relentless guerrilla tactics and subterfuge.

In addition to the new teams, several other features are included:

Randomized variation of cliffs, wolves, birds and more in every random map

New architecture for many civilizations.

Custom random maps with capturable locations, respawning wildlife, and more!

Balance updates taking direction from the latest DLC changes.

Wonders are a bit more useful. Building a wonder will increase your population limit by 50 (65 for the Goths) and increase the amount of relic income slightly. Additional wonders increase your population by 25 and also offer more relic income. Be careful, though! Losing a wonder will nullify its bonus.

Many new editor objects and trigger effects are added.

Comes with an installer for simple setup.

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posted 08-28-18 10:08 PM CT (US)     561 / 619       
Hm. I always appreciate balance feedback, but I don't think I like the direction that would take those civs.

Accessing other unique units was always conceived of as the main strength of Burgundy. Completely or mostly removing it seems like a very drastic step. I don't disagree that some combinations could be too powerful, but there's a lot of room in changing costs, build/research times, and even what units are avaliable without discarding the civ's main bonus.

If the UUs were to be removed, their basic units would need to be improved, but I'd like to keep the choice to invest in foreign pikemen if you really need to counter enemy cavalry rather than have the ability to make Halberdiers like most other civs.

On Huskarls, I don't feel that they're stronger than Goth ones at all. 10 pierce armor is enough to completely negate most ranged attacks, and in situations where 12 does matter (such as fighting Hand Cannoneers), the fact that Goths can produce them more than twice as fast and 3 for the price of Burgundy's 2, as well as having +1 attack vs. buildings more than makes up for it. Likewise with +1 melee armor.
that will give them one of the best cavalry, but not at same level as frankish one
I have absolutely no problem with Armenian cavalry being on par with Franks. They are getting some nerfs next patch, though.

Tufans have never been meant to be a lategame civ. Rather, they're supposed to rely on their knight bonuses to gain an advantage in the Castle Age and early Imperial, but taper off in their Post-Imperial usefulness. Nancheng breeds was originally just a Mastiff upgrade: it only additionally serves as a bloodlines copy to limit the power of their Castle Age Cavaliers.

Malays perhaps could use a land boost, but I don't much like giving them an armor bonus (which the Chimus already have). As it stands, Silat Melayu differs from the Celt bonus in that it only affects Champions and stacks with Squires to net +21% speed. Since Celts often prefer Woad Raiders to Champions and maintain faster pikes than the Malays, I don't feel there's too much overlap.

Thanks again for your interest!

AoK: Realms
Adds Armenians, Balts, Bamars, Bohemians, Bulgars, Burgundians, Chimus, Dutch, Helvetians, Jurchens, Khmers, Malays, Mandinkas, Moors, Muisca, Tamils, Tufans, Turcomans, and Viets

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Khan Ivayl
posted 08-29-18 05:56 AM CT (US)     562 / 619       
Btw. Vardamir... I tried Realms most recently some time during this year. There is a lot of things I liked... a lot! And it is very nice to see you give so much detail to actual strategy, but I have a few questions on your design choices...

Is it intended or a work-in-progress issue, that so many civlizations share the interface-frame (you know, the thing that surrounds your screen and on which the buttons appear)?

Do you plan to include voice-acting at some point?

It is fine as it is, but I was curious if you consciously chose not to follow these trends (like the language hype) or if it is a matter of time. Thanks
posted 08-29-18 07:48 AM CT (US)     563 / 619       

The lack of unique interfaces is somewhat WIP. I wouldn't mind having them, but I've never prioritized making them, as thier lack doesn't bother me much (especially as I tend to play on resolutions that get rid of the image in the lower middle). I'd like to get to them eventually, though.

With languages, I have no confidence in my own ability to record antiquated Manchu lines of any reasonable quality. But I'd much rather have a released mod where the Jurchens speak Chinese than a perpetually in hiatus version where they have authentic lines. When it's come up, I've mentioned that I'd be willing to accept appropriate voice submissions, but the few followups to that haven't worked out, either disappearing or delivering in a quality I wasn't happy with.

