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Age of Kings Heaven » Forums » General and Strategy Discussion » All civs bonuses, team bonuses, unique techs, and unique units in just one civilization
Topic Subject:All civs bonuses, team bonuses, unique techs, and unique units in just one civilization
posted 09-02-18 09:34 PM CT (US)         
If every single civs bonus, team bonus, unique tech, and unique units are combined into one single civilization. How crazy it is and what is the most absurd possibility that could happen next with tons of bonuses applied?

(Actually this could be some nice mod idea and I would call this "Reverse full tech mode" so instead of removing the civs bonus, team bonus, and unique tech. All of them are combined into one)
vota dc
posted 09-03-18 02:21 PM CT (US)     1 / 4       
Quite crazy, but I think age of empires 1 would be worse. After all except goth barracks perfusion the bonus are quite tamed in aok 2.

In the first game you have siege with double hitpoints and half cost (combine macedonian + hittite).
Also while vikings have just +20% hp, choson had double hitpoints for main infantry.
Speed bonus was +30% in 1, Celts just had +15%.

Elite Huskarl 83 hp, 20 atk, 3/10 armor, 1.5 rof, 1.3 speed, 52F/26G cost
Elite Teutonic Knight 120 hp, 25 atk, 13/6 armor, 1.5 rof, 0.825 speed, 52F/26G cost
Elite Eagle Warrior 112 hp, 17 atk, 3/8 armor, 1.5 rof, 1.625 speed, 15F/38G cost
Elite Cataphract 200 hp, 16 atk (rest is the same)

if you are low on cash try
Halberdier 72 hp, 14 atk, 3/4 armor, 2.25 rof, 1.25 speed no gold

Micronazione Impero
posted 09-03-18 02:53 PM CT (US)     2 / 4       
More like, 3/7 for Halberdier armor. Did you forgot about the Malian armor bonus?

There would be just no comparing that with anything in AoE1. The bonuses in AoE 1 were big, but they were always benefiting just a handfull of unit types( Often just one or two unit lines ). We would be talking about a civilization that has overpowered EVERYTHING here... Plus, balance is something that must be analysed within the context of the game itself, not in between games anyway. Sure, for AoK standars, even a basic Legion would be OP as shit, being a infantry unit with 160 HP... But then again, the Legion is not a AoK unit, is it? It would be like comparing Magic cards to Yu-Gi-Oh cards: It just would not be a fair comparisson to make.
posted 09-03-18 04:10 PM CT (US)     3 / 4       
Just considering AoK: TC civs:

I feel like the Korean stone mining bonus, plus the Hun no house bonus (put more vils on stone) could make for a devastating tower rush. Add in the high garrison capacity (teutons) and making a few towers with archers inside would be crushing.

Men-at-arms rushes
Fast (Celt), high hit points (Viking), cheap (Goth), fast attacking (Japanese), quickly trained (Aztec) men-at-arms would be insanely powerful in the Feudal age where nothing really counters them that well.

Trash rushes
Cheap skirmishers (Byzantines) + no houses (Huns) + faster lumberjacks (Celts) would make for a devastating skirm rush. Add in a few fast moving (Celt), fast attacking (Japanese, high(ish) hit point (Viking), super cheap (Goth/Byzantine), quickly trained (Aztec), spearmen and this civ would be devastating before the game even got started.

Pretty much any strategy they use will greatly over powered. I guess the real question is which is the most overpowered compared to the others. That is, if this civ played itself, what would players be inclined to do to get the edge on each other? Would a man-at-arms or skirm rush be better? Or a defensive fast castle (high building HPs, long lasting stone with fast miners, plus cheaper walls and castles).

Alternatively, what if one could only pick 5 team bonuses? Which would you combine to be the best civ?
posted 09-04-18 08:54 AM CT (US)     4 / 4       
Some units can have 2 or 3 buff in just one aspect alone. For example Cavalry Archer HP are buff to 20% (Franks), HP buff again (Vietnamese), and then further +20 HP from Sipahi. With just Burmese + Magyars bonuses, infantries will have +7 attack for free (That's some ridiculous amount of improvement that don't spent any resources at all). Lastly, just think about how many resources that will be saved from tons of discount and free upgrades

Champion will be so ungodly powerful with +7 free attack, +4 more attack, attack faster, more hp, move faster, created super fast, do trample damage, more pierce armor, and more importantly....It cost no gold at all so you will end up only spend 39 Food to create a single powerful champion

Bombard Cannon will also absurdly powerful as well: cheaper (Italians), cheaper again (Slavs), and cost less gold (Portuguese), they also attack faster (Celts) and faster again (Spanish), two HP buff (Celts and Turks), move faster (Mongols), Create super fast (Celts+Turks) 140 HP (Celts+Turks), longer range (Turks), bigger blast radius (Ethiopians), and their shots are hard to dodge because they can hit the moving target (Portuguese). Damn, just think about units that benefit from tons of bonuses

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