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Topic Subject: Tales of Middle Earth - Version 0.8.13 Released!
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posted 08-18-12 03:58 AM CT (US)   

Complete Visual Recreation of Middle Earth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Unique Gameplay to recreate the War of the Ring

Fully Functional and Engaging Mulltiplayer Experience . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Enhanced Scenario Editor for Designers

• Choose from one of 18 unique factions.
- Guide the wise and fair elves - Lindon, Rivendell, Mirkwood, Eregion, and Lothlorien.
- Fall under the sway of the Shadow with Angmar, Mordor, Isengard, Dol Guldur, or Minas Morgul.
- Place your hope in the Men of the West with Arnor, Gondor, and fabled Numenor of old.
- Ride with the Native Men of Rohan, Rhovanion, Harad, Umbar, or Rhun.

• Battle on new random maps based on real Middle Earth locations.

• Research countless new technologies and decide the path of your race with faction choices.

• Enjoy the rich world of Middle Earth as presented by one of the largest modifications ever produced for Age of Empires II.

• Create that LOTR campaign you always had in mind or play online against a friend!

Current Version: (Version 0.8.13) :: Release Date: 9/15/18

Current Development Notes:
Change Log - Find out what's changed in the latest version.

The current version of Tales of Middle Earth is fully playable. Later versions will improve balance, eliminate bugs, and possibly implement some final features. If you would like to report a bug or suggest changes, please leave a comment below or add a bug report to the github page.

NOTE: As Tales of Middle Earth is currently in a pre-release version, we ask that you bear with any discovered bugs or imbalanced stats for units or technologies. Please report any issues, and we will work hard on solutions.

The road goes ever on and on...

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posted 05-28-16 10:35 AM CT (US)     3466 / 3940  
Definitely Gollum's Song (video), but all are a masterpiece.

I've been waiting for this mod long long time, thanks for the work!.
posted 05-28-16 06:26 PM CT (US)     3467 / 3940  
I really recommend this video on the brilliance of Howard Shore's LotR soundtrack:

Tales of Middle-Earth | Don't miss it
posted 05-29-16 04:46 PM CT (US)     3468 / 3940  
Thanks, Pulkit. Definitely worth watching.
posted 05-29-16 04:53 PM CT (US)     3469 / 3940  

~ Forgotten Empires ~

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posted 06-05-16 12:39 PM CT (US)     3470 / 3940  
any progress ?
posted 06-05-16 01:55 PM CT (US)     3471 / 3940  
He already said he's never finishing :P .
posted 06-09-16 06:46 PM CT (US)     3472 / 3940  
Just wanted to make sure, Bofur: You know he was joking, right?
posted 06-10-16 00:19 AM CT (US)     3473 / 3940  
“It's the job that's never started as takes longest to finish.”
posted 06-10-16 05:27 AM CT (US)     3474 / 3940  
Just wanted to make sure, Bofur: You know he was joking, right?
Bwahaha... The illusion deepens...

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posted 06-12-16 04:54 AM CT (US)     3475 / 3940  
Is that link supposed to redirect to nowhere? :S
posted 06-22-16 04:28 PM CT (US)     3476 / 3940  
battlechaser, im not sure there is progress, because in 2012 (The First reply page) Pulkit said

The mod is almost done. Nearly there. The good news is just round the corner"
About 4 years have passed. The mod is still not out.
posted 06-22-16 06:17 PM CT (US)     3477 / 3940  
Or maybe it is just a game pulkit and I have going to see how far we can string you guys along. There is no mod and there never was.

Being serious now, that post by Pulkit you reference refers to the original beta version of the mod, which was in fact released in 2012. There hasn't been a definitive promise on a date for this version to my knowledge.

I recognize its been too long. We likely would have had a lot more excitement had we finished this 3 years ago. I'm sorry for the wait. It is immensely frustrating to me as well that it isn't finished. I've even considered passing the project on to the community to finish for us. Ultimately, I don't have many answers or promises and for that I'm sorry.

It is so very, very close. It is playable and even largely bug free. Its just not being extensively worked on anymore, by either of us. At some point if we cannot finish it there will have to be an internal discussion between the two of us about the future and what to do. But I don't know when that will be, I just know I'm not there yet personally, and I don't know that Pulkit is either.

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posted 06-22-16 08:14 PM CT (US)     3478 / 3940  
Just be patient guys.
I've been waiting for almost three years now (which comparatively isn't that long) and I've seen some changes going on even though I'm not really in the making.
They have lives too and a lot can go on in 4 years. I would not lose hope in someone so quickly.
posted 06-23-16 05:16 AM CT (US)     3479 / 3940  
TL;DR: Can we haz what you have as it stands?

You haven't considered releasing the mod as another beta version? You yourself said the game was playable for the most part....

You don't have to release it as final. In fact, I think releasing it as a "final" work and saying "I will never do any more work on this!" is rather a silly way to go about it.