AoK: Realms
Adds Armenians, Balts, Bamars, Bohemians, Bulgars, Burgundians, Chimus, Dutch, Helvetians, Jurchens, Khmers, Malays, Mandinkas, Moors, Muisca, Tamils, Tufans, Turcomans, and Viets

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Khan Ivayl
posted 08-29-18 07:56 AM CT (US)     564 / 619       
Understandable Keep up the good work! I will peak at it again some time this year.
posted 08-29-18 01:28 PM CT (US)     565 / 619       
Thank you to answering me!

I have an idea for an Ethiopian, Khazar and Kanembu civ:

I don`t know how well balanced are them (Khazars look pretty OP on early imperial) and the UU and the gunpowder bonus of the Kanembu doesn`t convence me but the Hausa Cavalryman for the UU doesn`t convence me too.

Take a look if you want!
(sorry for my bad english)
posted 09-12-18 10:15 PM CT (US)     566 / 619       
Version 1.90 has been released!

It comes with a new civilization, the Tamils:


Archer and Naval Civilization

· Town Centers spawn 1 villager in Feudal/Castle Age; Town Centers built in Castle/Imperial Age spawn 2
· Archer line benefits double from Bodkin Arrow, Bracer, Chemistry
· Elephant Archers +15/20% hp in Castle/Imperial Age
· Careening Free

Unique Unit: Varu (cavalry)

Unique Techs: Thirisadai (Warships +10% hp); Wootz Steel (Infantry and cavalry +2 attack)

Team Bonus: Fishing traps hold +200 food

Tamils lack several key techs that leave most of their army quite fragile, despite their good offensive capabilities, but can rely on bulky elephants to absorb damage.

1.90 also marks the return of Extended Trigger Patch and WAIFor's Trigger & Extension Patch, enabling a large array of new trigger effects in addition to Userpatch 1.5.

Balance for existing teams was also a major focus of this release. Mandinkas see the most fundamental changes, with their villagers now providing a partial refund on death and their team bonus changed to reveal the location of gold mines.

And of course, several new content additions and bug fixes also made their way in.


