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Topic Subject:Add trading to default AI?
posted 08-18-18 12:02 PM CT (US)         

I have a few friends with whom I regularly play AOK and TC deathmatch on LAN. It is usually fun until the CP runs out of resources. We've tried to use genied to add more resources but that either applies to civilizations or to everyone. Changing the amount of gold in mines also won't do the job since we don't need any extra, only the AI needs it.

I've tried to find custom AIs that play deathmatch and do trade, but there aren't many (and i could not select them in multiplayer).

So I'm wondering if it is possible to edit the default AI. The only thing we would like to do is add 10 trading carts and 10 trading cogs (if water map) for the AI, so it will (probably) never run out of gold.

I know that would mean replacing files on all ends, but that won't be a problem since we don't play online just LAN.

Can someone help us out?

Thx in advance
posted 08-26-18 09:00 PM CT (US)     1 / 2       
There is a sneaky way to allow custom AI in multiplayer matches, and that's to use the Scenario editor.

1) Use the Random Map tools in the Scenario editor to generate the map (no peeking )
2) Go to the Players tab and set the AI to whatever. Do this for all of them.
3) You'll need to have copied the AI's files to the other machines (but not the scenario, the game automatically takes care of that!)
4) Multiplayer -> Scenario -> Voila!

Editing the default AI is something you should definitely be able to do, but I have no experience in it. :| I suspect the default AI is buried in gamedata.dat or something like that, and hence to edit it it's usually easiest to just copy it out and edit a copy.
John the Late
posted 10-03-18 12:38 PM CT (US)     2 / 2       
The AI only needs to be present on the host's computer.

Also, it's much more advisable to use the Userpatch 1.5 instead of going the editor route.
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