The mod will always be worked on - if not by you, then by others as a group - if not by them, we shall personally tweak the game files for our own SP games - if not by them, then I at the least will fiddle around.

What do you stand to lose by releasing it in this format? There's nothing glaringly broken - and if there is, you can put a small tag saying what is broken. We'll fix it or we'll just ignore it.

Okay, there are no proper ToME AI produced so far. I think that's partly because the AI scripters around haven't got their hands on the stuff to do and don't know how the mod plays. Doubtlessly there are many other regions; but one cannot create an AI for a game they don't know. Yes, you could create an AI; but you have plenty of other things to do. And an AI will not be created unless somebody does; you seem to be reluctant, so why not allow others to have a crack at it?

Literally, this mod will only be finished when you hit the engine limits. There will always be more to add. This is trying to represent a HUGE world with tens of hundreds of thousands of millions of worlds. Small things will be added - like extra hero units, extra unit units (heh), some new graphics - and slowly the mod would just... get bigger. AOE2 is "finished;" all that happens is that HD is developing DLCs; and yet we make our own little units, and our own little tweaks, and out of that we seem to have gotten Forgotten Empires (maybe? I wasn't around and playing with it when FE was being made). Who knows what the future of this mod will be...

I just don't see what you've got to lose by releasing the mod at this point in time. You want to proudly (and righteously so) say "We have finished Tales of Middle-Earth!" but to me such a thing never really will exist. To you it might, and indeed there would be a 'framework' we can work our additions on... but let's face it, if you did say "We have finished Tales of Middle-Earth" you would either have some niggling things that needed adding but were just too difficult to work out (like a Dwarven civ) or you would spend years perfecting it.

I've fiddled around with making an overhaul for another (completely different) game; I've stopped because it refuses to run on Win10 (excusable when you consider the game was made in 1999). You might stop, or pause, as you seem to be doing now; why not release it?

I don't want to be impatient. ToME will in some shape or form be excellent. But that is some time away - at the moment you seem to feel it is merely "good" or "very good."
I just don't see why you don't want to release another beta.

I've probably used the word "Now!" too many times. I don't want to demand something from you. I'm just wondering what your reasons are for not releasing an update...

Put it another way: The current ToME beta we have to work with is a bit of a mess. I haven't played it, for various reasons that would detract from the point of this paragraph. Yet it was released. We all feel the current beta that is available is unfinished and needs work - you most of all, I'd guess. You've put that work into it and you still feel it needs more work. As I said, it always will. The beta seems to be stable and I daresay enjoyable.
I'd guess an updated version would be about the same level of stability (time spend modding != stability :P), but a good deal more enjoyable.

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"Warning? Warning against what?" said Mr Wednesday sharply.
"Against delay. Against the way that seems easier."
/quote :P
posted 06-23-16 07:25 AM CT (US)     3480 / 3940  
It's not about perfection. I don't think we ever wanted a 'finished' product in that sense. Clearly balance and bug patches will be required later on. I already have the graphics for much of a dwarven expansion (Erebor + Khazad-dum) should we ever choose to add one. No one said this has to be perfect.

But, I don't really think releasing it with obvious bugs or simple fixes is a great idea. Heroes were only added in the last few months. Some basic things should be cleaned up before a release.

And Finally, I don't speak for Pulkit, this is every bit as much his as it is mine. He never tried to force me to release it with placeholder graphics, instead he let me obsess and announce I was redoing the evil civ buildings, the Westron buildings, the elvish buildings, adding Harad buildings, then adding Rhun Buildings, then redoing the Numenor buildings, and that's just buildings! I did that with many units too. He sat patiently when Jorgito created over a hundred new unit graphics and figured out a way to incorporate them. There hasn't ever been a rush put on me for graphics and I don't think it's fair to tell him what to do with the data side of things now that the graphics are finally done.

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posted 06-23-16 07:50 AM CT (US)     3481 / 3940  
The people here are way too serious. I make ONE joke, and everyone starts saying "Be patient, be patient." I am very patient. And i waited for 3 years too.
posted 06-23-16 01:39 PM CT (US)     3482 / 3940  
Btw, guys, I strongly recommend considering to use Janworks' New Tech Tree, it is far easier to edit than the vanilla one, while also being far more flexible. It still has some bugs, but I have no doubt he'll fix them quite soon. (And for mods like ToME, it's probably better than the vanilla tech tree even with the minor bugs.)
posted 06-23-16 01:42 PM CT (US)     3483 / 3940  
There's probably a fair number of people who want it for making scenarios. How compatible would it be for purely that purpose?

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posted 07-13-16 06:13 AM CT (US)     3484 / 3940  
posted 07-18-16 00:44 AM CT (US)     3485 / 3940  
Good work, your mod is very genuine. I'm very excited to play it and create some scenarios. I can't wait to create a Minas Tirith, Helm's Deep maps...

Do you developers think it will be ready in about 2-3 months +/- maybe?