Eagle Scout train time increased to 35 seconds in Castle Age
Towers +25 wood cost
Coinage, Banking moved up an age
Siege Workshops now gain hp and armor in the Imperial Age
(Heavy) Carrack speed increased to 1.25 (from 1.1)
(Heavy) Demolition ships -20 wood cost, -20 gold cost
Elephant archers no longer benefit from Burgundian team bonus, Gun Mahouts now do
Scorpion projectile blast level fixed
Aztecs: gain access to Demolition Ships
Armenians: Bloodlines food discount removed
Armenians: Ayrudzi +10f, +5 gold (to 80f, 95g)
Armenians: Sotne trickle halved (to 15/min)
Balts: lose Atonement
Balts: Fishing ship discout lowered to 20% (from 25)
Balts: Hillforts reduces tower cost by -50 stone (down from 75), no longer increases palisade hp
Bamars: (Elite) Howdahs +5 food cost, -1 (2) attack, to 17 (23)
Bamars: lose Siege Ram
Bohemians: Houfnice +150 stone cost (to 250)
Bohmeians: Gain Halberdiers
Bohemians: Team bonus lowers barracks cost by 10% (from 15)
Bulgars: Pirgos effect raised to 3/5/10 (from 2/4/3), -100 wood cost (to 500)
Bulgars: Knights attack 15/20 faster in Castle/Imperial Age
Bulgars: lose Arbalest
Burgundians: lose Redemption, Illumination
Burgundians: Cranequiniers +3w,+4g cost (to 58w, 74g), elite upgrade +350f, 250g cost (from 600f, 600g)
Chimus: Elite Chimor Warrior upgrade cost increased to 1100f, 950g (from 900/800)
Chimus: lose Thumb Ring
Chinese: Demolition ship hp bonus reduced to +25 (from +50)
Dutch: Team bonus now gives +4 population per economic building (down from 5)
Helvetians: lose Block Printing, Theocracy, Illumination, Herbal Medicine
Helvetians: +1 skrimisher attack now takes effect in Castle Age
Helvetians: Team bonus is now +15% Castle work rate (from 20)
Indians: Camel armor bonus no longer add melee armor
Indians: Imperial Camel production time increased to 22 seconds to match (Heavy) Camel
Incas: Couriers cost increased from 400f 200g to 600f 600g
Jurchens: villagers +1 attack vs villagers (to compensate for their pierce attack)
Jurchens: Elite Tiefutu -10hp (to 140) attack rate raised to 1.7 (from 1.65)
Jurchens: Lose Ring Archer Armor
Jurchens: Lose Halberdier
Khmers: Ballista tech removes scorpion, ballista elephant minimum range
Khmers: Scorpions +2 attack vs cavalry
Malays: Two Handed Swordsmen no longer free (Still available in Castle Age)
Malays: lose Sanctity, Block Printing, Fast Fire ship
Malays: Get Ring Archer armor
Mandinkas: Lose free population, +25 starting wood (to 50)
Mandinkas: Trade unit speed only takes effect in Castle Age, work rate bonus reduced to 1.6
Mandinkas: Villager cost increased to 55 (from 50), killed villagers return 40 gold on death
Mandinkas: Gold conservation increased to 35% (from 30)
Mandinkas: Salt Trade no longer lowers villager cost
Mandinkas: Poison Arrows gives +3 attack
Mandinkas: Lose Thumb Ring, Siege Ram, Heavy Cavalry Archer
Mandinkas: Elite Horon +3 creation time (to 12)start revealed
Mandinkas: Team bonus changed to gold mines
Moors: Lose Ring Archer Armor, Chain Mail Armor
Moors: Camel archers regenerate 6 hp/minute
Moors: Camel train time reduction lowered to 33% (from 50)
Muisca: lose Illuminattion, Blast Furnace
Slavs: Farmer work rate bonus reduced to 1.28 (from 1.31)
Tufans: Lose Ring Archer Armor
Tufans: Mastiff and Elite Mastiff +1 attack
Tufans: Stone conservation lowered to 40% (from 50)
Tufans: Team bonus reduced to +5 hp (from 10)
Turcomans: (Elite) Ulans -1 attack, reload time increased to 2.5 (2.2)
Turcomans: Dropsite health lowered as intended
Turcomans: Lose Fortified Wall, Plate Mail armor, Faith, Redemption, Atonement, Sanctity
Turcomans: Scorched Earth costs +300f/+350 gold
Turcomans: Dropsites -4 pierce armor
Koreans: Bombard Towers are created 25% faster
Viets: Villager attack bonus is now +2/6/12
Viets: Wood conservation reduced to 50% (from 100%)
Viets: Diep Vien speed increased to 1.2 (from 0.8)

AoK: Realms
Adds Armenians, Balts, Bamars, Bohemians, Bulgars, Burgundians, Chimus, Dutch, Helvetians, Jurchens, Khmers, Malays, Mandinkas, Moors, Muisca, Tamils, Tufans, Turcomans, and Viets

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posted 09-13-18 04:09 AM CT (US)     567 / 619       
It's awesome to see that this is still being updated. Hats off, Vardamir

~ Forgotten Empires ~

Storm on the Steppe | Galderton Hill RP | Proud member of Stormwind Studios

"Deyr fé, deyja frændr, deyr sjálfr it sama; ek veit einn at aldri deyr, dómr um dauðan hvern." - Hávamál 77.
posted 09-14-18 04:12 PM CT (US)     568 / 619       
The new civ looks pretty unique but greatly underpowered when you open their tech tree
posted 09-14-18 07:33 PM CT (US)     569 / 619       
Maybe I missed in earlier post, but how did you make capturable locations? That is a really cool!
posted 09-14-18 08:00 PM CT (US)     570 / 619       
Nice to see the diversity of India getting added to the game.
posted 09-15-18 01:24 PM CT (US)     571 / 619       
Thanks all!

I've actually got some people worried that the Tamils will be OP given Varu stats and the bonus to Elephant Archers. If there ends up being a problem one way or the other, that's something that can be addressed in later patches.

Capturable locations are just a copy of monuments with units and techs set to be available there. One thing that's important is that the techs (barring unit upgrades) don't have Ages as prerequisites directly. This keeps them from being researched for everyone in a Post-Imperial start.

