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Age of Kings Heaven » Forums » General and Strategy Discussion » Your opponent goes Fast Castle
Topic Subject:Your opponent goes Fast Castle
King AJ123
posted 08-09-18 10:14 PM CT (US)         
I sometimes find myself in this situation on 1v1 Arabia games and I'm not sure what the best course of action is.

In my last game, when I scouted my opponent I noticed he was walling up, suggesting a fast castle. He also had a late feudal time.
I got an army through (my scout, 3 M@A, and a few archers) but I wasn't able to do much damage, as he towered his gold. I lost a lot of units, and the archers sitting under the tower were easily overwhelmed by the villagers.
I was a long way from Castle Age, but as I was advancing he sent lots of knights into my base (I hadn't walled up well).

Would I be in a better position if I could fend off the knights, even though he reached Castle Age much sooner?
Whenever I used to play, I mostly tried to do Fast Castle, but since spending a lot more time in the Feudal Age I noticed that when you finally reach Castle Age, you have a lot more resources from the extra villagers and having wheelbarrow.

Another idea is to commit to the feudal aggression, with forward buildings. Because he's going fast castle he should have a much weaker military, and it's a great chance to disrupt his economy. Just make sure to build enough spearmen to fight the knights when he hits castle age.

What's your advice?

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posted 08-10-18 04:58 AM CT (US)     1 / 4       
As with most things, it depends on the civilization you and your opponent is plaiyng as. For a example, if your civilization has a very fast boom up to the Castle Age( As is the case with, say, the Vikings ), then the best counter to a Fast Castle strategy is just using your own Fast Castle strategy. However, I have to assume that is not the case on this matchup .

On this case, my best tip here is simple: If your opponent is going to go Fast Castle, it is very likely that he is going to go with Knights. As such, your focus should be, at first, on building walls and Barracks( As Spearman are the only Feudal Age unit to stand a fighting chance against Knights at all ), but still focus mostly on your economy. Once you actually get to the Castle Age, shift into Monks at the first opportunity. Monks behind walls are the easiest way to frustrate a Knight rush, and they dont even need to be upgraded w

And, if THAT doesnt work out either, you always have the option of starting to attack your opponent before he is actually done walling up at all, what is probably the most popular tactic in Arabia.
posted 08-11-18 11:10 AM CT (US)     2 / 4       
I wouldn't ascribe much importance to a single game;rather if this situation frequently arises in your next 10 or 20 arabia's then it is something to worry about. You said he had a late feudal time which should have given you time also to strike, but somehow he got castled while you arrived with few men. Its also always possible the enemy you come across is much more skilled, rendering your choice of strategy moot in the first place.

In general against a player going into a quick castle I would go archers and try to push on either his wood, gold, or berries mill. Also, trying to avoid a tower and probe for a weak spot seems more advisable, unless you have skirms to tank the tower fire or crossbowmen which can reach underneath it. Since he spent a lot of resources clicking up to castle, he must have a short term military deficit at home which is your time to strike and inflict greater economic damage.

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posted 08-13-18 08:25 AM CT (US)     3 / 4       
If your opponent goes naked fast castle on Arabia you can almost always kill him with heavy feudal aggression. Even if he gets up to the castle age long before you, he'll only be able to afford a handful of (likely unupgraded) knights, which will still die to massed feudal armies, if you're pressuring his resources.

He may make a desperate counterattack with those knights, which you should be able to fend off if you've laid your base out well. Even if he has a slight tech advantage, your stronger economy should win out and allow you to overwhelm him with sheer numbers. Upgrade your troops once you hit castle age and construct a couple of mangonels or rams to finish the job.

Now, every so often there will be a map generation that is very easy to stonewall, which makes killing a fast castler with feudal aggression a difficult proposition. The key here is to scout well and monitor what your opponent is doing. If you see this happening, make sure that you're in a position to defend if he gets knights (or crossbows) out before you and get up to the castle age as quickly as possible.

Drush-FC is also difficult because in being forced to react to and defend against the enemy drush, you allow the opponent time to wall up and reach the castle age relatively unmolested. If his map is very open, you can try going all in on feudal aggression once his drush is parried. If he has an easy wall, you probably want to just get up asap.

The key in all of these situations is adaptability and composure. Be ready to change your strategy if the conditions demand it, and don't panic in the face of adversity.

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King AJ123
posted 08-20-18 11:06 PM CT (US)     4 / 4       
Thanks for the help everyone!
I'll try out the strategies in upcoming games
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