Congratulations for your work again!
posted 07-21-16 06:52 PM CT (US)     3486 / 3940  
I hope they are gonna finish it in 2/3 months. Or else...
posted 07-21-16 08:29 PM CT (US)     3487 / 3940  
Or else you'll have to wait another 2/3 months :O
posted 07-24-16 04:48 PM CT (US)     3488 / 3940  
Thanks to Matt, Pulkit, Jorgito and Co. for their work on this gem.
Really, when this mod is released, it will be a party...

A Long-Expected Party (Badum-duum duum CHING)
posted 07-24-16 05:29 PM CT (US)     3489 / 3940  
*Sarcasticly claps*
posted 07-25-16 03:25 AM CT (US)     3490 / 3940  
And then the shadow of the past will haunt us and all the blood time that went into this...

and we'll eat roast mutton while above the gathering of the clouds is taking place
posted 08-18-16 02:50 PM CT (US)     3491 / 3940  
Will the beacons of gondor be in the game. like if the ememies attack you, your allies find out and come help you.
posted 08-20-16 08:23 AM CT (US)     3492 / 3940  
That would be pretty redundant if there's cartography tech or something analogous to it.
posted 08-20-16 09:58 AM CT (US)     3493 / 3940  
It could be added like a upgrade to the watch tower or something like that
posted 08-20-16 07:11 PM CT (US)     3494 / 3940  
Perhaps a LOS-tech for Watchtowers and/or Outposts.
I don't remember any mod or expansion that added something to make Outposts more attractive.
posted 08-22-16 12:45 PM CT (US)     3495 / 3940  
One of the things I learned for another lifetime if I were to do anything similar to this way less open with the community. These projects need to be made with little in the way of previews. People come here, look at cool screenshots and read forum posts, and if they do that long enough they get invested in the project on a personal level.

The next somewhat natural step is usually to feel entitled to a release or even a say in how it is made, and then to attempt to brow beat, nag, mock, or shame the creators into doing it now or doing it a way they don't want to. When the mod isn't finished on time or is done another way, that person ends up disillusioned or disappointed.

All of this could largely have been avoided if we (and especially myself) hadn't been so open about the development process from the beginning. Now we are in a situation where many feel they are 'owed' something, and while I don't quite agree, I can at least understand the sentiment.

I expect some news to come relatively soon on what is to come next, whatever that may be.

"And Matt is a prolific lurker, watching over the forum from afar in silence, like Batman. He's the president TC needs, and possibly also the one it deserves." - trebuchet king
posted 08-22-16 12:50 PM CT (US)     3496 / 3940  
Town Watch is already renamed "Beacons" in the beta.

@Herzog: The Ethiopian team bonus gives outposts more LOS. There's also a tech in Realms that removes their stone cost.

AoK: Realms
Adds Armenians, Balts, Bamars, Bohemians, Bulgars, Burgundians, Chimus, Dutch, Helvetians, Jurchens, Khmers, Malays, Mandinkas, Moors, Muisca, Tamils, Tufans, Turcomans, and Viets

Proteus and Genie Converter - AKX installers for modern times
posted 08-22-16 02:30 PM CT (US)     3497 / 3940  
Mr Wednesday,
You (Creators) owe us nothing. You made the choice to create the mod/game. You should not listen to the people who say that you take too long and things like that. If people think that things should be done diffrently, they could make their own mod/game. On the other hand, it is good to be open with the community. While it is wrong for people to "beat, nag, mock, or shame the creators into doing it now or doing it a way they don't want to", with a community this open, people could help. From what i have seen, you listen to the people here. And that's why the beating,nagging... happens. People make a good tip, and then you listen to them. But later, when they make a tip you dont want to do, and you dont do it, they get mad. But the percentage of those people is low. Most of us understand that this is YOUR game/mod. So i believe im speaking for everyone, when I say that you can take your time and do everything the way YOU want to. Nobody is rushing you.
Take Your Time.
posted 08-22-16 03:28 PM CT (US)     3498 / 3940  
That wasn't aimed at anyone in particular. As I said I understand the frustration. I think much of the fault is that I previewed everything, making it seem like the mod was moving so fast, and building expectations. Similar situations have occurred with other large mods.

"And Matt is a prolific lurker, watching over the forum from afar in silence, like Batman. He's the president TC needs, and possibly also the one it deserves." - trebuchet king
posted 08-26-16 08:04 AM CT (US)     3499 / 3940  
The BETA release back in 2012 was already superb for being able to play the game. Although, it lacks some things or some balance, I have had much fun playing the BETA mod. I have even made a scenario for it and enjoy playing it from time to time.

I think releasing the BETA was a great thing, it ensures that people actually stink along with the process and may even come to your aid.
posted 08-26-16 07:34 PM CT (US)     3500 / 3940  
I knew I've already seen "Beacons" somewhere in the mod.
The Ethiopian team bonus gives outposts more LOS. [...]
Thanks for the info. Haven't bought African Kingdoms yet and it's been a while since I read/scanned the civ bonuses, so I might've missed that one.
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