AoK: Realms
Adds Armenians, Balts, Bamars, Bohemians, Bulgars, Burgundians, Chimus, Dutch, Helvetians, Jurchens, Khmers, Malays, Mandinkas, Moors, Muisca, Tamils, Tufans, Turcomans, and Viets

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posted 09-15-18 08:23 PM CT (US)     572 / 619       
If you do plan to add more civilizations id very much like to see more south asian civs.india is divers like europe.
posted 10-02-18 08:15 PM CT (US)     573 / 619       
Vardamir, the new civ is versatille, but still needs some buffs. I think they need parthian tactics, hussars and shipwright.
You just need to compare them with malians and portuguese and it will have more sense.

Their elephants are too weak because of the high lack of armor, so they require parthian tactics or ring archer armor.

The only other things are:

Rename Bohemians to archer and gunpowder civ.

Give bulgars ring archer armor

Nerf helvetians bonus to skirms

Give mandinkas thumb ring (they really need it)

Muisca looks underpowered too but The answer isn't blast furnace
posted 10-03-18 05:55 PM CT (US)     574 / 619       
You make some good points. There's actually a tournament using Realms going on, so I imagine there will be quite a few balance changes determined in the near future.

AoK: Realms
Adds Armenians, Balts, Bamars, Bohemians, Bulgars, Burgundians, Chimus, Dutch, Helvetians, Jurchens, Khmers, Malays, Mandinkas, Moors, Muisca, Tamils, Tufans, Turcomans, and Viets

Proteus and Genie Converter - AKX installers for modern times
posted 10-04-18 00:49 AM CT (US)     575 / 619       
Hey guys, i'm a new guy in town. I love the mod. It's very intersting.
I suggest to add more civilizations a.k.a civs to this mods.
The belows here is the civs i suggest to be available in the next update time of the mod Realms

Shan Civ
Unique Unit: may be Elite fire ream unit (Chinese style handgun unit or Chinese rocket unit, or the War Elephant rocket army)
Unique Technology: Saophas ( Elite Unique have more speed and damage when attacking after upgrade)
Fact (for suggest the Unique Unit idea): The Shan peoples usually base on the mobilize army to raid and invade the land of Burmese from the north even in chaos or in peace. They also the the first one in Burmese learn and trade for the technology relevant to the fire ream from Chinese through the smuggling deals or from the Chinese fugitives

Champa (Cham people) Civ
Unique Unit: may be Elite light mobile armored elephant with high speed, or an light type of raid cavalry or marine rattan warriors (but also have at least the light mobile navy unit such as ship)
Unique Technology: Cham Tower (archer have the wider range and more armor when garrisons inside the any type of tower or fort, castle such as keep, watch towers, bombard towers, castles, fortress), Mandala ( The army have more attack power when in the group of Infantry, cavalry, artillery)
Fact (for suggest the Unique Unit idea): The Cham also base on the mobilize feature to overwhelm the army throughout history. They usually use the speed to defeat the main Vietnamese rivals for many time and also the Khmers too. The Champa navy is once famous for trading and raiding over the coast of Indochina peninsular. Some Historic Chinese records states that the Cham navy as the Kunlunbo which as good and maneuver as their ship. Cham army also made up with the component of Rang De – Churu mountainous tribal warriors which made them more dangerous when attack suddenly to the army or for guerilla warfare. Cham cibvilzation in history is grouped in the confederation which comprise of isolated and rival states in the emergency situation

Sogdians Civ
Unique Unit: Elite Yeluohe (in fact this army was founded under by the rebellious Tang general whose origin is ogdian name An Lushan, The Yeluohe Army in history maybe the fast nomadic melee cavalry because An Luhan recruit them from the nomadic tribe he defeated when he was in service of Tang Army such as Khitan, Xi, Tiele )
Unique Technology: may be beside the Monopoly, the Sogdian did not have any other specific technology, except missionary
Fact: The Sogdians from 1st to 8th was usually numerous in the Central Asia,. They not only made up not the population of the city states in the Western Territories of China but also monopoly the trade between Eatern and Western worlds. They mostly the skillful merchants from birth

Dangxiang (Tangut people) Civs
Unique Unit: Elite Tieyaozi heavy armly archer cavalry ( Sons of the Iron Eagle) or more specific unit call Baxi (don’t know the meaning of the name but this is the throwing stone artillery unit that made up from cavalry which made the more mobility when attacks the Song fortified citadels in the area)
Unique Technology: Huatuli ( more damage for artilery and skirmish cavalry unit)
Fact: Like the Sogdians, The Tanguts beside the high mobility warriors also the good warriors

Laos Civ
Unique Unit: Elite Light Armor Elephant (or type or War crossbow elephant that have the medium attack)
Unique Technology: Devaraja (more defend armor for unit)
Fact: Laos in the Medieval time call themselves Lan Xang - Million Elephant State , the name reflect the main lethal weaponry is Elephantry). Laos is Buddhism and origin from Tai race

Tai Civ
Unique Unit: Elite Capital Defense Corps or maybe Phrai Luang warriors (local area warriors under the lead of the local chief in the national service), Portugese mercenary army
Unique technology: Phrai System (training elite unit cost less time) or Dharmaśāstra or Sakdina
Fact: Tai/ Thai peoples is made up three powerful Thai medieval states: Sukhothai, Ayuthaya, Lan Na

Mon civ
Unique Unit: Maybe Mon light marines ( Mon people live in delta of Irrawaddy river, during their golden age, they hold the maritime trade, they did have the powerful flotilla that can even carry war elephant to battle, and also use this flotilla to carry troops like marine to attack their rival cities along Irrawaddy
Unique Technology: Theravada or Old Mon script (monk upgrade)
Fact: Mon people used to have the establish the powerful states that threat the rival Burmese when they want

Arakanese Civ
Unique unit: Mercenary traders
Unique Technology: Slave trade (navy has more damage)
Fact: The Arakanese kingdom Mrauk - U once was a famous center of piracy and slave trade in Indian Ocean

Norman Civ
Unique unit: Norman Knight ( mail armor knight with big kite shield)
Unique Technology: Motte and Bailey
Fact: Norman belong to the Nord but more they adopt the feudalism than their ancestor Viking

Xianbei civ:
Unique unit: Xianbei Shock cavalry
Unique Unit: beaten thin metal
Fact: The Xianbei is the nomad powerful confederation that roamed the Mongolia from 1st AD century to 6th AD century and famous for their husbandry and beaten metal into the thin shape

Unique unit: some kind of Khitan cavalry
Unique Technology: making Jam ( Khitans know how to make the fruits the collected from steppes and forest and soak into caramel and turn it into candy like Hulu candy in Chinese)
Fact: Khitan used be the cavalry empire before Jurchen - Jin. Their name also called Cathay still be used until this day by Westerners

Unique unit: some kind of marines of elephantry
Unique Tecnology: Monopoly
Fact: Funan used to be the vast and powerful empire in the AD centuries base on their maritime trade route

Unique Unit: Gond-I Shahanshah ( shock infantry use javelin or axe)
Unique Technology: Iranian Paganism
Fact: Daylamite is an warlike mountainous Persian tribe used as mercenary

Qiang civ
Unique Unit: Heavy armored cavalry
Unique Technology: Herder

Fact: confederation of nomadic Qiang tribes used to roamed in the Gansu, Qinghai and Tibetan in the ancient time in China and fought throughtout many centuries with the Chinese settlement

Tu’i Tonga civ
Unique Unit: explorer warriors (I think)
Unique Technology: Voyage (travel fast on water)
Fact: Tu’I Tonga Empire used to conquered a vast territory in Oceania in the medieval time even before the arrival of the European traders

Rapa Nui civ
Unique unit: Cannibalism warrior (I think)
Unique Technology: Moai
Fact Rapa Nui live in Easter Island and have the ancestor of Hanau Eepe an Hanau Momoko

Tairona civ
Unique unit : some kind of warrior
Unique Technology: Cacique
Fact: Tairolna is the coastal pre - Columbus period ethnic lived in Columbia

Guaycuru civ
Unique unit: Cavalry Warriors
Unique Technology: Nomadic
Fact: Guaycuru used to be the powerful nomadic tribes that used cavalry to fight off European for many centuries in South America

Guarani civ
Unique unit: Some kinds of warrior
Unique Technology:
Fact: A agricualtural indigenious peoples in Paraguay

Woodland People civ
Ancient Indian culture in America that famous for built burial mounds

Anasazi people
Ancient peoples that lived in cities carved in rock cave in Southwestern America

Arawak civ
Group of seafaring peoples in Caribbean and South America

Beothuk peoples
Group of Artic peoples that lived in Artic Circle in Canadian

Saxons civ
Unique Unit : Keel
Unique Technology: Seax ( the name of the weapon known as knife that the this ethnic’s name derived from)
Fact: Group of Germanic warlike - seafaring tribes in 5th century

Ainu civ
Indiginious peoples in Japan and the Far East coastal region of Russia and may be Sakhalin

Aymara Civ
Group of indiginuos peoples in Andes that create and living on the floating islans in Titicaca lake

Bedouin Civ
Group of nomadic Arabian on desert
Kurds Civ
Group of mountainous peoples in Iraq, Iran and Turkey

Yi Civ:
Unique unit:La zi zi ( La tư Tử, Di tốt (Yi warriors - Yi is the term that used by Chinese to call some of barbarian ethnics, Yi warrior in Nanzhao army follow the records is very well -combat)
Unique Technology: Qingping official
Group of ethnic in Yunnan Province of china, used to established Nanzhao Kingdom and famous for their Yi warrior who was fierce and brutal in battle

Tay - Nung
Unique unit: Battle group (group of three warriors that consist of 2 archer stand behind one shield bearer), Lang Binh (Wolf warrior - the wolf is comply for “savage or wild” in Chinese, Wolf warriors is the Choang/ Nùng, Tày people served in army of Chinese or Vietnamese peoples and known for their fierce combat
Unique Technology: Sacrifice
Fact: Group of ethnics in Vietnam and South eastern China. also known as Choang people. Famous for battle skill throughtout history under leadership of Nùng trí cao in 11th century whom established Dai Nam kingdom and Liu Yongfu whom hired lot Choang Warrior to Black flag army

Amazon civ:
Unique unit: poison blower or archer
Unit Technology: Black Terracotta ( some kind of ancient and mysterious black dirts that made by this peoples to keep their agricultural land fertilize)
Fact: Although not like the European thought to be live in El Dorado, Amazon tribes used to had many simple technology to improved lives but cannot reconstruct even by the present science technology

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posted 10-04-18 01:47 AM CT (US)     576 / 619       
@masieu Would you like mayo with that? :P

No, seriously, a very neat list. I would like @Vardamir to add a few of those, no doubt, but I wouldn't my breath on all - or many - of them being added, as I'm sure @Vardamir has a life outside Age of Kings mod-making too. But a very selection of suggestions.
posted 10-04-18 11:25 AM CT (US)     577 / 619       
If there is more civ I think that Africa needs to be high priority with Songhai, Kanembu, Ethiopian and Bantu civs
posted 10-04-18 02:09 PM CT (US)     578 / 619       
@EBuilder Bantus should NOT be a single civ, assuming the moon was being shot for. The Luba, Kongo, Bachwezi, Bemba, Zulus, and Tswana, just for a good spread, are as different as from each other as civilizations as the Germans, Dutch, Vikings/Scandinavians, and Anglo-Saxons are from each other, frankly.
posted 10-05-18 07:36 PM CT (US)     579 / 619       
The moon can't be shot for too much, as there's a limit of 44 civilizations before problems start. Considering I don't have the team slots or art to explore it, Southern Africa is pretty unlikely for the last two teams. Ethiopia or Kanem Bornu are more reasonable choices, though I'm not really sure where I want to go yet.

On the other hand, it is possible more groups might sneak in via neutral objects (like the Nihang through Akali Outposts), where the only real limit is the problem AI has with unit IDs over 900.

Even if I don't end up using them, I always do appreciate looking at new ideas. Thanks for sharing!

AoK: Realms
Adds Armenians, Balts, Bamars, Bohemians, Bulgars, Burgundians, Chimus, Dutch, Helvetians, Jurchens, Khmers, Malays, Mandinkas, Moors, Muisca, Tamils, Tufans, Turcomans, and Viets

Proteus and Genie Converter - AKX installers for modern times
posted 10-06-18 12:28 PM CT (US)     580 / 619       
I had finished my Kanembu idea, so you can use it if you want. I'm not sure if they are overpowered or underpowered:

Siege Civilization

Knights +1/2 pierce armor at castle/imperial age
Siege workshop techs are 50% cheaper
Start with a free farm
Infantry units recieve 4 less bonus damage

Team Bonus: Knights +3 vs cavalry archers

Disabled cavalry: Light cavalry, Paladin
Disabled Infantry: Eagle scout
Disabled archery: Heavy Cavalry Archer, Arbalest, Parthian Tactics, Elephant Archer
Disabled Monastery: Fervour, Illumination, Faith, Attonoment
Full Blacksmith and siege workshop
Disabled university:Heated Shot, treadmill crane and architecture
Disable castle: Sappers and spies
Disabled Economy: Two-man saw and gold shaft mining
Disabled dock: Fire ship, Heavy demolition ship and elite cannon galleon

UU: Bornu cavalryman: Weaker but faster knight who cost less gold but more food and has a bonus vs siege

UTs: Idris Aluma's reforms (siege workshop works 40% faster), Fixed Military camps (barrack are stronger and units can regarrison on barracks to regenerate hp, barracks work 25% faster)

Other balance stuff:
Khmer recieve Halbardier/heavy camel
Make Gun Mahout, Varu and Howdah more expensive
Give moors Ring archer armor
Corsair ship can create corsairs instead of spawn them free

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posted 10-13-18 07:37 AM CT (US)     581 / 619       
I think the Koreas should get a new unquie weapon to replace the War Wagon. The most likely choice is the Hwacha an early multi rocket artillery.

This can free up the War wagon to be Bohemians unquie unit, just replace the ballista with a hand gun.
posted 10-13-18 10:44 AM CT (US)     582 / 619       
Ensemble Studios replaced the Hwacha with a bonus to the siege onager (the function of the unit is too similar) and it has no sense replacing a unit who has a unique role on Korean army if you replace it with a unit who does a similar role to a unit that they already have.

Aniway I doesn t like the koreans because (as well as the huns and Celts) they didn't do too much on AOE2 timeline
posted 10-13-18 02:12 PM CT (US)     583 / 619       
@Ebuilder As someone who has both Scottish and English heritage, I beg to differ on the Celts. The English and Scottish were warring endlessly for control of the Island of Great Britain pretty much, with only short periods of peace, from the Norman Conquest until James VI of Scotland became also, in personal union, James I of England upon the death of second cousin, once removed, Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen, in 1603. Also, the Auld Alliance between Scotland and France for most of that period meant that most wars between England and one of France or Scotland usually eventually involved the other. Ireland was a different conflict and issue, but also a big invasion and settlement project (to some, almost a precursor to British colonial endeavours later down the line), but also a huge mire and sink for English military resources, and another meddling point for French, and later, Spanish interests, to stick it to England. And why were Scotland and Ireland such sinkholes militarily - because they're fighting tactics and styles did not conform to feudal, chivalrous until much, much later than England (or France) - they were, in fact, almost akin to Medieval variants of the infamous Afghan or Vietnamese we here in modern parlance.

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posted 10-13-18 06:04 PM CT (US)     584 / 619       
@EBuilder And also, on the topic of Medieval Korea, this article just HAPPENED to be one of the feature articles on Wikipedia today.–Tang_War

Basically, there is a LOT more to Korean Medieval military and political history than fending off a single attempted Japanese invasion.
posted 10-13-18 07:20 PM CT (US)     585 / 619       
They are ok but just try to compare them with the lacking empires of Africa or central asia

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posted 10-13-18 07:24 PM CT (US)     586 / 619       
I don't think it's as a comparison that falls so readily and obviously to your point as you seem to believe.
posted 10-28-18 09:12 AM CT (US)     587 / 619       
In KOTR the Chimu doesn't get arbalest, it will be a change of the next version?
posted 10-28-18 02:18 PM CT (US)     588 / 619       
Yeah, there was a tournament balance patch only released on Voobly. It will be included the next standalone release unless tournament feedback reverses changes.

AoK: Realms
Adds Armenians, Balts, Bamars, Bohemians, Bulgars, Burgundians, Chimus, Dutch, Helvetians, Jurchens, Khmers, Malays, Mandinkas, Moors, Muisca, Tamils, Tufans, Turcomans, and Viets

Proteus and Genie Converter - AKX installers for modern times
posted 11-16-18 05:54 PM CT (US)     589 / 619       
Hi guys, your mod looks awesome despite i never played this mod by a installation problem, in the future i will play that

i heard that you take new civ ideas so you 'll be interested about timurids, check my idea for it

im feel that is unbalanced, so what balance you think


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posted 11-17-18 03:26 PM CT (US)     590 / 619       
Well, I don't really take civ requests, I'm just interested in seeing other people's ideas. Your Timurid outlines isn't very suitable for Realms, as many bonuses are already used: Bulgars, Moors, and Mandinkas have faster attacking knights, light cavalry, and camels respectively; Viets have faster hand cannoneers; Burgundians have faster Bombard cannons; Chimus have faster working repairers; and Indians/Hindustani have an Elephant mounted hand cannon.

The largest problem with your outline is the cavalry bonuses. Bulgar knights with 20% shorter reloads proved too strong in the Castle Age, and they never had Paladin and Blast Furnace at the same time. Your Timurids will probably have the best cavalry even before getting their (cheap) unique tech that further improves them, to the point that hussars will perform very well against comparable numbers of halberdiers.

AoK: Realms
Adds Armenians, Balts, Bamars, Bohemians, Bulgars, Burgundians, Chimus, Dutch, Helvetians, Jurchens, Khmers, Malays, Mandinkas, Moors, Muisca, Tamils, Tufans, Turcomans, and Viets

Proteus and Genie Converter - AKX installers for modern times

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posted 12-12-18 02:51 PM CT (US)     591 / 619       
What are the changes of the last patch on Voobly

[This message has been edited by EBuilder (edited 12-12-2018 @ 02:52 PM).]

posted 12-12-18 05:57 PM CT (US)     592 / 619       
Relics now have an appreciable minimum spawn distance from players in Arena, Redwall, and Allied Vision Arena
Indians renamed to Hindustani
Tamils renamed to Dravidians
Corrected size of Imperial Age Siege Workshop
Fixed armor values on certain gate orientations during construction
Siege towers now appear in the correct Age in the Tech Tree
Adjusted Inca Llama spawn mechanic
Balts: Fishing ship discount reduced to 15% (from 20)
Bohemians: Taborites +15 food cost (to 70)
Chimus: lose barracks gold discount
Chimus: lose Guilds, Squires, Arbalest
Chimus: Team Bonus effect lowered to 33% (from 50)
Dravidians: Varu +35 food cost (to 210)
Malays: Fishing ships no longer gather faster
Muisca: lose free Thumb Ring, Guilds
Turcomans: lose cavalry archer attack bonus, gain cavalry +6 attack vs economic structures
Turcomans: Scorched Earth UT changed to Siper: cavalry archers +1 attack
Turcomans: lose Cavalry archer tech discount, Hunter Range
Turcomans: lose Siege Engineers, Arrowslits, Keep, Champion
Turcomans: (Elite) Ulans +0.5 reload time, (-2 arrows fired)
Viets: lose Block printing
Viets: Villagers gain +1 attack for Wheelbarrow, Hand Cart, Town Watch/Patrol, lose 2/2 free attack in Feudal/Castle
Viets: (Elite) Than Co -2 attack, -2 area damage, -5 (6) building bonus
Viets: Team Bonus only adds +1 LOS to Eagle Warriors

AoK: Realms
Adds Armenians, Balts, Bamars, Bohemians, Bulgars, Burgundians, Chimus, Dutch, Helvetians, Jurchens, Khmers, Malays, Mandinkas, Moors, Muisca, Tamils, Tufans, Turcomans, and Viets

Proteus and Genie Converter - AKX installers for modern times
posted 12-14-18 11:30 AM CT (US)     593 / 619       
Wow, there is any other patch coming out? Because this is pretty drastic on Turcomans and Chimu
posted 12-14-18 12:51 PM CT (US)     594 / 619       
There will be another one coming out fairly soon, with more changes based on the tournament results. Chimus actually did quite well in it and will be nerfed again, while Turcomans did quite poorly and will likely be strengthened.

AoK: Realms
Adds Armenians, Balts, Bamars, Bohemians, Bulgars, Burgundians, Chimus, Dutch, Helvetians, Jurchens, Khmers, Malays, Mandinkas, Moors, Muisca, Tamils, Tufans, Turcomans, and Viets

Proteus and Genie Converter - AKX installers for modern times
posted 12-14-18 06:43 PM CT (US)     595 / 619       
Any change on Bulgars or Dravidians?

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